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  1. Got a Vanier SSHRC Congrats to all the nominees and winners.
  2. Thanks for the update! Have a good evening everyone. Good luck.
  3. I thought so... Just wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything... No news for SSHRC yet.
  4. Sorry to hear that, whome. Did you see your result on ResearchNet? Where on the website?
  5. I could swear that wasn't there a couple of weeks ago! I think it only said something general like "April", with no specific date. But, perhaps I'm wrong...
  6. Thanks for that info! I was reading all the SSHRC posts and wondering if we'd have to wait even longer for Vanier. Best of luck to everyone!
  7. Sorry to hear that, mistralesque. It's probably the most competitive scholarship in Canada... Don't be discouraged!
  8. Just got an email from my university: I didn't make it to the interview stage for the Trudeau. I'm waiting on the Vanier now, but definitely not holding my breath... Good luck to everyone!
  9. well, I wouldn't want to create false hope... I also begin to wonder whether it's not too late to expect an invitation to the interview. However, I do know that they always send out acceptances very last minute. My university warned me from this, and I was advised to prepare to the interview anyway. This is very annoying, I have no idea why they do it this way.
  10. Hi, re: Trudeau, another applicant I know contacted them last week and asked about the interviews, since we heard from a prof who is on the adjudication committee that there are delays. Anyway, the contact at the Foundation said that interviews will be held at the time that was advertised - March 21-22. That's next week! I don't know how they are notifying people, whether personally or through the university, but I hope to hear something in the next couple of days... Good luck everyone
  11. Hello people, Quick question: in the posts about SSHRC (adjudicating time, when to expect notification, etc.) - is your info relevant to Vanier as well, or is that a totally different process? Thanks
  12. How did you manage that?! Any tips? I'm having a REALLY hard time deciding, and some extra money from this particular school I'm leaning towards would really help my decision...
  13. In case someone reads this post in the future - the story has evolved like this: I did get accepted to York (yay!) and in the informal email they even said that I probably expected that since I was nominated to for GFAD. Now I'm waiting to hear details on funding, GFAD or not, so I can decide if I can afford to go. Good luck everyone
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