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  1. Is Anyone else thinking the math gre score is made up? I can't tell if you're fishing for compliments or what but having 10 points off from the highest score combined with saying you don't think you're smart enough is suspect
  2. No research = go lower, especially without any math GRE to back up your ability yet.
  3. I agree with others. Do not buy a set theory book and expect to learn anything out of it. If I were you, I'd look for an "introduction to mathematical proofs" book or a Schaum's outline on set theory. Otherwise, there won't be worked examples.
  4. And there's certainly nothing that would imply any student from outside of math would "ace" a real analysis course without a substantial (possibly impossible) amount of effort.
  5. What Grad School gif sites does everyone frequent? I know for bio there's http://whatshouldwecallgradschool.tumblr.com and for math there's http://forthenotworkingmathematician.tumblr.com/ and for later year grad students theres http://researchinprogress.tumblr.com . What do you guys like?
  6. Actually, this is not necessary if you're a strong researcher with strong letters. Contact with professors doesn't mean much unless (a) a professor is desperate for a student or ( you worked with the professor. Otherwise they won't really care much.
  7. toypajme


    I generally dress casually (see dockers and tee, tee and jeans, jeans and button up), but most people in my field (math) do. If I feel like the students aren't respecting me, the graded assignments get harder. Nothing like failing a quiz or two to get a student back into learning. I am also not TA-ing per say but teaching a class.
  8. To them every day is a bad lecture day, don't worry yourself over it.
  9. Grad Cafe is already starting to crash, we need to move to some off-site chat as a backup
  10. The heat is on. For all the pandering in my essays I hope I get something to recoup my pride.
  11. I am from math. Math is random and I really believe is all luck. Candidates we feel are strong could be considered weak by random reviewers who have a different idea of "broader impacts" and "results." My friend last year had a reviewer state he was by far one of the strongest applicants but the other gave him only a "good" overall and it killed his app. I doubt that many people in pure math could have a better application than he did... So that's where my opinion comes from.
  12. I agree with the second class citizen notion. Don't go without funding.
  13. Every school has some sort of LGBT presence. Don't worry yourself about that. From your description, #1 hands down.
  14. I had a dream that NSF released the winners... but I woke up to find that is not true.
  15. I never said everyone was faking it, but I would not be surprised if more than we thought were. Maybe not even serious changes, but nudges here and there that just make the application that much better. People lie. They just do..
  16. Easy reason: a high percentage of people posting on webforums are either lonely, bitter, or depressed.
  17. I read that and didn't see any glaring problems... Unless you told you how poorly you marked her without any tact you should be okay. I as a rule only give anything below a 3 to professors I despise, and in general nothing lower than a 4. As a teacher myself, it's bullshit how critical students can be without having any idea about what the job entails...
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