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Found 62 results

  1. Why UChicago has so many students that are wait listed in their PhD program?
  2. Hey everyone. I've recently been accepted into NYU Hagop Kevorkian Center, the University of Chicago, and the University of Texas at Austin as a master's student for the upcoming fall. I'm interested in studying the modern Middle East, and I hope to pursue a PhD after my master's. Professionally, I would like to go into advising on or developing US foreign policy with a focus on the Middle East (Perhaps a job in the White House or in a political think tank in DC). That being said, I have not completely ruled out the possibility of teaching in the future as well. Bearing all this in mind, I would like opinions from other people who are similarly in my position, who are currently studying at these schools, or even alumni, anyone who might be able to shed some light on my situation and give helpful advice, as I am torn between the aforementioned schools. I will also say that at the moment, it seems that UT Austin is the most financially feasible so far (lowest tuition, but I haven't heard if I will receive an TA position yet - I should find out in the next couple of weeks). Any thoughts/opinions on which school I should attend? Thank you all in advance.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm an international student (UK) at Oxford, I've just been accepted onto the two programmes I applied for, EAS at Yale and MAPSS at Chicago. I've only been to Chicago briefly, it seemed really cool, but from what I've seen it seems like the course is better at Yale. The only problem is I've been offered a 2k scholarship from Yale vs. a 40k scholarship from Chicago. I'm really praying they will offer me more funding at Yale, although my course director says this is unlikely (maybe because I'm an international student?). Does anyone have any thoughts about the two campuses? Chicago seems like it has more going on, but I might be wrong? Any advice greatly appreciated! Best Regards, Alex
  4. Anyone else applying to Divinity at Chicago this application season? If so, how's your application coming along? Also to others not applying but have in the past, any word on funding? Everyone knows tuition is impossibly high and that funding is not very hopeful, but if you have or anyone who has received funding, have any idea on why they might have been awarded it? I'd be grateful for any info you might have. As for me, I'm an A.M. applicant with a background in Religious Studies.
  5. Did anyone attend the Admitted Student Day? What was your impression?
  6. Dear all, Mille pardons if this topic appears more absurd than it should to seasoned Gradcafe members, but I would appreciate your advice on this matter. I am from Britain, and interested in Victorian literature (the George Eliot - Robert Browning - John Ruskin variety). I have have secured admission to the PhD in English at Rutgers (full funding with TA), as well to the Chicago MAPH program (half-funding). Judging by the MAPH-related posts on this forum, I guess it is somewhat silly of me to even pose the question, but I would like to make another bid for the Ivies / top 10 as it is the matter of a lifetime (completely obsessive and irrational, I know, but who doesn't?), and Chicago seems to offer a second chance. Rutgers is great as far as 'fit' is concerned, but so is Chicago, which along with Johns Hopkins was my top choice. The MAPH program with its emphasis on literature and philosophy is really looking attractive to me. Further, its focus on creative writing (the pathway I hope to take, should I get in) does seem a great way to refine my interests and produce a better writing sample, as my current writing sample was rather staid and stolid, and based on a contemporary British 'neo-Victorianist' writer who isn't really studied in the US. I would really like to reapply with a better sample, along with better grades and more background in foreign languages (ah, if wishes were horses...). Trouble is, I need to take a considerable amount of debt for Chicago, and would probably have to begin repaying the loan in six months after I graduate. My being an international student does not make things any easier. In this scenario, do you think it is feasible for me to try for Chicago? and current MAPH students/alumni, do you think the program helps students with placement opportunities that will help somewhat in repaying the loan as they prepare to reapply (though of course there is no guarantee of these matters)? I have been through the relevant program webpages and forums, but would really appreciate your feedback as I know next to nothing about how these things really work, best, M & S
  7. Hi guys. I have been admitted to two Master's programs and would appreciate any advice you may have to offer. The first is Chicago's one-year MAPH program and the second is Villanova's two-year MA in English. Chicago cannot offer any funding, however, while Villanova is offering a Tuition Fellowship (though no stipend). Part of my thinks it would be insane to turn down the opportunity to study at Chicago for a year and have access to top-ten faculty and resources, even if it means going into considerable debt for tuition/living expenses. That same part of me justifies it by pointing out that I would have a year after the MAPH to work, apply to English Ph.D. programs and defer those loans. On the other hand, it would seem fiscally much more responsible to go to Villanova. While I would need to work part time to defray living expenses, I would not be accumulating debt. I really like the faculty and structure of the program, but I don't yet know what kind of placement record the MA generates as far as Ph.D. applications go (working on that). Does anyone here have experience with the program? I would love to PM/email on the subject. Anyone else facing (or faced) a similar dilemma? There are other considerations (I know many people in Chicago and almost no one in Philadelphia, for example), but I'm mainly concerned with the prestige vs. payoff problem. Muchas gracias for any advice!
  8. Anyone else attending Harris (MPP) this Fall ? For those who haven’t made up their mind, here are a few links that helped me make a decision Fall 2010 MaPP Videos: http://harrisschool.uchicago.edu/students/new-students/onthemapp.asp Current Harris Student on Gradcafe: http://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/20187-current-harris-student/
  9. Hello all, I need your help! I am an applicant to Master's programs in Middle East Studies. I have been accepted to my top 3 programs - Georgetown's Master's in Arab Studies (MAAS), Harvard's Center for Middle East Studies (Harvard CMES), and the University of Chicago's Center for Middle East Studies (Chicago CMES). In addition, I am currently waiting on the second round decision for a Fulbright full grant to Jordan. My research interests lie mostly in modern Middle Eastern politics. The majority of my undergraduate work has centered on Syria and Lebanon in particular. I am in my fourth year of college level Arabic study, and have traveled extensively in the region. I anticipate pursuing a career in government (foreign service, intelligence, etc.), but academia remains an option. The various offers look like this: Harvard: No funding. Will not allow deferral for Fulbright. Deadline (04/16). University of Chicago: 1/2 tuition funding. No deferral. Deadline (05/01). Georgetown: Waitlisted for a tuition scholarship. Likely deferrable. No information on deadline yet. Fulbright: No decision yet. However, my university has an excellent track record with the program, and the primary advisor seems to think that my chances are good. Will hear back anywhere from late April to mid May. Note that I need to decide which university I am attending before I hear about Fulbright. Here's the rub: I need to decide between these three programs. Georgetown has a net benefit over Harvard and UChicago in that it would likely allow for deferral if I received a Fulbright. The extra year would allow me time to apply for external sources of funding. Since I am on the waitlist for a tuition scholarship, there is some chance of funding right now. UChicago is clearly the best option if I'm looking to avoid debt. According to the website, second years in the program frequently receive full tuition funding. My impression is that UChicago's program is not geared towards the modern Middle East, but instead to the ancient Near East. Harvard is my first choice, but is accompanied by serious disadvantages. First, if I accepted their offer (on their rather early deadline), I would have to turn down Fulbright if I got it. Second, since they do not fund A.M. students, I would need to go into >50k dollars in debt to attend the program in the first year. With this said, it is a top notch program, and its branding may be important in the long run. This is especially true in the Middle East, where Harvard has made an excellent name for itself. Finally, Fulbright is very important to me. In this field, experience and language proficiency is critical. My grant would give me an opportunity to accelerate my language ability while making connections in the region. In other words, I would be heartbroken if I received the grant and was obligated to decline it. Summary: What would you do if you were in my position? Would you take Harvard, forgetting about the Fulbright and going into debt? Or Georgetown, hoping for the Fulbright and funding, but missing out on Harvard? Or finally, would you "follow the money" to UChicago, passing up on Harvard and Fulbright? Thank you all in advance for your opinions!
  10. Got accepted to both. I think i prefer georgtown. What do you think? Also if you can comment about life in Chicago/DC
  11. The title says it all. I've applied to University of Chicago's M.Div program (as well as several others) and their application asked about my race, gender, and religious affiliation. I am female, Native American, and Muslim. I would guess that this combination is rather rare- how much do you think this will affect my application? GPA 3.8 at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (BFA in drawing, painting and printmaking, double minor in theology and writing)
  12. I just checked on my University of Chicago app, which I submitted at the last minute possible last night, and I couldn't help but notice that there is a note on the application - the lowercase 'f.' In the world of education, seeing the letter F generally doesn't make one feel warm and fuzzy. Hoping someone out there might have some idea or explanation for said note...
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