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  1. Hi everyone, I'm dusting off this old account to join the conversation. Long story short, my grad school experience has been a doozy. Fast forward to today, and I'm on a waitlist for the doctoral program at UNC Chapel Hill for anthropology (archaeology). I saw the UNC acceptances go up a few weeks back and was immediately bummed because I didn't receive one. Then I saw the rejections go up a few days later, and again I got nothing. My suspicions were confirmed today when my POI notified me of my waitlist status. Anyway, cheers to all those who've received acceptances! "Hang
  2. Hi everyone, Rather than blast you all with a lengthy sublet and apartment listing, I just want to quickly ask if anyone would be interested in: 1) a furnished bedroom sublet in Hamilton Heights from May 24th through August 23rd (with these dates slightly flexible). It'd be $975 a month with all utilities included, and it's a recently rehabbed 4-bedroom, 2-bath. You'd be living with three women. Since this is my room, and I'm leaving my furniture and many belongings for use, I'm especially looking for someone trustworthy, responsible, and respectful. 2) an unfurnished bedroom in th
  3. Rejected. Second year applying. Not even an honorable mention. Congrats to the recipients!
  4. Just thinking about this apartment search is making me sick to my stomach.
  5. Thanks, sarab! It'll be good to "know" someone in my cohort right away!
  6. Hey guys! I'm accepting my CUNY offer! I've also been offered a couple courses to adjunct at Hunter! Hooray!
  7. I was rejected from off the waitlist at my top choice today... but the rejection comes a day after an acceptance from another program! I am taking this waaay better than I anticipated. Still one waitlist to hear from! Good luck, everyone. We're getting right down to the wire.
  8. Sorry for potentially holding you up, AKCarlton! You and I are doing the waitlist/acceptance tango. I sincerely need another day or so to reflect and need to talk to my advisor at CUNY about some things... but at this time, I am 90% sure I'll be turning down my UMass offer (not without some sadness, however! The UMass director has been super kind and informative during this process).
  9. I'm very tempted to take it! I want to wait just a little longer for UCLA and WashU... I also haven't ruled out UMass yet. I need to sleep on it!
  10. Thanks everyone! I'm so happy to get some good news this late in the game. I'm still in a state of disbelief. I hope everyone still waiting to hear gets some good news soon! I'm still going to have to wait to get official rejections from my waitlist schools before I go accepting anywhere else.
  11. Hey guys! I've finally been accepted to a doctoral program! CUNY accepted me this morning. Now I have some serious decisions to make.
  12. Thanks for the info aarch! Any idea how many people accepted?
  13. Anyone out there still waiting to hear back? Aside from my two waitlists, I'm still waiting on CUNY... Haven't heard a thing from them. I cannot believe April starts on Tuesday... I'm moving very, very far in four months, but I have no idea where yet.
  14. LOVE IT SO MUCH. So many congrats! Hopefully I'll hear SOMETHING soon too!
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