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    Hanyuye reacted in I guess I will be traveling with one less companion   
    Are you the only one with a blog? It seems like 95% of the blog posts are yours. 
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    Hanyuye reacted to trejsi in My Apps Are Better Than Good! (and other lies I tell myself)   
    lol!  Thank you for posting this, I needed it today.  Putting the final touches on my applications today and tomorrow, and the anxiety is rising.
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    Hanyuye reacted to Monochrome Spring in Like Watching Sausage Being Made   
    I've talked to professors who don't care about the GRE at all and others that use it as their biggest deciding factor. There's really no way to guarantee a spot without kicking ass in every aspect of the application and hoping that the admissions officers are feeling generous that day.
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    Hanyuye reacted to Dal PhDer in Like Watching Sausage Being Made   
    I think luck is the biggest variable in that formula. 
    Reviewers moods, personal opinions, and own experiences bias the outcomes more than not. 
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    Hanyuye reacted to bamafan in Think the GRE is useless? Think again.   
    Don't feed the troll, folks.
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    Hanyuye reacted to stillalivetui in Think the GRE is useless? Think again.   
    This is stupid, just like the GRE. 
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