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  1. In general, I liked the way you designed and laid out the whole point, but I would have done it a little less. In general, even at school, I was advised the essayontime platform and since then it has been constantly helping me out. During college days, that was the only thing that saved me.
  2. I think not everything is as bad as it seems. There are always some fears before starting something new. But when you start work, you think what was I afraid of? That is why I think it is always worth trying, but already thinking, is it mine or not !?
  3. You take any book on psychology and copy everything from there. And in general there are a bunch of cool resources where you can find essays, reviews and all that stuff. I don't see a problem at all))
  4. You can of course not pay for the publication. But now in our life we have to pay for everything. And if you want some kind of reverse effect from the publication, then it is better to pay.
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