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  1. harvard financial decision

    Looking purely from a numbers perspective, $200K of debt on a combined income of $150K (assuming your son's fiancee makes about $50K) is doable. Debt payments would total about $28K/year for 10 years @ 6.8%, and federal income tax would be about $30K/year, leaving about $92K take-home pay. This is equivalent to a combined income of $112K with no debt payments. Also, it seems like buying a house is no longer assumed for this generation, especially in urban areas where an MPP grad is likely to live. It sounds like that's a tradeoff your son is willing to make to pursue the career he wants.
  2. Is this admission @UIUC.. I am so confused

    The letter says you must find a research advisor who is willing to fund you, before you can be admitted.
  3. taxation and other questions

    Based on 2012 tax tables, your federal taxable income is $29k - $3,800 exemption - $5,950 standard deduction = $19,250, which gives a tax of $2,450 and a monthly net income of about $2,250.
  4. Probably the best time to do this would be over the summer, when faculty aren't busy with classes and the incoming class is more or less set.
  5. Updating Education on Facebook

    I've seen many people update it when they've made their decision to enroll, as sort of an official FB announcement.
  6. Waiting out the Waitlist!

    Unless this is a super small program, it's probably the case that they accepted, for example, 20 people for an entering class of 15. If so, then you'd need 2 more than the expected 5 to decline the offer.
  7. Your V and Q scores are high enough for Master's in Education programs (HGSE's averages are 600V/660Q). Your writing score is a bit lower than most program's averages, but not significantly so. Since you're applying for Fall 2013, you have time to prepare for a retake, but on the other hand, you'd have to prep for the new test format, which may or may not play to your strengths.
  8. Where can I find practice tests?

    The PowerPrep software has one or two practice tests, which are pretty close to the real thing in difficulty and pace.
  9. Help me decide? Please?

    I'd choose between Vanderbilt (best reputation) or BC (Catholic university near large city) and eliminate the others.
  10. 2nd most popular word I found was "computer" with 14,915. How about most popular schools? The following had over 4,000: Columbia 6183, Berkeley 5512, Stanford 5026, Harvard 4816, Yale 4064, Cornell 4021
  11. Updated Engineering Rankings

    They're #21 in EE.
  12. Asking for an extension?

    If everyone on a waitlist asked for extensions, wouldn't that just drag out the process even longer? Programs want to see who commits by April 15 before going to their waitlist.
  13. Updated Engineering Rankings

    Drexel is tied for #35 with 6 other schools.
  14. Updated Engineering Rankings

    No specific photonics ranking, but BU is #48 in Electrical Engineering and #58 in Materials Science and Engineering.