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  1. Having only recently gone through the application process, I had this grand notion that most undergraduates are competitively fighting for opportunities to prep for grad apps. I have yet to really see these undergrads at my institution...I'm wondering where they all are?

    1. DeafAudi


      That is so true and is something we all should remember!

  2. SO ready for winter break…X_X

  3. Just sent my rejection email to the other school I got an accept from. It felt bad to tell them no. I hope they make an offer to someone else, it will make it feel a lot better.

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    2. Lilac13


      Same here :( On the bright side, declining early probably makes it more likely for the program to make an offer to someone else.

    3. queenleblanc


      And everyone who has a wait-list thanks you! ;-) Tough decision, but it is good for the university to make it early if you can.

    4. kaister


      Yes, that's why I tried to do it as quickly as possible!

  4. I have accepted an offer! I feel a sense of closure. It's beautiful.

  5. Holy cow. Got my second acceptance!! This feels surreal. Miracles happen, guys...

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    2. kaister


      thank you!!! :D i have to agree, my dog is pretty handsome :P

    3. Quigley


      Congrats! And yes, great looking dog.

    4. jmbrown88


      i know how you feel,congrats to you!

  6. I don't know what's worse: struggling to finish graduate school applications or the wait after you've submitted them all.

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