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  1. It costs about $1500 before gas cost to rent a 10' UHaul w/ trailer (ouch). Similar to ridesharing, splitting the cost saves quite a bit of money, though, the logistics would be a little difficult to plan out. Post here if you're interested in connecting with another redditor/incoming grad student. Post a comment on your move and provide the following information Moving from/to: Dates for move: If people are moving from similar areas or are along the way, it's a great way to meet someone new while saving cash. PM them or respond to their comments if you're interested. Oh! Also, remember that you should purchase a larger truck to accommodate both party's belongings. I am moving from: El Paso, TX to Hanover, NH. I am planning on moving between the dates of: Aug 11th - Aug 20th. PM if interested!
  2. Dartmouth MCB

    Nice! Sachem village was easily my favorite of the housing when I went on the tour. Plus... one of the students (and her sister) gave us freshly baked sweet breads during our tour of SV. Yummy! Oh! I don't remember if I saw you during the first recruitment weekend; did you attend the 2nd one? If so, what was it like? Did they take you guys out to steak dinner as well?
  3. Dartmouth MCB

    Nice. I remember studying everything about different antibiotics back in undergrad... made my head spin! I liked learning about how pathogens evolved to evade certain antibiotics though. Super cool. Also, I'm getting so much spam after posting my e-mail to the housing listings. Currently, I'm playing around with a scammer. Thank god for the internet: I've already read their conversations with others. I'm hoping to get them to run around after I "wire" money to them. On that note, are you still interested in renting? PM'ed you my e-mail in case you're interested.
  4. Dartmouth MCB

    Whoo hoo! Got a house; now to look for a housemate..
  5. Dartmouth MCB

    Oh! What company do you currently work for and what type of research do you do (if you can disclose)? I haven't much insight into what working for a biotech/pharmaceutical company would encompass, but you seem to love it, so I'm curious to hear your take. I interviewed with a PI at another institution who went into industry and then came back into academia. He said that he realized that he wanted to go back into academia because, although it was exciting to work in industry, he wanted to further pursue ideas whereas the company may suddenly say, "that's not viable, we'll try something else." Yes, the prices plus taxes are very high. But... so is the renting. In Sachem Village, a 2 bedroom is $1400+. Some other housing near the Hanover campus are about $800+ for 1 bedroom. The dorms are $800, but you have to share with 3 other random graduate students. Since my girlfriend will move and live with me, it limits the options a bit. Must... save... money! Which reminds me, our class should organize carpools to save on parking fees and gas. Ooh, what kind of pets do you have? We personally have a cat, some tropical fish, and some mice. Pets are so relaxing to be around... unless they're being bratty and scratching the walls viciously. !
  6. Dartmouth MCB

    PhoenixForce: I'm glad you're joining! CayBaySea: Nice! Cholera, S. aureus, and biofilms, huh? Microbiology and pathogenesis is really interesting to me as well. The only thing turning me away from it is the sheer amount of work you have to do to get published (at least, my impression). I spoke with some people in microbiology at the DOC, and they said that on average, a microbiology student will take about 6 years to graduate vs. 5 years for immunology students. Look forward to meeting y'all as well. Any idea on picking housing in the area? I'm thinking about purchasing a home (they're expensive up there!) and sharing/renting it out to fellow grad students or undergrads. Maybe is a good idea, maybe too risky. :/
  7. The Silence is Killing Me!

    I have a few schools on my list that are like that. I guess in my case, if they hadn't contacted me for interview, I assume that they've rejected me. Only yesterday, a school that had not contacted me at all let me know that I was rejected. I had already accepted into a program a few weeks ago. I'd suggest going for your fully funded Oklahoma program. The other schools may or may not even respond by this point. Even if they tell you that you're accepted, do you really want to go to a school that takes so long to notify people of acceptance or rejection?
  8. Dartmouth MCB

    Usherwood, Turk, and Gerber. (Can you tell that I'm super interested in immunology? ) What about you?
  9. Dartmouth MCB

    Hands down the professors. I clicked really well with the ones I interviewed, and I felt that since the labs are small and mostly graduate student run, I'd get very good training from the professors. Make a list of pros and cons and weigh them. My (and others') reasons most likely won't be the same as yours.
  10. Dartmouth MCB

    I went ahead and accepted for Dartmouth. NH seems like a very nice place to live. I'm excited to be going there!
  11. Dartmouth MCB

    I attended the first recruitment weekend. I am still waiting to hear back from another graduate school (hopefully today), so I haven't accepted just yet. Excited about moving to NH?
  12. Dartmouth MCB

    I know that there are at least 3 others who've been accepted from the acceptance results! Congrats and nice to meet you.
  13. 2012 Interview Dates

    Albert Einstein: Jan 12-13, Jan 26-2 Baylor COM (MCB): Mar 1-4 Baylor COM (Immunology): Feb 23-25 Brandeis University (Neuro): Feb 3, Feb 17, Mar 3 Boston University (GPN): Mar 4-6 Case Western Reserve University (BSTP): Feb 3-4, Mar 2-3 Columbia (Biological Science) March 1-3 Columbia (Integrated CMB): Jan 20-22 Columbia (Neurobiology & Behavior): Feb 8-10, Feb 29-Mar2 Columbia (Pathobiology & Molecular Medicine): Feb 3-5 Cornell (Weill): February Cornell Tri-Institutional (Weill/Cornell/Memorial Sloan Kettering) Computational Biology and Medicine: March 4-6 Dartmouth (MCB): February 16-19 and February 23-26 Dartmouth (PEMM) March 2-3 Duke (Toxicology and Environmental Health) February 2-4 February 16-18 Emory (PBEE): February 2-4 Emory (IMP): Feb 2-4, March 1-3 Emory University (neuro): Feb 9-11 or Feb 23-25 FSU (Molec. Biophysics): Feb 16-18 Georgetown (Biochem): Feb 27 Harvard (BBS): Jan 26-29 and Feb 9-12 Harvard (MCB): Feb 1st - 4th, Feb 15-18 Harvard (neuro): Jan 19-22 Harvard (BPH): Jan 26-27 Indiana University - Bloomington (Biology): Feb. 16-19 Marquette University (Biological Sciences): Feb 1 MIT (Biology): Feb 11-14, Feb. 25-28, Mar 10-13 MIT (CSBi): Feb 9-11, Feb 16-19 Mount Sinai (Biomedical Sciences PhD): Jan 9-10, Jan 17-18, Jan 24-25 or Feb 13-14 MSU: Jan 5-8 MSU (Zoology): Feb 2-3 Northwestern (IBiS): Feb 13-14 or Feb 27-18 Northwestern (Neuro: NUIN): Jan 19-20, Feb 2-3, Feb 23-24 NYU Sackler: Jan 19-20, Jan 26-27, Feb 9-10 Ohio State University (IBGP): Feb. 9-11, Mar 20-21 Ohio State University (Neuro): Jan 18-20 OHSU: Feb 1-4 OHSU (neuro) feb 5th- 7th Princeton (neuro): Feb 16-18 Princeton (EEB): February 8-10 Rockefeller: March 1-2 and 8-9 Scripps Research Institute-CA campus: Feb 24-25, Mar 2-3 Sloan Kettering: 1/17-1/19 Stanford (SCBRM) feb 29th - mar 3rd Stanford (Biology) feb 29th - mar 3rd Thomas Jefferson (neuro): Jan 26-27 Tufts-Sackler (Integrated Studies): Jan 27 Tufts-Sackler (Genetics and ISP) Feb 10th Tufts-Sackler (Molecular Microbiology) Feb 2-3 Tufts-Sackler (Neuroscience) Feb 17th USUHS: Feb 27 UAB (BMS): Jan 19-21 University of Arizona (Medical Pharmacology): Feb 9-12 University of Arizona (Physiological Sciences) Feb 16-17 University of Cambridge (UK): Jan 18th-20th University of Chicago (BSG): Feb 23-25 University of Chicago (Molecular Biosciences): Feb 16-18 University of Chicago (CEB): Feb 15-19 University of Colorado Denver/National Jewish Health (Immunology): January 26-29 UC Berkeley (Biophysics): Feb 14-16 UC Berkeley (MCB): Feb 5-7, Feb 26-28 UC Berkeley (MBN): Jan 26-27 UC Davis (BMCDB): Mar 1-2, Mar 5 UC Davis (GGG): Feb 16-17 UC Davis (MCIP): March 2-3 UC Davis (neuro): Feb 9-10 UC Irvine (CMB):Jan 26-28,Feb 2-4 UCLA ACCESS: Jan 28-30, Feb 11-13, Feb 25-27 UCLA ACCESS (Molecular and Medical Pharmacology): Dec 22 UC Riverside: Feb 24 UC San Diego (Biomedical Sciences): Feb 9-12 UCSD Biological Sciences: Feb 1-2, Feb 22-23 UCSD (Bioinformatics and Systems Biology): March 1-3 UCSF BMS: Jan 26-28 OR February 9-11 UCSF iPQB: Feb 9-11 UCSF iPQB (Bioinformatics): Feb 16-18 UCSF Tetrad: Feb 2-3 OR Feb 24-25 UC Santa Barbara MCDB: Feb 23-25 or Mar 1-3 UChicago (neuro): Feb 10 or Feb 13 (but travel times drag it out several days before and/or after) U Colorado - Denver (BSP): Feb 2-5, Feb 9-12 U Illinois Urbana-Champ (neuro) - Feb 16-19 U Iowa (Micro): Feb 23-26 U Iowa (Neuro) - Jan 26-28 U Kentucky (IBS)- Jan 12-13, Jan 26-27 UMASS Worcester: Feb 2-4 and Feb 16-18 U Maryland - Baltimore - Feb 3 U Miami (RSMAS): Feb 3-4 U Mich (PIBS): Jan 27-28 (Cancer Bio), Feb 3-4 (general) U Mich (EEB): Feb 16-18 U Minnesota (MICaB): Feb 9-12 or 16-19 U Minnesota (neuro): Feb 23-26 UNC Chapel Hill (BBSP): Feb 2-4, Jan 26-28, Feb 9-11, Feb 23-25 UPenn (Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics): Jan 19-21, Feb 9-11 UPenn (CAMB): Jan 12-14 UPenn (neuro): Jan 20, Feb 10 UPitt (IBGP): Jan 20-22 URochester (BMB): Feb 3-4, March 2-3(environmental medecine) Feb 2-4 University of South Carolina (Biomedical Sciences) Feb 6-7 USC/Univ of Southern California (MEB) Feb 26-28 UT Austin (CMB): Jan 26-28, Feb 16-18 UT Austin (MSI): Feb 10-11 UVa (BIMS): Jan 12-14 or Feb 2-4 UVA (Biology): Feb 23-25 UW-Seattle (Biology): Jan 13 or Jan 20 UW-Seattle (MCB): Jan 25-27,Feb 8-10 UW-Seattle (GS): Feb12-14, Feb 26-28 UW-Seattle (Neuro): Jan 24-25 U Wisconsin - Madison (Biophysics): Mar 1-3 U Wisconsin - Madison (CMP) : Feb 27th, March 5th Vanderbilt (IGP): Jan 12-14, many others (just got back from the 1st weekend, they said there would be 8-9 other weekends) Virginia Commonwealth University (Biomedical Sciences Doctoral Portal): Feb 3rd or Feb 17th, Feb 24 or Mar 2 Washington University in St Louis (DBBS-MCB): March 1-3 Washington University in St Louis (neuro): Jan 27-28, Feb 3-4 Yale (B.B.S.): Feb 2-5, Feb 9-12
  14. Business Casual for interview attire?

    In the instructions for an interview last month, they wrote, "The event is casual in nature so comfortable clothing is preferred – no business suits needed." I wore a business suit (possibly the only one, I think). I was accepted a few days ago. I think that dressing up isn't a detriment... unless, of course, you wear a tuxedo or something.