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    JKBFSS reacted to raise cain in On a scale of one to ten, how much should I be freaking out?   
    Stress till you can't stress no more, 
    & if you cry, stress & stress some more...
    A la la la la long, a la la la la long long li long long long
    ooh yeah
    A la la la la long, a la la la la long long li long long long
    one more time
    A la la la la long, a la la la la long long li long long long
    sing it
    A la la la la long, a la la la la long long li long long long
    (sorry couldn't help myself)   
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    JKBFSS reacted to Tuck in Negotiating offers to increase funding   
    To lie to them about other offers would be very unethical.
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    JKBFSS reacted to ShiningInShadows in How often do applicants get rejected after an interview?   
    "How often do applicants get rejected after an interview?"
    Very often. Consider the following simple formula:
    1 - (# of positions available / # of interviewees) = Percent that aren't getting accepted.
    Assume all things being equal, this is the probability you won't get in during the first round of selections following an interview.
    Of course,  all things are not equal, but it gets the point across, right?
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    JKBFSS reacted to hesadork in Queer Criminology   
    JKBFSS, take a hard look at the PhD in Criminal Justice offered through the CUNY Grad Center/John Jay.  You can matriculate to the CJ doctoral program and then declare an interdisciplinary concentration in Les/Gay/Queer Studies.  And at least one of the faculty at JJ is doing work at the nexus of CJ and queer identity.
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    JKBFSS reacted to Wicked_Problem in Queer Criminology   
    PM'd ya!
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    JKBFSS reacted to teaganc in TAX REVOLT TEA PARTIES on April 15th, 2009   
    I plan to show up with a sign that says, "I want federal student loans and low tuition for public universities subsidized by the state, but refuse to pay taxes to fund these services!"
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    JKBFSS reacted to TulipOHare in TAX REVOLT TEA PARTIES on April 15th, 2009   
    These are sponsored by the American Family Association: http://www.afa.net/

    Judge for yourself if that's a "special interest group" you'd like to get behind.
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    JKBFSS reacted to 2bphd in Coming Out Gay   
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    JKBFSS reacted to ANDS! in Going for PhD/homophobia in grad school   
    If you say so. This thread has already derailed enough, no way am I taking this flame bait; least of all your ludicrous chicken sandwich ipso facto argument. . .

    Thank goodness there are people who can actually do math in this world who dismiss such outlandish comments without actually doing some research first (population the competition is drawing from, historical proportion of men to women in the field of interest - yanno, the pesky stuff).

    If it turns out that this is a significant difference, then yes you can dance a jig at the gender bias (something tells me you haven't done that).

    Two people find that comment disgusting (and not simply churlish or immature): you (gee I wonder why) and the tightwad it was directed to. Good game.

    Sorry, I was merely addressing personal snark with personal snark. Feel free to continue thread combing for posts to Rep-Bomb. It's a hoot.
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    JKBFSS reacted to TakeruK in Going for PhD/homophobia in grad school   
    I know you qualified this by saying that what happened was still not right, and I agree that there's a difference between ignorance/rudeness and flat out discrimination. But I think the rule of "impact not intent" is important. When it comes to harassment, one should consider the impact of one's words, not the intent. Particularly, ignorance/rudeness can enable prejudiced people to think their worldview is correct/supported by others.

    For example, in a group of coworkers, perhaps someone who doesn't consider themself homophobic or hateful towards gays might make a "gays are fruits" joke. But they don't really mean it in a hateful way, so it's okay? Everyone else in the group thinks the same thing, and laughs along, it's just a joke! But maybe one or more people in the group actually do feel hateful towards gays, and to them it's not just a joke. That person sees the conversation as affirmation from their coworkers that their worldview is correct and accepted by society.

    So, like you said, just because the comment might not have intended to be harmful, it can still cause harmful effects. I just wanted to illustrate the point a bit further
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    JKBFSS reacted to ANDS! in Going for PhD/homophobia in grad school   
    At this point since there is no context or a full quote of what was said, and there being little information about the OP and their cohort itself - I'm agreeing with the above: An innocuous statement that is more a reflection of rudeness/tone-deafness than anything else. Could it be more than that; possibly - but not really able to tell beyond "A member of my department called gays 'fruits'."
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    JKBFSS reacted to hypothesizer in Inflating one's diversity to enter Stanford, anyone did that?   
    @kkk: I would not be convinced that one should automatically respect another for struggling with disadvantages. respect commanded is respect deserved.

    I still stand by my point that any attempt to elicit a statement from me in defense of my diversity is inane, because diversity is illdefined.
    I have proposed two different measures of diversity, let me know if there is an obvious winner between those two.
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    JKBFSS reacted to runaway in Inflating one's diversity to enter Stanford, anyone did that?   
    So because these movies exist that automatically makes that okay? I personally find these movies disgusting, both misogynistic and transphobic. They feed into the aspects of society that allow gender-based violence and rape culture to exist. If you think that argument was going to make me come to some glorious epiphany, you're sadly mistaken.

    If you're part of a minority, then why post this topic to begin with? You'll notice that the prompt for these diversity essays is incredibly broad. Nowhere does it say 'brownie points if you're queer!!' Nor are they pitting us in some oppression olympics. It's a chance for us think critically about our privileges and disadvantages, not to prove the hand we got dealt was the hardest.
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    JKBFSS reacted to hypothesizer in Inflating one's diversity to enter Stanford, anyone did that?   
    I agree that lying to gain admission would be an assholistic(assholish?) thing to do but their is nothing special in lying about being a queer. Every day women are assualted or killed, become homeless and are discriminated against because of their gender yet we have many a movies about this same idea where the protagonist fakes their gender for their goal. I have nothing against any minority (I am part of one) but irrational sympathizing makes me puke.
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