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  1. Oh this is good to know. All the best luck for your friend.
  2. Maybe they've just got rid of the internationals first, now they will select people haha
  3. Hard to say, but I found very interesting that all rejected are international applicants. They literally cleaned us out 😅 https://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/?per_page=20&q=&institution=&program=Political+economy&degree=PhD&season=F22
  4. Same here. It seems that international students didn't do that well...
  5. Nothing from UW thus far. One more day with no news. Today the Campus was closed (MLK day). Maybe tomorrow...
  6. I was wondering if we "should" report Fall grades even when it is optional... I got two As and two ABs... so not my best semester in terms of grades, although I took hard quantitative courses...
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