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Found 3 results

  1. I am currently looking to apply to grad school. The only grad school I can seem to go to due to living in the middle of nowhere is an online program. It is accredited by the NASW and a very good school over all. The only problem is they have a focus on rural social work. All the classes, even the electives are rural based. My only issue is that I want to work in an urban setting as a therapist. and not knowing any other social workers I don't know what to do. 1) will going through this program ruin my chances of ever being able to move somewhere that isn't rural? 2) will I only be able to do rural social work? 3)How much weight does a concentration have on the jobs someone can get after they receive their degree? I would appreciate any and all answers I can get. Thank you!
  2. Hi friends. As I am deciding where to apply for graduate study, I am having a difficult time deciding on a focus area. One potential area I am considering but am having trouble finding information on is dystopian and post-apocalyptic literature, film, and video games. Under this categorization, I include anything from classic and contemporary dystopian novels (from mild to extreme dystopian setting) like 1984, Brave New World, and Infinite Jest, to more contemporary post-apocalyptic books, films, and video games like The Road, The Walking Dead, Threads, The Fallout Series, Last of Us, The Metro novel series, etc. I find dystopian art and especially post-apocalyptic art to be enthralling because I find that placing humans in such perverse and inhuman situations can be a fantastic way to investigate some essential elements of human nature and a great way to satirize or otherwise investigate current political and social trends. I have browsed many English department faculty websites, but of the ones I have searched, I have so far come across zero professors working in this area. One reason I may not be finding anyone working in this area is because I have mainly searched departments in my geographic region, the Southeastern United States. Here are a few questions I have been unable to answer for myself and with which I would appreciate any help that you all have to offer: Is dystopian and post-apocalyptic literature a prevalent area of study? Are my searches for professors fruitless because I am looking in the South? Do any of you have experience researching or writing about this area? Can anyone recommend prominent scholars on the topic? Are there other broader areas of study under which a focus like this would fall? How would I go about articulating an interest in this area in an SoP, especially if my university does not have anyone studying exclusively this area? Thanks so much for any advice, guidance, or helpful nudges that you can offer!
  3. First, congratulations to all of the admits. I'd like to compile some details about your acceptances if you don't mind sharing. What were your areas of concentration/specializations? I'd like to see if there are any hot-ticket specializations. If you're feeling extra generous, let us know the institutions to which you were admitted. I think starting a living document might help others while they're applying. Thanks!
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