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    jagssss reacted to ikatticus in Living in Canada   
    Thanks everyone, I guess at the minute the names you're telling me don't really mean much but I will note then down for when I get there and hopefully they will make more sense to me.

    On a more specific note, is anyone vegetarian and how is the array of products for veggies out there?
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    jagssss reacted to epiapplicant in Waiting it out 2012... 'I've just submitted my application' thread   
    The wait Is even harder when you hate your current job lol... On my way to work I think about how I will be in a grad program next year and I can tough it out until June... Ahhh. I want to know.
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    jagssss reacted to pea-jay in When to have children?   
    A dad's perspective here. I became a father and went to Grad School in my mid twenties and at the same time tried to balance a lousy job (which I was later downsized out of), an infant and an overwhelmed wife that had no family or peer support to fall back on. Guess what? It didnt work. At all. Lost my job, our home and almost our marriage. Fortunately we got on our feet again. But the experience so spooked me I didnt even contemplate trying again until this past year when our youngest entered Kindergarten and we stopped hemorrhaging money. By the time I go back, the kids will be in first and fourth grades and not nearly so dependent.

    Kids are expensive and consume lots of time, especially when they are young. The same can be said for grad school. Trying to mix both together is not for the feint at heart. Personally, I'm happy I delayed my masters for kids and not the other way around. I had a lot of fun raising them either as a stay-at-home dad, working low-responsibility jobs or entry level positions in my field that allowed a ton of flex time. Once I start my masters, that free time goes away and it wont improve after as I'm pursing managerial work.

    My unsolicited advice for both genders: have your kids and wait until they are in public school before going back for your masters or get the masters out of the way before starting a family.
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    jagssss reacted to Red Bull in Do not contact your school because you are antsy   
    There are so many students on here trying to decide whether or not they should contact their program seeking additional admissions information. I am of the opinion that you should not bother the admin staff of the program you are interested in. Your decision will come via phone/email/snail mail. Just wait! Nothing good will come of you calling the department. Just sit tight and wait like everyone else. Part of the process of becoming a graduate student is learning patience and perseverance. Every single one of the pre-graduate students on this board are going crazy waiting for the admissions decisions to come in. Take a walk, watch a movie, get a puppy- whatever you need to calm yourself down. Also, put yourself in the place of the admin professionals who have to answer the phones at the department you are interested in- they don't know enough to satisfy you, and they certainly don't know whether you will get in the program. KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!
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    jagssss reacted to psycholinguist in Waiting it Out on Canadian Universities   
    Uh, UNBC is in Prince George, isn't it? Or did I misinterpret this?

    Best of luck to everyone still waiting! Hang in there!
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