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    Thanks! I'm an archaeologist. It was an email sent by the department (not a POI) to several people. I'm not sure whether that was the whole list or if they're going to offer more interview dates later. Hope that helps!
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    Boaty McBoatface reacted to lumbarmoose in Anthropology Waiting/Results 2012   
    I guess we're all on pins & needles... The funny thing is that I will actually be in Tucson tomorrow, so it's tempting to go knocking on a few doors in the department and say "Ahem, my Grad Cafe friends and I are waiting, can you get a move on please?"
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    Boaty McBoatface reacted to nyc2482 in Anthropology Waiting/Results 2012   
    In the case that you are rejected, it may be that they contacted accepted/waitlisted students via phone or email but forwarded your name to the university to send you a rejection letter by mail. It would account for the delay. You can always email someone to check the status of your application if you can't wait any longer!
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    Boaty McBoatface reacted to aforman1 in Anthropology Waiting/Results 2012   
    This probably is a rarity, but I never ever received a rejection from Tulane when I applied there in 2009. When I contacted my POI in March, she told me that I had been accepted, but emailed me a couple days later to tell me that she was going off of meeting notes from the first round of application reviews, and that they had ultimately decided against admitting me (I'm not kidding, the subject of her email was "My Bad," soooo heartbreaking!). And ... then I never heard anything from them again; no official rejection, no letter, no email, nothing. I know someone else who applied for a MA program, never heard from them again, and then received a letter in the mail letting her know that she had been accepted ... three years later. Ah, the fun we put ourselves through!

    I used to work for graduate studies in UG, and our policy was that the admissions decisions were sent to us from the departments, and we were responsible for sending out the appropriate letters/forms. So, as others have suggested, it's possible that some admits/wait listed people have been informally contacted, and official letters are in the mail. If they've sent out admits and rejections, I say it's probably okay to email your contact in the department to see what's going on. If nothing else, you'll be sure where they are in the decision-making process if they can't give you a definitive answer.

    Hope this helps!
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    Boaty McBoatface got a reaction from Aydın Özipek in Anthropology Waiting/Results 2012   
    Hey everyone

    I'm a bit off-topic, but there's a question I wanted to ask. Is it possible for schools never to send you a rejection email/letter?
    Acceptances for two of the schools I applied to came out last week, and I didn't hear a thing, which means I didn't get in (according to people on the Grad Café, all admitted students have been told). But do you think it's possible that they'll never tell me? That they'll just throw my file without bothering with an email or status update? Do I have to email them to get the confirmation that I've been rejected? It's just that I want to tell my advisor and she won't believe me if I tell her that I found out through Grad Café. She always thought I'd get in everywhere (but I've only got rejections so far).

    Another of my schools, U Arizona, has accepted some students and rejected some students last week. Again, I haven't heard a thing. Does it mean I can count myself out? If I haven't had any positive news... Should I email or patiently wait?

    Sorry to annoy you with my stupid concerns... I just want to move on with my life
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    Boaty McBoatface reacted to Thepoetsdaughter in Anthropology Waiting/Results 2012   
    Nope, wasn't me. I know that this is/has been a really hard time for everyone and that waiting is the hardest part of this whole process. But I'm beginning to see that we shouldn't write off any schools until we hear back from them officially. I think that a number of schools don't have a formal interview process but will interview a candidate that they're interested in, but want to know more about (maybe there's something inconsistent about their application or there's a hole in it or they just want to see if the person really is all that). Either way, I know that Brown hasn't interviewed all candidates. Unfortunately, we're just going to have to sit tight for the next two-three weeks and hope that these various committees make their decisions nice and early.
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