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  1. I totally understand where you are coming from. I completed my undergrad years ago and chose to focus on other things rather than my gpa. I was content to graduate with a B- and didn't think twice about it. Fast forward a decade or so and that careless attitude towards school has come back to haunt me countless times. One thing I realized is that it is much easier to erase a criminal record than it is to erase a bad academic year (or 3).

    I hope you get in. If you don't, take some time to re-evaluate your options. Perhaps taking time away from school will help you think and also stop you from burning out. If academia is where you are supposed to be, you will get there. Maybe not right away, but making the right decisions in the next few years will certainly help. Also, it is too bad that your dad's prejudice against our American neighbours is closing doors for you. Perhaps that is something you need to think about as well.

    All the best!

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