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    Captain Enjambment got a reaction from Mistral in Final Decision Thread   
    Hi there Mistral! I'm starting this fall in English (CW dissertation) at UGA too! I haven't heard from any other prospectives, so I wanted to say hello!
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    Captain Enjambment got a reaction from JeremiahParadise in literature & creative writing   
    I'm applying! Also in poetry to Houston, USC, Utah, Missouri, Florida State, Georgia, and U Illinois-Chicago! I'm finishing up my MFA now and very excited to continue my creative focus while renewing my commitment to literary studies. We have similar lists poeteer! Out of curiosity, where did you get your MFA?

    As for Cornell, I am pretty sure the PhD is bundled with the MFA for that particular program. They do not have a separate PhD in CW, so if you have an MFA, it's a bust.
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