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Found 34 results

  1. Choosing between a Bio PhD program at Northeastern and a BME PhD program at RPI. Both fully funded with professors of interest, but I'm torn between what might be a more reputable school (RPI) further out of the way and further out of my comfort zone (coming from Boston College) and a school with more connections (NEU) but a less reputable program. I hope to specialize in regenerative medicine and eventually go into industry working in R & D or a biotech startup. My gut tells me NEU, but I also realize I'm heavily biased toward the familiarity of Boston. Freaking out a bit sonce decision time is only days away! Any thoughts?
  2. Hey, I have struggled on this for around one month - which Ph.D. program I should attend. I am admitted to both EE at Columbia and BME at Yale. Both of the program focusing on the neural signal processing. The Columbia one is more "circuit heavy" which focusing on the circuit design for neural stimulation and acquisition. The Yale one is more traditional - brain mapping and neuroimaging, which would more focus on signal processing and actual understanding of the neural pathway. Both projects have parts that I love and parts I don't love - most likely half and half: I love the idea of neural stimulation and acquisition through circuit but I would like to spend my Ph.D. in understanding the neural pathway behind it. I know Yale's engineering program is not that good but I do not know what is the situation actually (how bad/good) looks like compared to Columbia. I would appreciate any advice/suggestion/comment. Any of those would be really helpful for me :-)
  3. Choosing between a Bio PhD program at Northeastern and a BME PhD program at RPI. Both fully funded with professors of interest, but I'm torn between what might be a more reputable school (RPI) further out of the way and further out of my comfort zone (coming from Boston College) and a school with more connections (NEU) but a less reputable program. I hope to specialize in regenerative medicine and eventually go into industry working in R & D or a biotech startup. My gut tells me NEU, but I also realize I'm heavily biased toward the familiarity of Boston. Freaking out a bit sonce decision time is only days away! Any thoughts?
  4. I have graduated from one of the top 5 university of UK institution with not so good GPA (Lower Second which would converts to 3.00~3.20/4.00). Then I graduated Master’s degree from top university of my home country (in eastern Asia). Here, I have published one paper as 1st author (~13 IF) and two paper as 2nd and 4th author and also, I have published two patents. After that, I have been working as a research associate for 3 years in one of the diagnostic company in my country. (This was an alternative option for compulsory military service). I have applied for PhD degree in BME/Bioengineering/Chemical and biological engineering for fall 2017 to top tier engineering universities. So far, I have been rejected from 6 institutions out of 20 and have not heard anything from other institutions at all. Since it is already mid- Feb, I am worried that I would be rejected from all the universities. Last week, I received a rejection letter for PhD and offered for MA degree in Chemical and biological engineering from Johns Hopkins University. They say there is no funding opportunity in 1st year but there might be some in 2nd year. I have heard lot of opinion that this is no better than cold rejection and they give out these offers to gather cash to fund their PhD. But now I am considering this offer seriously since it’s all I have so far but the problem is I have already earned MA and I am 29 this year… If I don’t get PhD offer, I am going to re-apply next year and I am considering following two options to do so. I would like to ask other’s opinion which would be more realistic. 1) Diagnostic Company, which I am currently working, have US branch in New Jersey. I have asked the CEO that whether I could be transferred to this branch and he said it might be possible (not sure whether this would be a research position but it is likely). My plan is to move to US branch and see if I can find a lab at nearby university (Upenn, Penn state, Columbia Etc..) which I could conduct research during weekends. I guess this would better my chances for next year’s PhD application to those universities (would it?) or at least I could get some recommendation letter from US professor. But I am not so sure whether Professors would allow total stranger to work in their lab. Back in my country, this is often possible but I have no idea on US institution’s customs. If this is possible and if it indeed better my chances for PhD admission, I guess this option is better than the second since I do not have to worry about living costs and tuition fee. 2) Second option is accepting JHU’s offer. Since I am international student, the tuition cost is huge burden, not to mention that two extra year at my age. If I accept this offer, I would be able to make some connections with professor at JHU. Would there be a chance for me to transfer of re-apply for PhD after a year (to JHU + other universities) and if so, would this increase my chance of getting PhD admission than the first option? I heard lot of rumor that accepting this type of offer would stigmatize you as a student who are not eligible for PhD admission. Is this true?? No-response (14) Cornell, Upenn, Chicago, Boston, Rice, Yale, Columbia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Perdue, Brown, UCLA, Northwestern, Duke Rejected (5) UC berkeley, Stanford, UCSD, Washington,Illinois - Urbana Offered MA(1) Johns Hopkins
  5. Undergrad Institution: A University of California Major(s): Bioengineering / Biomedical Engineering Minor(s): Electrical Engineering and Political Science GPA in Major: 2.60 Overall GPA: 2.54 Length of Degree: 4 years Type of Student: Domestic, Black male. Degrees Applying for: MS in EE (where research interests align) or MS in BioE/BME GRE Scores: Not taken yet Research Experience: Undergraduate Researcher in Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering Lab. I worked on two projects here, one of them analyzing ketamine as an anti-depressant (effectiveness and side-effects) and the other is real time "mind reading" through miniature microscopic imaging and mathematic computation. Two tentative authorships should come out of this. 2 presentations. 15 hrs/week. Took a lot of personal ownership on the projects I had, and felt genuinely very interested in learning more about the more electrical engineering side of this field (Signal Processing, Neuroengineering, and MEMS). By the time applications are in, I will be in this lab for 1.5 years. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Academic scholarships UROP Grants 3 Dean's Lists. Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Senior Design Project: Will be related to Microfluidic Health Diagnostic Devices or Embedded Drug Delivery Device. Internship at major medical device and pharmaceutical company. Any Miscellaneous Information that Might Help: Campaigned for and established a food pantry on campus to fight food insecurity. It secured funding for next 10 years. The project started at the end of freshman year, and I will be seeing it through to the end. Have tutored STEM concepts and been a part of many efforts to recruit African-descent, Latino, and women into STEM. (summer camps, tutoring, volunteering, mentoring, etc.) Difficult life circumstances -- had to work 35 hrs/wk. Many family deaths (6+), increased responsibilities at home (tutoring, cooking, picking up brother), and more I'd rather not get into. Because of this, I have a huge upward trend in my more recent grades, and I hope to do well with the 3 remaining quarters before application season ends. I am here to ask two questions: I have two letters of recc in mind already -- one from the PI of my lab and one from a professor I took an upper division class with. The upper division class relied heavily on class I'd done poorly in. The class and research the professor conducts are related to my research interests, and I got an excellent grade in it. For my last one, I could ask the dean of my school, since we've worked together before multiple times doing recruitment, retention, and other events, and he knows me in a professional (but not academic) capacity. The reason I am a little hesitant is that I don't think he knows me as well as the PI for my lab and the upper div professor who's class I did well in. I can also ask my manager for the internship, but again, he only knows me in a professional capacity. Should I try to make a good impression with the 6 more biomedical engineering professors whose classes I will take, and ask one of them? Who should I ask for my third letter of rec? I know my numbers don't stack up against the average applicant. What are some EE MS programs I should be looking at, considering my stats? I want to study EE so I get more classes about signal processing and computation so I could study BCI's, signal processing, and neuro-engineering with a more solid base in coding and data structures. I have a few programs in mind, but I truly don't think I will stack up against the competition with the average applicants at those, honestly. Thanks for your help, and I appreciate the honesty and advice.
  6. Hey guys, I have been admitted to my two top BME programs so far: MEng at Duke University (cost is ~40k for 18 months) M.S. at UC Davis with funding and stipend (24 months) I'm about 99% sure I don't want to get a PhD so I plan on going into the industry right away. I have done quite a bit of research but don't want to conduct research long-term (I'd rather go into management/consulting). My dilemma is that Duke is a much higher ranked school in terms of their BME program than UC Davis (4th vs 22nd). I'm not sure if this includes the MEng program since it is run by Duke Graduate School rather than the Pratt School of Engineering. On the other hand, UC Davis is very well connected with biomed companies on the west coast as well as it would be funded. I was hoping you guys could weigh in on this decision in helping me determine which one would be a better choice long-term for a job in the industry. What are your thoughts/recommendations? Thanks!
  7. Hi guys, I am an undergrad going to my final year at a top Canadian school, with a major in BME. I am thinking of apply for BME/Bioengineering Masters program in US (F2013). Here are my stats: - cGPA: 3.82/4.00 - GRE: V680, Q800, W3.0 - Have 3 years of biomedical related research experience (tho in different fields: regenerative medicine, medical devices) - Have one year internship at MIT/Harvard research lab - Have 2 minor co-authorship papers (in progess; may not be able to be published by the time I apply) - Have some awards and went some conferences (not too big tho) I am thinking of top BME masters program, such as Stanford, UCB/UCSF, UCSD, Columbia, JHU, Harvard, etc. I think my stats are not really stand out for them. Do you guys have any quick suggestions to build up my profile? Should I contact POI before apply or try to attend more conference?!? (I heard it is harder to get in a Master program than a PhD program for BME... is that true? Thanks a lot!!!
  8. I got an invitation to the grad student visiting weekend at the UCB/UCSF joint bioengineering program a fewwww weeks ago (hooray!) but since the weekend's coming up in a few weeks. I've heard all sorts of things about interview weekends and recruiting weekends, from "you're in!" to "it's a gladiatorial deathmatch, complete with tigers." And I'm allergic to cats. Does anyone here (especially people familiar with UCB program :<) have any advice, insight, or otherwise helpful things to add?
  9. Hey guys, this is my first time posting here at thegradcafe and I am in dire need of advice. I currently attend UC San Diego and am in my 4th and final year in the Bioengineering: Bioengineering program but my cumulative GPA is seriously lacking at around a 2.9-3.0. My GRE scores are not finalized yet since I took the new GRE but the ranges for my scores were Q:750-800, V: 600-700. Should I even be considering graduate school, and if so, what sort of recommendations do you guys have for schools that I should be aiming for. The only thing I may have going for me is my research experience and letters of recommendation. I have been working actively for more than a year now at the UCSD Microhemodynamics Lab although I have not been part of any publications. In terms of letters, I have 2 very strong letters and 1 average letter from different faculty members of the Bioengineering Department. Do you guys think I should be reconsidering my goals? Should I maybe try and apply next year instead for Fall 2013 after trying my best to increase my GPA? Or do you guys think I should start considering going straight into industry? Are the schools in the top 20 completely out of reach for me realistically? I know I shouldn't give up hope, but I am in serious need of some advice. Thanks for your time!
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