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    QuentinComp got a reaction from Tybalt in Waitlisters Paradise   
    Congrats Johnny Stormcloud!! It's funny how this works out - after I didn't hear from Buffalo and everyone else had, someone on here told me that there was a 99.9% of being rejected. Well... I wasn't!

    Congrats again, so proud of you!
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    QuentinComp got a reaction from wreckofthehope in Info on SUNY Albany notifications?   
    Accepted! I hope everyone else here either hears good news soon or has already received good news!
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    QuentinComp got a reaction from ZeeMore21 in It seems unfair to ask applicants to wait this long for a decision   
    Wow, I am very happy to see this thread - not that I like seeing people so anxious, but I thought I was the ONLY person left who has yet to hear from MANY schools (7 in my case). I have assumed some rejections but am trying to keep up hope. I was happy to receive an e-mail from SUNY Buffalo today... I had assumed rejection from them, but I was assured that although I applied for the PhD program, my application is still being considered amongst the MA applications. Right now, this comes as great news to me. Let's all try to remain as optimistic as possible, ok? Of course it sucks to feel like we are completely in the dark, and we attempt to analyze the results posted here (e.g. someone received admittance to U Iowa, so I must be rejected...) but maybe schools just are not organized this year and are taking longer.

    Soooo let's all meet in some virtual bar and take virtual shots and try to relax and have some fun during this horrible anxious time.
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    QuentinComp got a reaction from ecg1810 in University of Iowa   
    So THIS might sound snarky, but WHEN IS IOWA GOING TO NOTIFY?!?! I am not expecting to get in, but have somehow managed to keep a glimmer of a hope, and I just want to know!!!
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    QuentinComp got a reaction from ecg1810 in James Franco got into Yale's PhD program??   
    As a (hopeful) Faulkner scholar, this kills me.
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