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  1. Nashville, TN

    Depending on how early you get there in the morning/how far you are willing to walk, a lot of students that live further out will just street park on adjacent streets and then walk in. The walks are usually about 10 minutes.
  2. NSF GRFP 2013-14

    I don't feel entitled. I'm not even saying my application is strong, but I'm not happy with feedback that says I don't discuss in enough detail disease related goals of my research when the Program Solicitation says: "Research with disease-related goals, including work on the etiology, diagnosis or treatment of physical or mental disease, abnormality, or malfunction in human beings is normally not supported." Make up your damn mind.
  3. Nashville, TN

    I would suggest looking for a roommate in a 2 bedroom apartment if you want to live within walking distance at that price. If you have a car and are willing to go further out, there are a lot of options at that price.
  4. Biochem Grad School Advice

    I would definitely also consider applying to Vanderbilt since it has a free application to allow everyone to apply. Look at Biological Sciences or an entrance program like IGP or QCB to give you more flexibility/options.
  5. Vanderbilt 2013

    The medical school has a separate roommate listing so if you are interested in living with a MD student or a biomedical PhD student: https://medschool.mc.vanderbilt.edu/current_students/roommate/roommate.php
  6. Vanderbilt 2013

    Charlotte Pike is pretty common for students looking for cheap housing...especially since there are a lot of houses as opposed to apartments/townhouses for rent. The bus system is decent if you don't need to get to campus or go home at odd hours, and it's free for Vandy students. I'm assuming you are talking about the parts closer to campus, you will definitely need a car if you go a few more miles out.
  7. Vanderbilt 2013

    If anyone has questions about Nashville/housing around Vandy, I'm happy to help!
  8. your NFL playoff predictions

    You guys can all keep on hating on the Ravens, like most other people in America...predicting us to lose in every round so far.
  9. Research vs. personal ideological conflicts

    I assumed that you knew the group worked with animals prior to joining, so something must have convinced you that the research progress is worth it. To me, it sounds like a lot of pros (funding, research you like..etc.) vs one con (ethical principles), especially if you were already able to justify it to yourself. I don't think the weapons aspect is such a big deal. Of course, I'm assuming that the research have applications outside of military use. Think about all the military implications of the Haber process, and yet it revolutionized the world when it was developed.
  10. Job prospects for PhDs?

    Don't go into a PhD expecting to be a professor afterwards, or even necessarily work on research that you worked on during your PhD. Think of it as an opportunity to develop a set of skills in thinking and reasoning that will allow you to move on to a number of fields.
  11. Most important college courses?

    I think life management/finances/speaking should be high school courses. Every student in general should be required to take a critical thinking/logic course. In terms of specific subjects, every science/engineering person needs to be required to take some basic history/political science courses while every humanities/social studies person needs some basic science courses.
  12. Write my own LOR?

    I don't think it's an issue...just make sure to have the adviser look it over before submitting it. You have to be confident about yourself and praise yourself, just don't over do it.
  13. Help!!! Wanting to get into Chemical Engineering Grad Program

    I would focus on raising your GPA and doing more research work. You are also going to need three letters of recommendations so think about three faculty members you can really connect with.
  14. I think you have to think about if it's more important to have a job you enjoy doing, or a job that pays well. Obviously if you can do both, that's great...but if you are lost, I suggest going for one or the other. If you want a job you enjoy doing, take some general classes in a few fields...maybe at a community college, just to gauge your interest. If you want a job that pays well, pick a job area that you are capable of doing and has good starting salary/opportunities. Then, just suck it up and apply yourself to getting in that field.
  15. Any posters here who sailed through?

    Obviously everyone has little hiccups for the most part, but as long as you aim for the right range and have the right expectations, you can have a fairly straight forward application process. Personally, I got into one of my top choices and so far it's going well. I definitely spread out my application across a good range of program rankings and that helped a lot.