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  1. Has anyone ever heard of someone in two programs at the same time? I'm applying to Phd programs in the Fall for Rhet/Comp, but I also want to get my Master's in Library Science. One of my top schools has good programs in both fields. What's to stop me from getting my MLIS and Phd at the same time? Sort of like a double major program, I guess?

    I'm already becoming accustomed to working on my thesis during classwork. Since I want to graduate by summer, I'll have to do the bulk of my thesis while taking full time classes. So I could theoretically do the Phd program, and start the MLIS coursework once I get to dissertation hours. The MLIS program doesn't require a thesis, so it's just all coursework.

    Is this possible? Or am I crazy?

  2. Quick question: My 1098-T shows the tuition I paid for both Fall & Spring semesters, but only shows the tuition waiver for Fall making it look like I paid the rest out of loans that were used for other things like a computer, books, etc. It means I get a lot more back from taxes, but I'm afraid I might be audited.

  3. I'll be moving to Orlando this Fall as well (MA Rhetoric & Composition). Is there any student-affiliated housing that's neither terribly expensive (over 580 altogether) nor a shit hole? I'd love to take advantage of the campus shuttle if at all possible.

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