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    XXXXXXphd2021 reacted to PublicHealthPhD2021 in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    Just found out recently that I was admitted to USC's PhD in HBR program!!! I am absolutely thrilled, as this program was my top choice. I'm hoping everyone else here gets some good news soon, too!
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    XXXXXXphd2021 reacted to katevinita in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    An update: I was accepted to Northeastern's Population Health PhD program! There was no interview.
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    XXXXXXphd2021 reacted to Baby_Yoda in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    Hi! So after receiving that generic "timeline update" email from JHU Epi last week and then not hearing anything, I assumed I was rejected. However, I just received an email asking to schedule an interview with a faculty member. The interview slots are Saturday 1/30 and Monday 2/1. For those who received that email last week and haven't heard anything, don't lose hope! 
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    XXXXXXphd2021 reacted to heregoesnothing2021 in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    Just received notification that I was recommended for admission to the Health Services Research PhD Program at Brown University. The Graduate School there will be formally sending me my acceptance and offer letter soon. Hope others who applied to the program also hear back positively.
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    XXXXXXphd2021 got a reaction from Desperado7261 in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    From my understanding the international/domestic status doesn't matter for WUSTL Brown School, no separate reviews. I talked to a professor for advice seeking. Some professors aren't aware of funding challenges for international students, so I reminded him the funding issues for me (my target school is a public school), and he told me at WUSTL everyone's the same. 
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    XXXXXXphd2021 reacted to epi2be in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    I hope everyone is hanging in there, this waiting period has been brutal! Hopefully we will all hear back soon! I was accepted to UW PhD Epidemiology yesterday and am really excited! If anyone else was accepted, feel free to DM me so we can connect! Also, I am trying to navigate their funding mechanism so if anyone has any information on that, I would greatly appreciate it! Wishing everyone the best of luck during this process, it seems this is one of the most competitive years so the stress level has been very high on my end for sure
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    XXXXXXphd2021 got a reaction from potlucknopotatosalad in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    I have a feeling that at least for SBS, students would need interviews for admission. The second POI I emailed knew that I had a zoom with the first POI so she said she didn't have much to add. She said if my application moves to the interview stage of the review processes, she would probably be one of my interviewers. I think this indicated that all students would need to get into the interview round. Well I have not heard from them so I am assuming I didn't get into the next stage. 
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    XXXXXXphd2021 got a reaction from ♀HealthMatters in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    Hang in there! It is not over yet. Even this application cycle is over, we always have another round. Sorry about what happened to your brother, that must be extremely tough. 
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    XXXXXXphd2021 got a reaction from PublicHealthPhD2021 in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    My POI at UW tweeted that he had never read so many applications, not even after 2008? Some professors from other schools/programs replied that they saw a huge increase as well, for some it was not that much increase tho, so I think it depends on specific program. 
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    XXXXXXphd2021 got a reaction from PatelXX in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    In the meeting the other student was a domestic student. 
    I would rather not sharing their initials. I don't really have research experiences in the specific content area with these faculty members so my story might be different than many other applicants. I was applying to the "planned behavioral change" track, then after I submitted my application I realized they updated their website and that track was revamped and basically gone...(now it's "planned social change" but they meshed the social epi & this track with the same competencies.)  
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    XXXXXXphd2021 got a reaction from PatelXX in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    An update, I received an email notification Jan 12 for UCSF Epi & Translational Science program interviews. So far have scheduled interviews with a postdoc (phd alumni), a POI, and one member of the admission committee in the coming weeks (till the first week of Feb). 
    I contacted a POI before my application and got positive responses, but the one who would interview me is a different faculty that I also listed on my statement. 
    I also applied to Harvard PHS Social and Behavioral Sciences and UW Global Health Implementation Science track and have not heard back. 
    Good luck everyone! 
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    XXXXXXphd2021 reacted to srp10215 in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    In addition to all the amazing interview advice that posters have already given, I wanted to add a few potential curveball questions that I've seen online:
    1. Why are you applying now? Why not take a few years and get more work experience? Conversely, if you already have significant work experience, what would a PhD offer you that work experience can't?
    2. How did you arrive at your proposed research questions? Whose input and mentorship did you seek and why?
    3. Describe a time you experienced a setback, academically or personally.
    4. How do you perform in an unstructured environment? What guidance will you need to make sure you can finish your dissertation?
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    XXXXXXphd2021 got a reaction from GHAddict in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    I feel that they don't admit many students for the IS track. Hope your other applications go well!
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    XXXXXXphd2021 reacted to MCH_Hopeful_2021 in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    I’ve only had one interview thus far and one upcoming, so I’m no pro. To add to what everyone is saying, one of the questions I got that I did not prep for (although I’ve thought about it personally) was something along the lines of: “tell me how the world would be a better place with you in this field?” So my advice would be to think globally about the broader impact of your work.
    Some other things that I think helped me...
    1. I practiced on video, since my interviews were all via video-conference, and I watched and rewatched it trying to gage everything from the quality of my responses to the lighting in my office and my eye contact with the camera (which makes people feel like you’re looking at them). 
    2. It was a lot easier for me mentally to prepare when I thought of this as a standard job interview. I’m a bit older (early 30s) and it’s been forever since school BUT I’ve had a ton of job interviews in my life so framing it that way abated some of my fear of the unknown. 
    3. I researched everyone that I knew I was going to interview with. I looked at their papers, their CV, etc. This gave me an idea of how best to frame my research interests. For example, if I’m interviewing with a demographer then I’m going to talk about the broader impact of my research from a population health standpoint vs a health systems view. 
    4. My interview was very short. Think 30 or 40 minutes. Most of that time was spent asking me questions. I got about 5 minutes to ask my own. It’s helpful to have your most pressing 1-2 questions on-hand (ie the ones that will help you make a decision) vs the small talk approach of asking about everyone’s research interest. For me, I asked about funding and fit. 
    5. Be authentic, bring your whole weirdo self to that interview (within reason) and see if there’s real fit. There’s nothing worse than making mistakes you can’t take back, so don’t be fake just to wind up in a program you hate. 
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    XXXXXXphd2021 got a reaction from CatMeow1234 in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    Yeah thanks?! Been revising that one and will get it submitted before the due date. 
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    XXXXXXphd2021 got a reaction from CatMeow1234 in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    Hi everyone,
    decided to only apply to 2 programs (3 the most). I'm an international student and I can only afford to go to schools with full funding. We'll see how it goes. If I don't get any offer then I'll add a few more programs next yr. 
    Undergrad GPA from an international institution  : 3.5ish
    Grad GPA from a U.S. institution: 3.97 
    GRE: will take early next month. Aim for the 90% for V&Q.
    Publications: my sore throat. Only a 6th author publication so that basically means nothing?. Might submit a first author by the time of application. 
    Experiences: Graduated 5 yrs ago, but my international status has created some gaps. Been working in academia consistently for 3 yrs. Did a few RAships and one TAship during my 3 yr masters. 
    Research interests: implementation research, my struggle has been to figure out how to narrow it down, to me, this is more like a methodology that you could apply to all populations and diseases, and public health is collaborative in nature so I don't have to be an expert in one specific disease. But I doubt program would like the candidate not having a more narrowed focus. 
    LORs: I think all my 3 LORs will come relatively strong. All of them are either full heartedly IR researcher or have grants with IR focus. 
    Target programs: UCSF Epi & Translational, UW Global Health in IR. I actually only want to go to UCSF. I think I'm a little bit crazy having that mindset. Rational being location & curriculum & mentorship in IR. As an international student, I don't mind doing global health but quantitative courses will make me more competitive in the job market. I don't have any epi experience at all so I find it a bit challenging writing the statement to articulate my purpose. 
    My master program has great mentorship in IR, but I hope to go to a bigger city and expand my networks. Good luck everyone!  
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    XXXXXXphd2021 got a reaction from CatMeow1234 in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    I was planning on applying next yr, but because of COVID I decided to apply this yr to test the water, can always decline an offer if I decide to. Only applying to the schools I would 200% want to attend, and if I don't get an offer, I'll work another year and reapply. 
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    XXXXXXphd2021 reacted to ellie811 in Final Decisions!   
    I will be attending Michigan. 16 month program. Practice method - social policy & evaluation, practice area - children and youth in families and society and I'm in the Child Welfare Scholarship Program
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    XXXXXXphd2021 got a reaction from Lisbeth in Not heard from any schools?!?!   
    Well, I think some schools have preferences of high GPA and GRE, some do not. So you have something you value but you don't get in, it just means that this program isn't the best fit for you.
    We don't need to get accepted by every program to prove we are good or sth.

    If you have a great GPA, job well-done. But as others said, maybe you should value others' strengths as well. We are all unique and we are not just a bunch of numbers.
    Also, if you hate social work programs for relying on experiences, maybe you should really think twice. Those programs are professional ones. They choose their students for a reason. They believe their students can become great social workers...Can all the programs be wrong? Hmm...

    It may be harsh for you to hear all these and it must be a difficult time. But we are just offer advises.

    On the internet we don't know each other, if not just one people, but several, think you have a somewhat inappropriate attitude, maybe you should consider why.

    I hope these don't sound rude. I'm an international, so maybe my writing sucks and you feel offended. Then I'm sorry about that.

    Angela, I think you are hot! (If the word "hot" doesn't go in a wrong way...again I'm an international and I use this word to express that you looks great!) You changed your photos several times and I like each of them =)!!
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    XXXXXXphd2021 got a reaction from deleteuser_184321 in U Chicago vs. U Michigan   
    When choosing the school, I'll consider the $$$. Chicago may be more expensive, even taking scholarships into consideration.

    So I think Michigan is great for you! =)
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    XXXXXXphd2021 got a reaction from burgundykitten in Ohio State?   
    congratulations!!! it take guts to apply to only one program!! Happy for u!!
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