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  1. Wisdom teeth decided to rebelI against me in the beginning of July. so I had them removed in mid July. And I developed dry sockets T_T, so for about 2 weeks I couldn't really do much. Was given a rather badly designed research project to present in August. Didn't know about this until the end of June (originally thought my advisor was taking charge in preparaing the presentation; I merely helped with coding and some data collection). Started to work on it after I recovered from the pain medication. Most of the data analyses came out insignificant. Had to dig around the data for something w
  2. Math, engineering, hard science are too difficult; humanities, history, philosophy are too soft... too poor for law/med school.... So here i am...
  3. to think she really controls your life, until you graduate, it is OK to be scared. My adviser scares me also. but if you are terrified that you can't work with her, then you might need to do something about it.
  4. yes I understand. Thank you for your advice... I feel really ashamed to feel the jealousy. It is hard to get rid of the feeling of sadness though. We are already on a long-distance relationship. One of the schools she applied to is closer to my school, and I really hoped she would be accepted there. But now, if she receives an offer letter from the better school, I want her to go to the better school. The distance between us will increase further...
  5. Right now, I feel happy, jealous and sad. My fiance, who will graduate with a master's degree in education when this semester is over, just got interview requests from a top university. I am so happy for her, but at the same time I am jealous as hell. I applied for PhD programs in psychology after I got my undergraduate degree, and it was so difficult. Out of the 20 programs I applied, I only received offers from 3 (and one of them is a backup plan, so really, just 2). Now after gaining some experience as a graduate student, I found out that under most circumstances, in PhD programs, u
  6. I contacted the graduate office concerning how will my current transcript impact me. The reply is "Your G.P.A. at your current university will not be reflected on ... transcripts. The transcripts from your current university, however, will be used to determine whether you will receive any transfer credits from your previous study." I do not want any transfer credits, since the two programs are completely irrelevant. Am I off the hook at least on that part? === At this point, it is impossible to drop or apply for incomplete. And I will not be able to retake them, since I
  7. Long story short. First year grad student, did not like my program. I'm a psychology student in a mathematical psychology program, the course works I am taking are rather ridiculous: I am taking qualifying classes with the math graduate students!! I have an ok math background, but I am certainly not as good at math compared with math grad students. And unlike them, I was put directly into the medium/high level classes. I felt like being thrown into the deep side of a swimming pool, and I am not good at swimming. I applied for an actual psychology program, and was accepted, so I will
  8. I know each school has different ways of dealing this, but what are some of the general rules about transferring to a different area in the same field? For example, I am in cognitive psychology, and I no longer feel interested in the research in cognitive, and I would like to find a new mentor in, lets say, social psychology. How should I go about this? what I mean is, I don't want to discuss this with my mentor yet, since I do not want to upset her before I know if i can transfer. some advice please edit: here are two specific questions. 1. should I plan on transferr
  9. I'm thinking over that as well. But personally speaking, I would wait till I finish the first year.
  10. I am in the same situation. I am a psyc student taking pure math courses. They are fun to look at, to mess around with, but not so much if your grade is depending on your performance.. But, like you, I have to take them, and some more advanced courses, such as topology, to work with my advisor. I am doing badly in one of the course, and average in the other two. I figured if it comes to worst, I will just suck it up and retake them. I am sure I can do better than I am doing right now. good luck!!!!!
  11. Thanks for the advice everyone!!! Let me update the situation a tiny bit. I am taking real analysis with the math graduates. I do not have much prior experience with analysis. well, at least not enough to consider myself prepared with the subject. So I consider this to be the first course in pure math for me. I am managing to hang on with the rest of the class. But I am rather inexperienced at it, for example, I am slow at solving proofs, and that is hurting me pretty badly in exams. I am considering either switching to another mentor or switch to another program if that is nec
  12. Long story short, I got in a PhD program freshly out of undergrad. This is my first semester. During under, I was building myself toward cognitive psychology (psychology + stats + a little bit of programming). Turns out, no cognitive psychology program wanted me, and the only option left was a math psych program. Well, I decided to go for it. Turns out, I was put under an advisor who is very theoretical (I prefer to call him a mathematician than a psychologist or psycho-physicist). I am decent at math. But the two classes I was put in are very difficult, and are not what i was pre
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