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  1. Research vs. personal ideological conflicts

    The project does have weapons applications, I guess I should have been more specific.
  2. Off to tour tomorrow!

  3. I am currently an unfunded MS student about to be funded; last one in my group to receive full funding. I should be excited right? The problem is the research involves inflicting wounds on rather intelligent animals and keeping them alive for several months (drugged). I am one of those crazy animal people who would probably cut my arm if it meant saving my dogs. At the same time, I recognize that I do eat meat, which of course not only harms animals through killing them, but also the horrific conditions most experience in their short lives, and I am sure I benefit in more ways than I know from animal research. All this would lead me to justifying the research to myself... it being for the good of human kind, but, maybe it's not. The research is for the DOD and I'll be honest I am a bit of a hippie and the idea of doing research for potential weapons use makes this research prospect just look that much worse to me. Has anyone else gone through something like this, or have any suggestions for getting through it? Not taking this opportunity is not an option, or is it just that everyone has a price, and apparently mine is about 40K.
  4. In a bit of a crisis.

    I first went into secondary education, somewhat on a whim. I definitely had very different ideas as to what I thought teaching was going to be like and what it actually ended up being. I never finished the program (the school went bankrupt 2 courses short of my masters!), but gained the necessary teaching certificate and taught for 4 years at the high school level. I found that in many ways, teaching is not about all those great things I had imagined it to be: loving my subject, working with students, social justice aspects.... I found so much of my time was spent on acquiring supplies ( I taught chem with no lab, no supplies!), paperwork, "helicopter parents", parents who couldn't care less, administration, huge achievement gaps and little help for students to overcome, teaching to standardized tests... there are still plenty of great thing about it, otherwise I would have never lasted those 4 years. I guess my 2 cents would be that if you're not still excited about teaching after getting a glimpse at its not so glamorous side, then it will likely only get worse for you. The teachers that I knew who were great teachers and in it for 5+ years are EXTREMELY passionate about what they do. I think your reasoning for going into something else aside from teaching is sound and that an admissions committee could see this as a learning/growth experience for you with explanation in your SOP. Also, I think that the teaching experience differs significantly from state to state, so my experiences may not necessarily translate.Good luck on whatever you decide.
  5. Most important college courses?

    Foreign language for 4 years. I think the US needs to catch up with the rest of the world, myself included. I only wish I would have stuck with any language for more than the bare minimum, which amounted to little more than the ability to navigate the menu at a tasty Mexican food cart. And maybe a scientific/technical writing course for science/engineering/... majors. That would sure make lab reports with partners go much smoother.

    Go for it. I am in my late 20's, poor undergard GPA and work experience that doesn't entirely commute. What helped me was getting to know and speak with potential PI. It sounds to me like you have a much better background than I did to make for a good application. Good luck!
  7. I've heard of some copy stores that will do this for you for a fee, not the box stores. I am sure there's some copy right issues there
  8. Have a dog? Please read this.

    I am so sorry. I spread the word to all the dog owners I know.
  9. It's been 4 years since I quit and I still find myself thinking about smoking when I get really stressed or anxious. I quit to prove a point to an ex, pretty dumb reason, but I guess my crazy stubbroness to not loose was what it took and I havn't had a puff since. I guess I might be trying to say that having a reason to quit that I was not willing to go back on helped me out a lot. Good luck. Also, gummy candy helped me, really just chewing on anything. Watch out for pens, I chipped 3 teeth and still catch myself chewing on them (sometimes ones i found on the ground, yuck!). Old habits die hard.
  10. This time last year - What were you doing?

    This time last year I was excited to switch to a new charter school to teach high school, but dreading the beginning of the school year (as all teachers do ). I hadn't even considered going to grad school. Little did I know that in just a couple short months I would realize that teaching is no longer for me, I wanted to go back into science, and started applying/gre studying like a crazy person to get into grad school. I am so happy I made it!
  11. My program does not start for a month and I've already moved and settled in. Once I let my PI know I was here he had me come in to meet up and just like that I have a research topic to get started on, a human use protocol to start, and I am helping a current student do some prelim. tests. So far I love my program and every one in it including my PI have been extremely helpful and welcoming. I am a little sad I am loosing some of my summer to explore the new city and surrounding area, but I am happy I have the chance to get a head start on everything. Anyone else get an early start? How's it going so far?
  12. As many as you have the time, $$, and interest in. And maybe there should be something in there about your desperation level too. I had a sub 3.0 gpa and have been out of the field for sometime. If I had to do it again I think I would apply to as many schools as I had time and $ for, maybe 15-ish. I applied to 7 schools for this fall and made it into 1 (thank god! my top choice too). Just the 7 took a lot of my time and $. I really should have put a lot more time into my app as well as contacting prof. I was at a point where I did not want to continue with my current career path at just about any cost and back to school is my best in to get back into science which is where I want to be.
  13. Health Physics

    I'll be starting my MS in Health Physics this fall. Anyone else?
  14. Should I GO for it or NOT !!

    I say go for it! IMO, I think it can be useful in science to come in with different backgrounds. Once you get your MS I think you'd be just as likely of a candidate for PhD as anyone with nothing but a Physics background. This is of course just me speculating, you should probably try contacting some of the profs at the schools you're interested in and get their take on it. I am going from Chem to Health Physics, not quite such a change though.
  15. Last day of work!!!!!