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About Me

Not interested in implementing or supporting safe spaces. "Safe spaces" should be washrooms and bedrooms.

What have your good intentions and deeds wrought?

MSWGA (Make Social Work Great Again) 

Gender: cisgender I'm normal.

Some ideas and concepts are so foolish that only an intellectual would believe and advocate them.

Future institutions I might be applying to for a master's in education, psychology or ABA:

UPenn GSE (Human Development or ECS)

St. Cloud (ABA), Ball St. Online (ABA w/ emphasis Autism), SIU-C (BAT), ASU (SPED w/ emphasis Autism), USF (MA in ABA)

Ball St. Online (MA, SPED - Emotional and Behavioral Disorders) + (MA, Educational Psychology - ABA), CUNY Professional Studies (MA, Psychology) 

Harvard Extension School (ALM, Psychology)




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