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Found 54 results

  1. How do you choose between schools when you're a good fit at both but in different ways, one is a smidgen more name-brand-y, the other seems a smidgen more collegial, one has a lot of top-notch university resources for professionalization, the other where the department itself seems to have more focus on professionalization, one that has well-known recommenders while the other has (apparently) more involved mentors, one that has no core courses because you're free to build your degree, while the other has core courses that help you better get a handle on disciplinary conventions, one that's located in boring city that's close to a bunch of cool cities and the other which is located in a small college town? Helppppppp
  2. Hey yall! So I got good news for my MFA poetry applications-- I'm a Berkeley local and applied to SFSU's MFA program as well as CCA's MFA and got into both! I am having a lot of trouble figuring out what I should do. I'd appreciate as much advice as possible! Right now I'm thinking about these things: SFSU: is a LOT cheaper, and I'm getting a scholarship for the first semester; amazing staff; offers teaching certification included with degree; is located kind of far away so commuting will be a pain depending on how many days a week I am actually on campus [tuition is approx 7k per year] CCA: private art school; offering me a more prestigious array of scholarships even though it will still end up more expensive than SFSU; no teaching certification; amazing campus, but i'll be surrounded by people who are mostly willing or able to dive into an insanely high tuition and idk how comfortable id feel being in that environment as a low income person of color [tuition is approx 40k per year, but i would basically be receiving 70% of my tuition covered] I've also been traveling all month for academic events and its made it super hard to organize the pros and cons of each. Basically floundering a little!!! Thank you in advance <3
  3. Hi, I recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration this past June 2016 and am considering a career in Speech Pathology after finding out more about it by my sister in law who is a SLPA. It is something I am seriously considering but there are also limitations because I do not know where to start. I live in Orange County and would be commuting to school so the only schools that interested me were Cal State LA, Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Dominguez Hills. I know Chapman would be way too expensive since it is a private school. I just do not know which route to take since it there is an overload of information. I just finished applying to CSULA and CSUF for Fall 2017. I am looking to volunteer next year with something speech related but just need advice on what the best route to take is. Thanks
  4. I recently got waitlisted into the graduate program of my dreams. I know being waitlisted is not good nor bad. In the words of my counselor, "It is easier to reject someone than it is to waitlist someone." Idk what I should do for the time being. I feel like I am hanging by the edge of a cliff until I hear back from the admissions committee. In the mean time, I thought about retaking my GRE (I barely met the required scores to apply) and reapplying in the fall as well as to other programs (SDSU and USD). I figured that if I posted this it will somehow calm my nerves down or talk to others who are also in purgatory like me. To those who applied to Chapman's MFT program, have any of you gotten out of the waitlist and accepted into the program? Also, is there anything else I can do or do I just wait and see if someone rejects the school's offer? Also, any advice for someone who's riding on a rollercoaster full of anxiety?
  5. 7.3 CG from Manipal institute of tech 170+148 in GRE 115 in TOEFL research proj at IIT 6 month internship with Juniper Networks 3 very strong LoRs (iit prof, juniper(influential), college(hod)) NO PAPERS but all research and work ex in the same field of study I want to apply to 1 SAFE and 1 MODERATE-AMBITIOUS uni in California. Any suggestions?
  6. I'm surprised that people haven't talked about the political leanings and "vibe" of different schools and media establishments. I want to stay in the Bay Area, and Berkeley and Stanford seem to be the only two MJourn programs here. Berkeley has a strong social justice vibe. Over the years, I've learned that progressive schools and publications do not want to hear what I say, despite the fact that I'm a marginalized minority as well. My impressions of Stanford is that they have more of Silicon Valley's social enterprise culture. Still liberal, but less activist than Berkeley's. Would Stanford be more receptive to me? Is Stanford more "stuck up" in a different way than Berkeley? Which school would be more receptive to someone whose stories are new and different from what's already broadcast in the media? Are these two schools feeder schools for the major liberal news media like NYT, Al Jazeera, NPR, etc? Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. Hello, My name is Greg and I'm currently an undergrad at UC Irvine working towards a BA in Psychology and Social Behavior. I'm an older student, 33 years old and am taking my life in a new direction, inspired by numerous things to do so including that I'm a recovering alcoholic. I'm also going to school at a community college that I transferred from working on a second AA in an Alcohol and Drug Studies program so that I can work as a counselor part time while going to school, and to gain experience. Mental health and substance abuse are the areas that most interest me and I wish to devote a good portion of my work in the future in those arenas. So that's a little about me and where I am at now, and I could really use some advice, and just some input on my options for the future and how to best be prepared for it. I'm looking at schools in the Los Angeles/Orange County area where I can pursue a graduate degree, and hopefully for as low a cost as possible. I'm having a hard time settling on what go for in grad school be it a MSW, a PsyD or maybe a PhD. I have no interest in teaching, and I don't have much experience with research yet but it doesn't sound like something I want to spend any more time doing than I need to. I will of course research and participate in continuing my education in the future as is needed or for personal interest, but I don't want a career based around it. The only reason I'm considering a PhD is that UCs are great schools and lower in cost, offer assistance and sometimes a stipend. A PsyD is probably more down my alley, but the only schools that offer those degrees are private and tend to be very costly. Psychology as a subject to study overall has been soo interesting and I love the subject matter, and learning about how to conduct therapy based on various theories and methods is very intriguing to me. So my concern is that I may miss out on some of this if I go for the MSW. The MSW is offered at more schools that are low cost, like UCs and CSUs, however it's a slightly different set of skills from what I understand. What I like about the MSW is flexibility in what I can do with it, and that I could work in private practice or a clinical setting as soon as I'm licensed or in California what is known as an LCSW. Originally I was looking at LMFT because I had worked with them at a treatment center I worked at, I really liked the work they did, however I understand that LCSWs are hired for the same thing as being a therapist for clients. I have no interest in working with couples, it's not why I'm doing all this and it just doesn't really illicit a sense of purpose for me. So, I like the MSW option, the flexibility, possibly lower cost, and slightly higher incomes that are reported with that degree. About incomes, this isn't all about money for me at all, however since I'm an older person who is basically just starting working where I'm earning any kind of substantial income for the first time in his life, I wont have as much time to accrue retirement savings etc that I would have had if I had gotten sober at say 22 years old. So I know that as a licensed psychologist I could make a pretty substantial income in my area of California, and this would put me back into the focus of my education being in psychology. I'm wondering how hard it is to get into a public grad school in my area for a clinical psychology PsyD or PhD, just what is really expected? It's one thing what they put on the website for requirements, it's another what a competitive applicant who gets accepted has going on. Same for the MSW programs, I need to know what I should be doing to be an optimal applicant for these schools so that I can get in. I'd like to be prepared so that I could apply to at least PsyD and MSW programs so that I have as many options at the end as possible. Are there any private grad schools I should be looking at that you recommend which are affordable for PsyD programs ? I've got my eye on a few including Alliant What do you guys know about the MSW programs at UCLA, CSULB, CSUF, CSULA or PhD programs in clinical psychology at UCLA, UCR, or maybe schools I have not mentioned ? What do you think you would pursue, the MSW or the PsyD, would you go for a PhD ? I know this one really is up to the individual and we are all different, but just want your opinions on the career outlook and just your thoughts in general about what you consider the best option. Thank you !
  8. Hey Everyone! So I finally chose a clinical program & I am excited for the next part of my learning, But now what? I would love any insight whether it has to do with clinical psychology grad programs or grad school in general. Im so pumped and hoping some insight will put me in a great position to start the semester.
  9. Hi everybody. I am a domestic student for master's degree in mechanical engineering at University of California, Irvine starting next fall. There is a Nonresident Supplemental Tuition that every nonresidents of the State of California should pay. I know that I am not currently a California resident. I wonder is there any possibility that after I would become a resident of California they would return this Tuition to me? I know that for some states it is possible but I am not sure about California. I searched the University's website but I did not find anything. Please share with me if you are aware of that. I would really appreciate it.
  10. I was accepted to Cal State Fullerton and UNLV, and I am trying to decide between which school to choose. The cost of living in Fullerton is SO expensive compared to my current home in central Illinois. It's the only thing holding me back from choosing Cal State Fullerton. How do grad students in California afford the cost of living? Rent alone is outrageous. Help!
  11. Hi everyone, I wanted to know who applied to CSU's & what major in relation to psychology. I applied to CSULB, CSUN, Pepperdine, Cal Lutheran, CSUSB, & CSUF. If you want to know my results, message me
  12. Hi Everyone, So I got acceptances from both USC and UCSD for my terminal MSEE, specializing in signal and image processing, and I am having a tough time making this choice. 1. EDUCATION QUALITY: Both schools seem to be about equal in terms of the quality of the education so far as I can tell from other people and ratings and whatnot. 2. TUITION: USC is about $40000 more in total than UCSD, which makes it seem like a no brainer for UCSD. HOWEVER, I am wondering what is the possibility of being able to get involved as a GSR (Graduate Student Researcher) or TA (Teaching Assistant) at either school (Preferably GSR) and thus being able to get my tuition waived. I know that at both schools, there is a very low chance of getting funding for Master's (I haven't gotten any funding for either offer). I am planning to email some of the research faculty at both schools today, who I would possibly work with and find out the viability of this option. I know that I would need to really stand out as a terrific student and probably bother the professors to some extent to get this to happen. But I'm just wondering if anyone has any insight on either school's history with this? 3. SOCIAL LIFE: I have been to both campuses (USC for graduate welcome day, UCSD just by myself, wasn't able to talk to anyone as it happened to be spring break when I went and very few people were there). USC seems like a very socially vibrant campus, whereas UCSD seems quite socially dead, and that's what I have heard from others as well. This is one of the lesser important points, but still makes some difference as I will be here for two years and want to have some social life. 4. CAMPUS: Both campuses seem very beautiful, so I'd say they're tied on this point. 4. LOCATION: La Jolla is beautiful and is a safe area. Being close to the beach is also a plus, as well as being close to San diego. On the other hand, USC is apparently in a bad part of LA (didn't seem THAT bad to me when I was there, but maybe I didn't see the worst of it). However, LA also has a plethora of different things to do all around. 5. JOB PROSPECTS: This is one of my main reasons for getting a Master's degree; I had trouble finding a job in the field I wanted that didn't require a Master's degree (Besides that I wanted to continue my education anyway and am super excited for all the awesome things I'm going to be learning). I don't think that where you go for school matters THAT much for getting a job in engineering; rather, it's what you do while you're there in terms of research, projects, involvement, performance, etc. But I hear that USC's unique name does come into play. I hear USC has a very strong alumni network, making jobs very accessible for their grads. Is there really fact behind this claim? I hear it from a lot of people, but I haven't heard it from actual USC grads or any specific cases of this happening. If it is true, that's an interesting benefit. Still, with an MSEE, I can't see myself having trouble getting work in my field anyway. 6. USC REPUTATION: I hear also that some people look down on USC as a cash cow and that they accept a lot of graduate students for that reason. Are other private schools the same way? And if this is true of USC, then to contradict my previous point, could this reputation hurt my career as an alumni of USC? For example, is it possible that I may be turned away from some opportunities in the future because of some assumption that I did not work hard to get to USC, and instead somehow paid my way in? This is probably a ridiculous idea, but it's something that I've thought about... 7. INVOLVEMENT: I am planning to get as involved as I possibly can with research, projects, networking events, etc. At a glance, I think USC has the upper hand in this respect. Does anybody have any insight on this? 8. RESEARCH: At both schools I have found faculty that I would like to work with and whose work I am genuinely very interested in getting involved with. But I'm wondering if, as a Master's student, getting involved as a GSR would be more accessible at one school or another? My gut instinct has gone one way and the other. At the moment I'm torn between both choices. I know I'll win with either choice and they are both fantastic schools. But I want to be at peace with my choice, and secure in my reasoning. Thank you all for your input. I'll update if I remember any other comparisons.
  13. Please help! I am currently trying to decide between an MSW program at either CSUN or SDSU. There are a lot of pros and cons to both, but I am interested to see what those here on the forum could tell me about these programs. What should I be placing most emphasis on when deciding? What are the reputations for these schools? How are both schools in regards to preparing students for licensing? CSUN: Pros: close to home (could potentially save money by living at home); an urban generalist approach (will maybe give me a more well-rounded experience); capstone project in final year; Los Angeles is a booming city for social work Cons: maybe the "safe" or boring option because it is close to home; maybe not ranked as high as SDSU (I am not sure about the reputations) SDSU: Pros: move to San Diego would be new and exciting; concentrations might allow me to become more of an expert in one topic Cons: Might cost most with living expenses Tuition is about the same. I have received some aid from SDSU, but I have not gotten my financial aid package from CSUN yet so it is hard to say what the final numbers will be. I would really appreciate any tips or insight that anyone could give me on CSUN and/or SDSU's programs, San Diego and Northridge in general, and simply the entire deciding process. It is a big decision, but such a hard one to make! Thank you!!
  14. Hi! I got accepted into my top choice PhD at University of Southern California. I got a really lovely email from an advanced grad student who's in their fifth or sixth year offering to guide me through the program and field any questions I might have. They also sent a 'living in LA' guide that around six of the current grad students had made with breakdown of the neighborhoods they live in and all sorts of helpful information. Here's my dilemma, however: I'm finishing a Master's at Queen's University in Kingston,Ontario, Canada. I have a sublet here with my partner from May 1st to August 31st and classes start August 22nd at USC this Fall. My partner is also applying to USC but for a much different program and they don't usually notify until late March or early April. So, I'd love any advice anyone could offer me on how to get from here to LA with my 'stuff'. I'm not bringing furniture (which may be a bad thing? I'm not sure how many LA apartments come furnished, although that's common in the places I've lived), I have probably 100 books I'd like to bring, I'm ditching a lot of clothes since it won't be anywhere near as cold there, and I have more books stored at my parents' house in North Carolina. I've already begun trying to figure out if it makes the most sense to ship things and try to beat the shipment there to pick them up, or if I should try to check multiple bags on a flight, or if there's some way that I could go down and get a storage unit or something before getting there. Two other things. I'm American so I don't have to worry about a visa or anything (although my partner will, because he's Canadian). And I don't have like *any* savings because this degree as an international student has been quite expensive. I have between now and whenever I leave to potentially make/save money, but I just don't know what makes the most logistical sense. There's the smallest of chances my family might be able to pool resources to help me get out there, but even between them it won't be much more than a couple hundred or so (we're not a very well-off family at all). Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated! And yes I do plan to ask the department about potentially helping with moving expenses, but not sure I want to rush that.
  15. I applied to 9 schools, and got accepted to 2 so far! I'm so excited, but now I have no idea what to do! I got into CSU Chico, and UOP, and I have yet to hear from 6 other schools. I have to accept UOP by April 1 and Chico by April 15. I was wondering if anyone could give me some information on the programs at Chico and UOP to help me decide which one to go to, or if I should wait to hear from the other schools. I'm leaning toward UOP, but idk how the 15 month program is, it's also really expensive. Thank you all so much for your help!!!
  16. Hello, I somewhat recently finished the application process for a total of 6 schools and wondering if anyone has heard from CSUN, CSULB, Pepperdine, CSUF, or CSUSB?
  17. I've been recently admitted to both (Computer Science & Engineering - UC San Diego, Computer Engineering - U Southern California). I have trouble deciding which one I should pick, so I will lay out what I have discovered so far. 1. A little bit of background I received BS Computer Engineering from Purdue University. Being an out-of-nowhere campus, I am hardly able to land jobs that I really like doing. I ended up working for a traditional company in a tiny town. Although the money is really good and the technical challenge is just ok, I don't really have passion for my work and I hate the town I live in. So I set out my eyes to California looking for better opportunities. 2. Academic USC is private school, and according to startcollege.com it has lower student-to-faculty ratio. This means smaller classes, which I prefer. 3. Research I have designated my preferred research area in my Statement of Purpose, although I have no idea whether I could check which I'll be assigned to at the moment (or can I?) 4. Location LA has a ton of opportunities. San Diego is not as big, but still much better than my current town. USC campus, as far as I heard, is located in not-so-safe neighborhood. The nearest beach is 30 minutes of drive away on interstate. La Jolla, where UCSD is, lays along beautiful beach. Granted, as much as I like jogging along coastal lines and swimming, being enrolled in highly competitive graduate program means less time for such recreation. They also have modern architecture which I prefer, and great natural preserves. 5. Funding Funding is not an issue. I'm an international student. Even with higher private school's tuition fee, I am able to cover the first year with my own saving and my parents are willing to cover the second year's cost. 6. Start of Semester USC offered me summer start, which mean I can leave my job earlier. 7. Industrial Connection My guess is USC, being in LA vicinity, has wider connections. At this moment, I'm still split whether to continue with PhD or to return to industry. 8. Prestige I totally have no idea about this. But being Asian, prestige and rank are important factors (not to myself personally, but more to parents, relatives, and potential mating partners). 9. Other options I haven't heard back from UT Austin, UCLA, UC Irvine, and Stanford. But having been rejected by Berkeley 1 month ago, I'm not expecting too much from Stanford. Please help by voicing your opinions. I've been scrounging Quora for articles regarding UCSD and USC but couldn't find something decisive to tip the scale. Thanks beforehand.
  18. Hi Everyone, I am currently in the process of making a decision between several graduate school programs. I have not been able to find much information on the program at Chapman University. If anyone can share any insights into how their program is, the classes, facilities, placements, job prospects, etc. that would be greatly appreciated as I am having a really hard time deciding. Thanks!
  19. Hello! I am curious to see if there are any recent graduates finding themselves in the same boat as me. I JUST finished everything I need to become an SLP (Praxis passed, last clinical rotation completed, clockhours accumulated, etc etc) and am waiting for my university to post my transcripts so that I can apply for temporary licensure in the state of California. HOWEVER, my university will not be posting my transcripts until JUNE and the California state board of licensing for SLPs warns that processing times after receiving transcripts can be around 6-8 weeks. That means that I am currently unemployable as an SLP and look to be for about the next FIVE MONTHS! I do have a great-paying job lined up for August working as a licensed SLP. But that is five months away and I have no money and no license in the meantime. Is any one else experiencing this lag time for processing? Has anyone? Does anyone have any recommendations? I am currently looking to work the next 5 months for minimum wage as a barista or look at if it is even possible to get a SLPA license in the meantime and do that work.. I don't even know if that's available to me. I'm just curious as to HOW I can avoid working a minimum wage job in the licensing interim after doing all that work to earn a high paid job. Sorry- does this sound whiny? ANYWAY, let me know if anyone is experiencing anything similar! Or if you have any advice! Thank you so much!!! Ingrid
  20. I've recently been admitted to UCSD for a PhD in an engineering major, Fall 2016. International, but US citizen. No mention of financial support in the congrats e-mail. When asked, they said funding decisions are made at the end of March. Rumors are, schools in CA are sparing in funding? Anyone have any information on what chances I have of actually getting funded? Definitely can't afford school & life in La Jolla on my own.
  21. I have a few big questions to ask regarding admission to MPH programs and I would really appreciate it if I could get some advise!! Backstory: I will be graduating from a top research school in Summer 2016 and I am applying for to a few MPH programs in California for the first time. I have one that I will apply to for Fall 2016, then a few that I want to apply to for Fall 2017 assuming I don't get in for 2016. I am a microbiology major and I am applying with aspirations of becoming an epidemiologist. My GPA is low, and I will probably graduate with a 2.75 - 2.8. However, my GRE scores are pretty competative with verbal being 156, quantitative being 156, and analytical being a 5. I have had some intern experience which includes a marine biology lab, and the other being at a physical therapy office. I have also regular jobs worked since age 16 and volunteered a tiny bit, but very infrequently. So here are my questions: 1) How realistic is getting accepted with my standing? I have a difficult major at a great school, but a low GPA. However, I have taken many classes applicable to Public Health (virology (B), bacterial pathogenesis (most likely B), immunology (most likely B), and statistics (A-)). Will my GRE scores help much? 2) Would an internship/job at a PT office count as public health experience? 3) What are some other internships or volunteer opportunities in the Public Health field that I could seek out? I can't seem to find anything in my area. If I take a year off, I want to fill my time with gaining experience to strengthen my application. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 4) How important is a program's emphasis in epidemiology if I am applying with hopes of becoming an epidemiologist? They all seem to have that in the curriculum, so would that be sufficient as far as job outlook considering my prior experience in microbiology?
  22. Hello everyone! As a recent graduate (from California) with a Bachelor's in Speech-Language Pathology, I have decided to take a year or two off to gather some experience and build up my confidence in the field before applying to graduate school. My goal is to become a certified SLP-A but I'm a bit confused about how to meet the minimum qualifications. I have a B.S., however, I do not have all of the 100 supervised hours required. What are my options in order to complete the 100 supervised hours? Do I have to enroll in a program? Or where/who should I turn to? Thanks so much! Feel free to correct me if I put out any wrong information. I may have misunderstood the ASHA requirements.
  23. gcc0006

    Valencia, CA

    I'm planning on accepting admission to CalArts, and I'm wondering what exactly is in the town. Are there grocery stores, shopping centers, decent cheap housing, etc? Any information would be great.
  24. Has anyone applied to CA graduate program in Speech Pathology? I applied to: Cal State Fullerton Cal State Los Angeles San Diego State Chapman Cal State Long Beach
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