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    Electrical Engineering, Smart Grid, Power Systems, Renewable Energy
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  1. Hi, I am an Undergraduate student applying for MS in Electrical Engineering for Fall 2012 at UMich, USC, CMU, Cornell and Arizona State University. I have finished my online application part couple of days ago. I have also asked ETS to send the universities my GRE and TOEFL Scores. The letters of recommendation have been submitted by the professors. Now the only remaining part is the supplementary document submission. But I was wondering what exactly is meant by supplementary document. Should I be sending only my undergraduate transcripts to the university or should I include another copy of my SOP, Letters of Recommendation and resume (All which I submitted online) as well? And also, should I send the abstracts if the projects I have undertaken? The photocopy of the honors/certificates I have received? Photocopy of my previous academic records like high school grade sheet? I would really appreciate a quick reply since the deadlines are fast approaching. Thanking you in advance
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