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  1. I have a feeling that at least for SBS, students would need interviews for admission. The second POI I emailed knew that I had a zoom with the first POI so she said she didn't have much to add. She said if my application moves to the interview stage of the review processes, she would probably be one of my interviewers. I think this indicated that all students would need to get into the interview round. Well I have not heard from them so I am assuming I didn't get into the next stage.
  2. Hang in there! It is not over yet. Even this application cycle is over, we always have another round. Sorry about what happened to your brother, that must be extremely tough.
  3. My POI at UW tweeted that he had never read so many applications, not even after 2008😅 Some professors from other schools/programs replied that they saw a huge increase as well, for some it was not that much increase tho, so I think it depends on specific program.
  4. In the meeting the other student was a domestic student. I would rather not sharing their initials. I don't really have research experiences in the specific content area with these faculty members so my story might be different than many other applicants. I was applying to the "planned behavioral change" track, then after I submitted my application I realized they updated their website and that track was revamped and basically gone...(now it's "planned social change" but they meshed the social epi & this track with the same competencies.)
  5. For Harvard SBS, I contacted two professors. Had a 30 mins zoom with one. There were two prospective students in the meeting so we took turns to ask questions, it was a generic getting to know the program kind of meeting. Another professor replied email saying she didn't have much to add (she did answer my question in the email so to me it was still a very positive interaction). I think Harvard PHS is stronger committee based, and their stipend does not have RA responsibility (that's my understanding, I might be wrong). I am an international student, at UCSF the funding mechanism would b
  6. An update, I received an email notification Jan 12 for UCSF Epi & Translational Science program interviews. So far have scheduled interviews with a postdoc (phd alumni), a POI, and one member of the admission committee in the coming weeks (till the first week of Feb). I contacted a POI before my application and got positive responses, but the one who would interview me is a different faculty that I also listed on my statement. I also applied to Harvard PHS Social and Behavioral Sciences and UW Global Health Implementation Science track and have not heard back. Good luck e
  7. I feel that they don't admit many students for the IS track. Hope your other applications go well!
  8. Did you receive an email or checked the portal? I haven't heard back from them. My status is still 'submitted'. At this point I'm just assuming I'm rejected with a slight bit of hope...
  9. Yeah thanks😁! Been revising that one and will get it submitted before the due date.
  10. 2/2 replied for a zoom call , both of the programs are committee based so POIs have no say in admission decisions. Plan to maybe reach out to another two or three next week.
  11. I was planning on applying next yr, but because of COVID I decided to apply this yr to test the water, can always decline an offer if I decide to. Only applying to the schools I would 200% want to attend, and if I don't get an offer, I'll work another year and reapply.
  12. Hi everyone, decided to only apply to 2 programs (3 the most). I'm an international student and I can only afford to go to schools with full funding. We'll see how it goes. If I don't get any offer then I'll add a few more programs next yr. Undergrad GPA from an international institution : 3.5ish Grad GPA from a U.S. institution: 3.97 GRE: will take early next month. Aim for the 90% for V&Q. Publications: my sore throat. Only a 6th author publication so that basically means nothing😅. Might submit a first author by the time of application. Experiences: Grad
  13. xxxxling

    St. Louis, MO

    So, anyone going there? You could PM me or facebook me ! There is a facebook group of WUSTL Brown School 2012 students~! Brown school doesn't offer dorms. So maybe we could become roommates. My facebook name is Linsey Luo. Come from China.
  14. I was offered $12000 for the first year, renewable for the next year. However, I mistook the deposit due date so they withdraw my scholarship. They could only offered $2500 for the first year then. (That's what will happen when the funds are running out)
  15. I missed UChicago's due date....So I have decided to attend WUSTL instead. A terrible mistake but I should be responsible for myself. Even considering applying for MPH/MSW dual degree after I enter.
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