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  1. Thank you for this response! Definitely what I wanted to hear However, I am not in a position to leave the city where I live so I am fairly limited in where I can apply. I dont think I can consider any of the 3 universities I've applied to 'safety schools'. All are fairly competitive with good/great reputations for Social Work. I am hoping that they will review my application although I'm *just* under the cutoff minimum GPA. I've been out of school for a while so naturally I've accumulated lots of experience. I'm one of those people who didn't take school as seriously as I should have an
  2. For those of you who are in an MSW program or to those of you who are applying, what do you think admissions committees value more, GPA or experience? I realize that my GPA is on the lower end but my experience is rock solid. Any thoughts?? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the info! I wonder how many of the 600 applications are incomplete? That is, out of the 600+, I'm sure that there must be some that failed to submit all documents/fees etc. As well, I wonder how many of these applicants are applying to the advanced standing and how many of the 125 spots are alloted there? Based on what I've read, it seems that the majority of applicants are applying to the 2 year program. So many questions! I really should have attended the info sessions. However, I'm thinking that they are fairly secretive regardless. Also, it seems much easier to get into MSW
  4. ladybug3, thanks for this response! I wish I had gone to the info sessions but unfortunately missed them due to schedule conflicts. Did they mention whether they review ALL applications or do they automatically discard those that are weak in a specific area (ie/ a weak gpa)? Like most applicants, I'm probably overly focused on the area that I think is weak in my own application. It would just be awful to have done all of that work on the statement of purpose only to find out that they didn't even read it. For the two year program, do you have to pick a stream (ie/mental health, gerontology
  5. HAHAHA! I totally needed that, thanks for posting As a Social Worker, I've had my share of clients who have fallen for this type of scam. It's nice to see someone giving a little back!
  6. I've applied to UofT, York and Ryerson for the MSW advanced standing. First time applying. I have to say, all of you who are doing this for the second time, I really admire your determination! Is anyone familiar with how admission committees begin the selection process? Do they look at applications as they receive them or do they rank them first?? I'm driving myself (and my husband) crazy with speculation. Good luck to you all
  7. Hello All! I'm so glad to be able to read this thread and know others are feeling exactly as I do! I submitted my applications in Nov/early Dec. I *thought* that being done well before the deadlines that I'd feel a sense of relief and kind of just sit back until results come in. However, the wait has been excruciating! I cant believe it will still be another month or two before I can hope for any response. I hope I get in somewhere because I sure as heck wont be doing this twice! AARRRGGGHHH!! Good luck to you all
  8. Hello All, I'm currently in that never ending limbo waiting to hear back about admissions. I've applied to all local universities, U of T, York U and Ryerson U. Does anyone know of the acceptance rates for these universities? Anyone else applied to the advanced standing? Also, does anyone know which social work stream is most/least popular? I applied early and this waiting is FOREVER!! Cant wait for the spring to get here already!!! Happy waiting, everyone!!
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