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  1. I compiled one a couple pages back, not sure if this was the one you were thinking of Made a list of all of last year's earliest reported acceptances that went out between Jan. - Feb. 2021 (according to GradCafe -- I don't do Draft): 1/15 U. of Illinois 1/20 Ohio State University 1/28 Miami University (Ohio) 1/30 Vermont College of Fine Arts 1/31 University of Oregon 2/1 Western Michigan University 2/2 George Mason University, Boise State University 2/3 Indiana University Bloomington, Florida State University, UC Davis
  2. Guys I'm seriously driving myself CRAZY. I feel like I'm hoping way too hard for something that in all honesty has very little chance of panning out well. I wish I could just fast-forward past results season a la Click and be done. I want my letdown to be as swift as it is devastating, ha.
  3. Right there with y'all. It's all I can think about, ugh.
  4. Also...is anyone else now starting to panic about not having applied to enough schools/not having applied to a wide enough range...nothing to do now. My only solace is that I know I did better this round than last.
  5. To anyone else applying to Hollins: I sent an email making sure they had received my final rec, and they told me that their admissions process is projected to wrap up late Feb./early March. I didn't actually ask them about this, but good info nonetheless! The woman who emailed me called it "quite a lengthy process."
  6. Congrats on wrapping up your apps! Looks like a good list are you a first time applicant or is this your second/third round? Definitely relate to this For me, I gotta have a big enough ego to think "This is the best shit ever!" while writing, and enough inner critic to circle back and think "Wow, this seriously needs work." The eternal dance, ha. Question: do you all find it easy or difficult to keep working on writing during the waiting period? Friends and family keep telling me to write, but I feel so paralyzed.
  7. Gahhh the waiting period is TORTURE for sure. I've been keeping very busy which helps but it is ALWAYS on my mind. I'm telling myself I'll be okay if I don't get in, and I know I'll be fine, but I honestly am starting to think I'd be pretty crushed. It's so easy to idealize what the MFA life would look like. Moving to a new city, etc. I actually didn't think about it like this re: two weeks -- that's pretty helpful! 2 weeks feels manageable at least. But every day that goes by with no news is so nerve wracking. I'm actually kind of dreading the day that acceptances start going out for
  8. Totally understand, it is gorgeous out there! Probably why it activates my inferiority complex so much, lol.
  9. Oh for sure. I kind of like drab/spartan settings, though. I live in a more rural area of SC (getting more and more developed, somewhat unfortunately), and I find the giant stretches of nothing comforting somehow. Strip malls and concrete drags and hills. They're the same everywhere. One of my sisters used to live in California and I loved visiting, but could never live there...too idyllic...too many beautiful people. Need that east coast melancholy and grit, ha
  10. Nice! I worked in my university's writing center as well. Always loved helping students there and watching them improve. So satisfying to see someone become more confident. Good advice. I ended up submitting an old world politics paper...edited it pretty substantially. Mainly picked it since it had so many sources.
  11. I've seen Breaking Bad so I've basically lived there (/s). But yeah I've been when I was little, haha. My sister was born there. My dad used to do astronomy research out there.
  12. Submitted my UNM app! 🎉 tryna live that desert life
  13. For schools that require an academic/expository writing sample (for TA stuff or otherwise): how important do you all think that is to the overall application? One of my profs told me that they just want to make sure you're not an idiot, ha. Obviously submitting one to UNM that I think is decent, but my academic writing isn't as good as my creative stuff.
  14. I think codes of conduct (especially in grad school, and especially re: use) are generally a formality. Most Deans/profs/etc. wouldn't bat an eye even if it were reported. Adults do what they do, and if it doesn't endanger minors or contribute to academic dishonesty, most schools don't take it very seriously. Whether this is a good or bad thing depends on individual opinion. But more adults do coke than you might think, lol.
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