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Found 105 results

  1. I have got the PhD offer in Chemistry with TA from the University of Maine, Orono, ME, USA. (Fall 2017) I want to know how good the university is for the PhD program (Chemistry)? What is the Job oppurtunity after my PhD ( I am interested to work on Analytical Chemistry)? I am an international student. So it is hard for me to verify the education quality. USnews shows the university as non ranked, thats why i have no idea how good it is. Please give a overall idea about the university, life in Maine etc. It will help me a lot
  2. I have got the PhD offer in Chemistry with TA from the University of Maine, Orono, ME, USA. (Fall 2017) I want to know how good the university is for the PhD program (Chemistry)? What is the Job oppurtunity after my PhD ( I am interested to work on Analytical Chemistry)? I am an international student. So it is hard for me to verify the education quality. USnews shows the university as non ranked, thats why i have no idea how good it is. Please give a overall idea about the university, life in Maine etc. It will help me a lot
  3. Hello potential Cornell Grads! I was accepted to their Chemistry PhD program on Christmas Eve! It was my top choice and I'm stoked! Anyone else attending the group visit on Feb. 24th? Also, general thoughts on whether you'll accept? I got into 4 other schools, the other top choice being UCSB. My focus is organic and polymers. Congrats to those also accepted!
  4. Hi everyone! Im kinda excited as this is my first post here. I just discovered these forums today! Anyway, like the title says. I come (in peace) from sdn. I am currently an undergraduate chem major (junior) with a 3.90 overall and 3.92 science gpa. All my undergrad years, I have been preparing for dental school admissions. Meaning, my rec letters, experiences and what not all pertain to dental. Im thinking about doing a phd in Chem. I love chemistry, but I'm also interested in dentistry (but absolutely hate biology, which is a big part of dental. Not to mention I suck balls at bio). So I'm a bit conflicted as to what career I'm choosing. As such, I am keeping all options open for now. This summer, I'm gonna take the DAT, GRE, and chem GRE and see what doors open up from there. I'm posting to ask what I need to do to prepare for a phd application. I know I need new recommendation letters (how many though and from what types of professors? Just chem profs?) aside from two two years of chemistry undergrad research in materials chemistry, I got no other chem experiences (everything is health related like volunteering at hospitals and stuff because of my initial dental track). Oh, I also have a first author publication to be submitted For review by the end of April ish (which according to My PI is a big deal?) I should have this paper out in time For phd applications but not in time for the dental application probably. How do phd phd applications work? When do they open? Is there one common app like dental school? What should I look out for?My chances at getting in to good schools? Basically, over the summer, what should I do to prep my grad application? Also, any career choice advice is welcome.
  5. Hi all, So I've basically heard back from all the schools I wanted to hear back from, and I've decided to accept Duke's offer. If anyone's attending Duke for Ph.D. in Chemistry, how is the department, and what's the department culture like (i.e. are there supergroup meetings, literature club, and any other clubs and meetings geared towards chemistry students)? And how is living in Durham for you, personally? I've been hearing great things about Duke as a graduate school, and I'd really like to get more unadulterated views on the school and the department. (Also if you've been accepted to Duke, is anyone going to be at the Chemistry visiting weekend on March 3rd to 4th? I'll be there!)
  6. Hi everybody, I am a french student I got B.S in biochemestry and M.S in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Discovery with High Honours (around 14/20). I have to mention I got quite few chemistry lectures I mainly learned everything by myself. During my last internship I did a quite interesting work on total synthesis during 6 months and I am now willing to continue in this field since I literally had a crush for this kind of work. I would like to apply in graduate schools with preference for very good universities (Top 20). I’ve got 6 months experience in Molecular Modelling and 6 months in Organic Chemistry, I feel like it is not enough compared to US students who sometime got many months of experience and some of them already got their names in publications. I would like to have lab experiences in US but I do not really know how to do...I don't even know if I have any chances to get hired in private labs with a 6 months experience... I also plan doing all required tests (GRE and Toefl) but for what I know the scores does not really matter. So if you have any tips I’ll take it ! Thank’s
  7. Current junior chemical biology major here. I want to do a PhD program in Computational Biology/Chemistry. However, my undergraduate research experience is standard wet lab biochemistry work. I got a biotech internship this summer and it's also very wet lab molecular biology heavy. I could try to hustle and take a lot of CS/Math my last year (maybe get a minor in CS or Applied Math) to build myself as an applicant for more computationally driven research and write an SOP about how I want to switch fields but I built general research skills from my experience, etc. Or should I basically just apply to the same bio/chem/biochem departments but bill myself as wanting to build upon the biochemistry research I've already done, making me likely a stronger applicant. Then if I got in I would make the switch to computational classes and research in grad school.
  8. I have been accepted to both University of Wisconsin (Biochemistry), Madison and University of Michigan (Chemical Biology) I have visited both campuses, the madison campus left me a better impression than Michigan. I like their capital and frozen lake during the winter. In Michigan, I did not really tour around the city because of my busy interview schedule. I was mostly inside buildings and my hotel. So I did not really know what the town is like. I hear the college town is ranked the top 3 among the nation. and the students in Wisconsin seem to be more friendly and chill while the students in Michigan seems to be more serious and competitive. I think I actually can fit into both environments... so I don't know what school should I choose... any advice?
  9. Hi, I have been invited for a skype interview for the Ph.d. program in Chemistry at the University of South Carolina. The email came from the graduate office. I wonder what type of interview I have to face? They mention faculty member but didn't provide me any name. If anyone experienced it before, please kindly share with me. Thanks.
  10. Hello, I am currently a senior at a private liberal arts school in Massachusetts. My school is very competitive and extremely hard to get an A in. I currently have a 3.0 GPA and 4 years of research along with strong faculty recommendations. I was hoping to pursue a PhD program in the New England area (preferably Boston). Can you guys think of some schools that I could get into?
  11. GA Tech chem PhD applicants listen up! let's make a get together forum to know when decisions are coming out as well as criteria of admitted applicants!
  12. I have just faced the skype interview for the PhD program in Chemistry. There was two persons. Only the grad woman was talking, another man was just listening our conversation. They were friendly. But it was my first interview. I never talked with any foreigners before, so it was shocking experience for me. She asked why i have chosen WSU? I answered three points. Then she asked my thesis topic and to give a summary. I Answered. Then i asked her 3 questions , she answered. The interview was not so formal. I am little bit confused about my performance. I answered them smartly. But i think i had some problem, i did not give so much emotion, and paused sometimes. Hope for the best
  13. I got the following message today from Northwestern. " Thank you for your application to the Chemistry PhD program. While not required, as part of your application evaluation, we highly recommend that you complete the following video interview questions. Please click here to access the video interview form." I was wondering what type of questions can I expect and why do this if not part of the application evaluation.
  14. So I had an anxiety attack and bugged UCLA grad office with an email on my app status 2x this week. I' pretty sure I won't email them again until I officially hear a decision, but did I affect my decision by bugging them?
  15. Hi, I'm another slightly depressed international graduate student who has not heard anything from any university I've applied for. I'm hoping to enter a Chemistry PhD programme in Fall'17. The only change in applications page was observed in UW Madison, where it displayed something similar to " 001 G00 ~ G229 ~ ~ ~ the Available for Recommendation 12/16/2016 ~ 1182 " under status description. Now it is not there anymore. It says " Your application has been received and will be reviewed by your program. Please refer to this page for updates. " I know I'm being super psyched, but does this mean anything? Thank you.
  16. Hi all. Thanks in advance for reading my post. This forum has already been helpful in the two days that I've known about it. I am a current senior. I go to a small, no-name liberal arts college, and dreamt of going to a Stanford/Berkeley early in my chemistry career. I'm fortunate in my undergrad experience to do well in my undergraduate program, but I have been in a very supportive and much easier environment than a competitive research university. I chose not to apply to any top, super competitive programs for this reason. I've heard unhappy stories from students who went to or work at those schools. I didn't want to drown when I may barely be able to swim. After completing an internship for and receiving letter of recommendation from a PI at a nearby research university (ranked well and respected in all of its programs, but not specifically known for its chemistry), I applied to and received a verbal offer from this school with ~30k stipend/yr. I applied to only this program because it has felt like a good fit, size and culture wise, and it seemed like a better next step than a competitive school. My partner also needs to finish school in the area next year, so this is also convenient for both of us, and I would not want to attend any of the other local schools for a PhD. I would rather wait a year and apply to a better known program that has specific research foci that align with mine. Even though I am interested in public health and environmental policy (which are addressed specifically in the PhD program at some schools like Berkeley), I figure that I can get a PhD first from this school and then get an MPH or JD online, locally, or elsewhere. The previously mentioned PI is a sort of rock star in a specific area of research. After he verbally and loosely agreed to co-advising me (he has been flirting with retirement for the last 10 years), he recently confirmed that he would retire 2 years into my 5-year track. This means he would mentor me, but not be on my final thesis committee or an official advisor. However, having more work experience with him and receiving mentorship from him I think would be an honor. Additionally, and as much as I hate to say it, having his name as a part of my undergraduate research experience has already opened doors in networking. There is another, successful professor who is willing to co-advise with the first professor. I am excited at the prospect of this; although their research methods are not particularly interesting to me, both of their careers and collaborative projects include answering some very cool and relevant research questions. However, some of my peers are telling me that by having co-advisors with one of them retiring is basically shooting myself in the foot. They think co-advising might be messy and that I would be stranded when professor 1 retires. Now for my questions: #1: Do any of you have experience with or know of co-advising situations? How did they go? What do you think I should do? I've already read some posts about co-advising, but they weren't as unique as my situation with a PI being a big name and also retiring mid-PhD. #2: Is it a poor idea to go to a not competitive school that doesn't focus on public health or environmental policy when that is my end goal? There is a possible joint JD degree available at this school, and I know I could get a JD or MPH after completing the PhD. I just don't know if people who work in this sort of interdisciplinary field have to go to a school focused on green chemistry or public health to be competitive and effective in the job market and society, respectively. I also figured that if I don't go to a top 10 school that having an interdisciplinary approach would make me more niche and competitive (easing my concerns about not being competitive if I don't go to a Berkeley). I am hoping to use the next 5 years to gain relevant research and networking experience in fields that could relate to public health. #3: Will I be unhappy working in a lab that has research techniques that do not particularly interest me, but is using those techniques to answer research questions that I find fascinating? I haven't particularly loved FTIR, NMR, HPLC, etc, but I've always found ways to use them answer questions that interest me during my undergraduate experience. If you made it this far, thank you! I am happy to give back to this forum with advice about what made my application to this program a success.
  17. Much of my undergraduate and post-bacc work has been centered around peptide chemistry, though I do have experience in general solution phase chemistry. Will this type of experience look worse than someone coming from more general synthetic chemistry backgrounds? I ask because sometimes peptide chemistry is known as the 'red-headed step child' in part because much of the chemistry revolves around coupling/acylation reactions. With that said, my application is very strong. Excellent GPA, scores, awards, publications/presentations, and generally extensive lab experience.
  18. What is the importance of GPA in chemistry grad school admissions? I'm interested in the chemical biology subfield. I'm a current undergrad at a top 10 school for chemistry in the Midwest. By graduation, I will have had about two years of research experience, and my GPA will likely be ~3.5, with the latter years being higher due to medical circumstances in the first two years. I have taken advanced coursework in organic chemistry and biochemistry. I'm curious as to how much the GPA potentially matters, and what caliber program I realistically should be targeting.
  19. Apologies if this is the wrong subforum for my question. So, as the title says, I was accepted to the City University of NY PhD program in chemistry, for the 2016 fall semester. They do things a bit different from most other schools because there are 7 campuses all over NYC that offer graduate courses and research labs, so during the first year (3 courses plus 3 lab rotations) I could be in any of those 7 campuses, but once I decide on a PI I would spend most of my time at one campus. Anyway, just wondering if anybody on here is a current or former chemistry PhD student at CUNY. How is the research environment and overall culture, the students, the professors, etc? Would it be possible to hold a side job or part-time job while doing this or is it super intense and time-consuming? I ask because the stipend would be about half of what I'm making at my job right now (I live/work in Suffolk county in Long Island NY) and NYC metro area is stupidly expensive. I'm not an extravagant person but I have to weigh all the pros and cons of this, including financial. For what it's worth I went to the open house last week and everyone seemed like genuinely good people, though it was just a handful of the faculty members there. I was even surprised that one of the professors there remembered my application and personal statement.
  20. Hello, I have a few questions/concerns about chemistry graduate school and was wondering if anyone has advice for me. Here is my situation: I am currently a junior undergrad at Grand Valley State University and am majoring in chemistry. I want to attend graduate school and earn my PhD, but I am worried about my grades and was wondering about my chances of admission. (I know I won't make it into a top tier program, but I'm not concerned about that.) I just had finals and don't have all my grades in yet, but based on what I do know my GPA is probably going to be about a 3.45-3.48. My major GPA will be between about a 3.20-3.24. I really struggled in calculus physics this semester and got my first ever C+. I also took an upper level biochem course this semester and I know I'll end up with either a B- or C+ (not good but my professor was god awful). Besides these classes my grades have for the most part been very solid - not always all As but almost never anything worse than a B. I've also been doing research for one of my professors since the summer and will continue through the next semester at least. I will also be presenting the research at Pittcon in March. I know I will get a very strong letter of recommendation from this professor. I haven't had any internships or other relevant work experience but I'm actively looking and will hopefully find something for the summer. I haven't taken the GRE yet but I am planning on it. I am interested in applying to Michigan State University's analytical chemistry program. If I can keep my GPA at about a 3.5 it seems like I have a good chance of admission, but to be honest I really don't know, and I know they look at more than just GPA. It's probably hard to say what my chances of admission are since I haven't taken the GRE yet, but does it sound like I at least have a chance at this point? I'm afraid I won't get in anywhere because of my GPA. To me, a 3.48 sounds really low. I had a 4.2 in high school and even my college GPA was much better before this semester (3.62). The last few months have been really rough for me for a lot of reasons, and I think it has affected my GPA. I had a tough course load on top of everything else, but my courses next semester should be a bit easier and I do think I'll be able to raise my GPA back above a 3.5. Should I retake the biochem with a different professor and try to get a better grade? My other concern is this: If I do make it into grad school, I am worried that I won't be able to get the grades I need to pass. To be honest I get more Bs than As in my chemistry courses, but besides the biochem I've been very solid (nothing worse than a B). I'm afraid that if I can't get all/mostly As in undergraduate chemistry courses, there's no way I'll be able to handle the graduate courses. Any advice?
  21. Hey guys! I figured I would get this thread started. Feel free to post stuff about the upcoming application process and schools and groups everyone is interested in.
  22. On the application website, CMU says that my application will be reviewed without the chemistry subject GRE scores. After submitted the application, it says that it won't be reviewed unless I submit the scores. Furthermore, the website says that not submitted the chemistry gre will put me at a competitive disadvantage. So now I have two questions: 1) Has anyone else encountered this problem/discrepancy? My chem gre is fairly low and would rather not submit it if I don't have to, but since they review the application on a rolling basis, I want to make sure they look at me earlier rather than later! 2) Would CMU care about chem gre if I have good research experience? Thanks!
  23. Hello everyone, I am undergrad student from LUMS(Pakistan) applying to US Grad schools for Phd in Chemistry. Having CGPA of 3.65, GRE general score of 163 Quant and 153 Verbal, TOEFL Score of 102 (24 speaking, 27 readings. 26 writing, 25 listening) and GRE subject score of unfortunately 710 only. I want to ask which school should I apply to have a good chance at securing admission especially those which do not require GRE subject at all or at least accept scores like mine, I am quite depressed by my GRE Subject score and freaking out what to do. Please do help me out !
  24. Hey Everyone, I am applying to graduate school in fall 2016. (Focusing on Organic Chemistry) I currently have an academic standing of 3.1 GPA. I have 2 years of research experience, a publication, and was a research intern at a giant pharmaceutical company. I have very close relations with my professors and research advisors. Do I have a shot at getting into any schools listed below: PRINCETON DUKE PITT RICE CORNELL COLUMBIA PENN BOSTON COLLEGE SCRIPPS UCLA Thank you!
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