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Found 112 results

  1. I'm a junior at MIT majoring in chemistry with significant academic and research focus on organic catalysis. I work for a prominent organic chemist (he's got some named reactions, if that gives any hints) at MIT, and I will have two published papers by the end of this semester (second author on both, one potentially in Science, the other in JACS). GRE: To be taken, V/Q 160/168 on practice exam. Chem: 880 on practice. (Obviously not hardset, but just to give an idea). GPA: 3.8 currently, having received a B in quantum chemistry, thermo, and advanced physical organic chemistry, with the rest of my grades being A's. Ideally I'd like to work for Grubbs at Caltech, Jacobsen at Harvard, or MacMillan at Princeton. Obviously these are all extremely competitive schools, and definitely not safeties. I don't know where I could apply that would give me a reasonable chance of getting in at all, but I hope to get some advice about that from some more experienced chemists here. Thanks and if you have more questions let me know.
  2. Stats: Ethnicity: Filipino Major: Chemistry cGPA: 3.70 (3.31 last two years @ Georgia Tech) GRE: TBD but I had 80th percentile SAT score 6 years ago while in high school. I was a poor test-taker back then. Research: 1 semester Work Experience: I currently work at a biotech company making cancer-based immunotherapy. No research involved; purely manufacturing. I understand I lack research experience. However, looking at my profile now, what do you think are my chances at UGA, Emory, and Georgia State University's chemistry PhD programs? Thank you for your input.
  3. are there any jobs in Ontario for chemists with bachelor degree?? I graduated 1 year ago and still haven't landed a job and only received one interview.
  4. Is anyone rejected by University Of Texas At Austin by now?
  5. Ill keep this short and sweet. I would really appreciate any insight you guys may have. I'm a bit freaked out about my grad school chances. I am currently a Junior chemistry major at a prestigious public undergrad in the SUNY system. I have a ~3.1 gpa with a 3.0 chem gpa. I have 6 semesters of research and a summer REU. My lab just submitted a paper for publication. I have VERY strong LORs. Haven't taken the GREs or Chem GREs yet. I have other little things like being in the national chem honor society...etc. I'm fascinated by chem and I really want to go to graduate school. I'm leaning towards theoretical, analytical, and quantum chem. With more emphasis on physical and quantum. Anyone have any ideas on my chances or any tips for me? Thanks in advance!! I truly appreciate it!!
  6. I have to make decision between two offers. Both are PhD offers with well funding. I am an international student and I am planing to find a job in North America after graduate. 1. Chemistry in Carnegie Mellon. High reputation, very strict supervisor who leads a very top group in polymer synthesis but only publishing papers (lots of papers...). Pittsburgh looks like a good place to live. But I am afraid of finding a job with a PhD degree in chemistry. 2. Chemical Engineering in Queen's. Nice supervisor in polymer reaction engineering, easy projects, not too much synthesis, kind of relaxing research life. May get graduate within 3-4 years. I really don't know which school is better for my professional career, especially under current economic situation. Which one should I choose? Canada or US? I am eager to your advices. Thank you .
  7. (I haven't found a thread on this-please alert me if I missed one.) I have applied for chemistry PhD programs, and been accepted to one very good one (top ten or close) and one fairly good one. However, without giving away too many personal details, I was rejected from another fairly good one at a big name school in our current area. Problem is, my wife has family and a job she loves in our current area and doesn't want to move. According to big name school's own website, I have better grades and GRE's than their average matriculating student, not to mention my other admissions, so I don't think I'm flat out unqualified. If I had to guess I'd say my personal statement was to general and failed to explain why a particular adviser at that school would be a good match for me (although I believe he would be). One of the professors who wrote an LOR for me did a post-doc at that school and even coauthored a paper with the adviser I'm interested in, so I believe that he could get me a meeting at that school, either with my potential adviser or maybe someone he on the admissions committee if he knows them. My question is, if I went to such a meeting, could I explain why that school would be a good match for me and appeal my rejection? Should I try writing a letter first? Has anyone ever had experience in this area? A last point I should make is that, depending how much my wife's employer offers her for next year, it might even make sense for me to offer to forgo first year funding rather that take the risk of her not finding a new job right away in another city, although understandably I am very hesitant to do this, especially as I've already received offers of full funding elsewhere.
  8. Ahoy, This is my first post ever. I recently left the chemistry PhD program at Johns Hopkins with a master's and now I don't know what to do with my life. Finding a job has turned out to be much harder than I thought it would be. I applied to one PhD program in the US (northwestern) and I probably didn't get in (long story). So I am thinking about going to Europe to get a PhD since it only take 3 or 4 years instead of having to start over in the US. I am kind of confused about how admissions procedures work there and I am hoping someone here will have some advice since any time I email someone at these schools it takes at least 3 weeks to get a response. I recently sent a feeler email to a professor who is advertising a PhD position online. It's been two weeks since I sent it and he hasn't responded. The supposed deadline is the end of February. Should I just send him my application? If so, should I include my GRE scores? He asks for "CV, certificates, transcripts and references" in the application. What does he mean by certificates? He doesn't ask for GRE scores and it seems like most european schools don't require the GRE (at least for chemistry). I really wish they did require the GRE because that's my strong suit. I have mediocre grades but 2 publications, and pretty good GRE scores (790Q, 570V, 95 percentile on the Chemistry GRE). I'm probably going to wait a few more days and then send my application to him. If anyone thinks that's a bad idea, please tell me.
  9. So are there any University-specific facebook groups for the incoming grad students?
  10. Hi, I come from the UK and grad school application is completely different from the USA. I was wondering if people could give me advice and tell me if they reckon I have a chance (and how high) of getting into Universities. I have provided some background knowledge about myself I am a UK graduate student that in 2010 graduated with a First Class Honours degree degree in Medicinal Chemistry from The University of Glasgow. I achieved straight A's in my 4th year and in my third year at Glasgow I won the Organic Prize from Schering Plough for having the highest mark in the year . I also received a bursary from GSK for having consistently good grades throughout my Chemistry undergraduate. After Graduation I went travelling around Australia and South East Asia from 2010 - 2011. Currently I am doing an MSc in Chemistry by Research in Organic Chemistry at Southampton University on a scholarship funded by the INTERREG program run by the EU. I have sat the GRE general and received a score range : V :460 - 560 A - 650 - 750 I am applying to NYU (First Choice), Rochester, Stonybrook, Boston University,Brown and Georgetown.. What are my chances of gaining admission to these Universities? Any help would be greatly appreciated as we dont have much info on this here! Thanks, Craig
  11. Hi Everybody, The time to start applications is getting frustratingly close and I am beginning to panic. What I would really like to know is if/how I should address my deficiencies (mostly low GPA) in my statement of purpose. Here are my stats: Overall GPA 3.45, Chem GPA 3.51, GRE 460V 780Q 3.5AW (retaking GRE in August) Have not yet taken chem GRE. I have been doing ongoing research (including 2 summers) for 2 years now in one lab, with a relatively famous organic chem professor, that will result in a publication before the application deadlines. (not first author). I do expect 3 solid recommendations. Also, I have done very well in all of my upper level chemistry courses (mostly A's and some A-'s) and have a consistently increasing GPA alongside an increasingly difficult work load since freshman year. I plan on applying to 10-15 schools for a Ph.D. in organic/medicinal, a handful of which are top programs like Scripps, Columbia, MIT, etc. I truly do have a great passion for research and I am very efficient in the lab. How can I convey this in my statement of purpose to make up for my low GPA/GRE scores? Thanks. P.S. If anyone else has similar credentials I would be very interested to hear about your experiences!
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