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Found 61 results

  1. Due to life circumstances, UW is the only school I could apply to for a Fiction MFA. Has anyone heard from them yet? I've done some sleuthing and seen a smattering of people who have been waitlisted, accepted, and rejected, but I've yet to receive an email, call, or letter. I've tried so hard to keep myself from freaking out, but...I'm definitely freaking out now. I thought I would have an answer by mid-March, and be able to make concrete steps from there, but we're approaching April and I still have nothing.
  2. Hi folks, I'm not sure if there's a thread already but here goes. I'm in a two-year program in writing and publishing. First semester was incredible, inspired, productive, fun. This semester not at all. Different faculty, boring methodology, uninspired. I'm still writing for myself but 10 weeks in and only one 5 page essay has been workshopped. Is this normal? To be expected?
  3. I got accepted to NMSU (woohoo), but they want me to submit my official transcript. Which I did. Only problem is I have 12 misc credits from two universities that didn't even count toward getting my degree in any way (takes 128 credits to graduate. Got 142 total. Minus 12? 130. Plenty.), and they are requiring that I submit official transcripts from these two schools even after saying it did not affect me getting my degree (literally though. They didn't even apply to any of my gen eds.) The other issue is because they were like six years ago, I don't even know my student number, let alone can they be transferred again since the school I got my degree from has the permanent records. What can I do to bypass this issue? They will not officially accept me until they get these "official" records from schools that don't even matter.
  4. Hi! I've gotten funded offers from both Bowling Green State University and Old Dominion University. I've drawn up a list of pros and cons, but I'm still not able to choose between the two universities. Can anyone give me some input on the reputation of these two programs? I'm aware that BGSU has one of the oldest programs in the country and is quite reputed. The faculty list is pretty impressive at ODU. Please help me, I'm really confused!

    Fall MFA 2018

    It's a new season for applying MFA! I didn't find a post about 2018 programs so I started one here. Any thoughts/questions are welcomed to discuss together. I just started to consider applying MFA in creative writing for the next year, but immediately overwhelmed by the numbers of schools provided such programs. I feel I have difficulties in narrowing down to under 5. My current question: is it totally ok to ask recommendation letters for maybe about 6-8 schools? Both professors I'm about to ask help I haven't talked with like almost a year... Feel very burdened to ask help if I'm about to ask his letters go for 8 schools. Thanks.
  6. Hello. Just wanted to create a little space for dialogue in case anyone else is considering this program.
  7. Has anyone heard back from Sarah Lawrence regarding their MFA Creative Writing fall 2018 application ?? I was told late Feb is results time, but still no word. Lemme know! if you're waiting too! we can wait together! -y
  8. hyrule

    Weekend Results

    Hey everyone! I've seen some results going up - it looks like some people are hearing back from their schools on weekends? This is my first round of applications, so I had just kind of assumed emails/phone calls would only happen during business hours! Does anyone know otherwise? Thanks and good luck!
  9. Hey all! Anyone out there applied to or attend the Dramatic Writing MFA program at NYU? I have a Skype interview with someone on faculty and am wondering if anyone can give insight on what to expect. If you attend/attended the program - any feedback to offer? Thanks!
  10. I applied to Virginia Tech, Sarah Lawrence, NYU, Rutgers, Alabama, Michener, Houston, Iowa, Saint Mary's, and UC Irvine, and I'm so anxious to hear back! If you've applied to MFA programs, when did you hear back from your schools? Thank you so much!
  11. Hi, everyone: Just wondering if there are any good resources online or elsewhere for someone to figure out what they're even qualified to do. I ask because I've reached burnout with adjuncting. I've got two terminal degrees with honors from good universities (not that that matters outside of academia) and 8 years experience in higher ed with a couple of years in government (doing human rights advocacy) and church. Because I haven't published a book yet and I don't have a PhD, I haven't had much luck finding a secure teaching job with a sustainable wage, and because I'm not ordained (yet--though I'd like to change that), I haven't had much luck finding a church positions. My plan for now is to move closer to home (I came far from family for my MFA) and work on seeing if I'm priest material/hopefully doing some chaplain-ing, but until then I need to figure out what sorts of jobs I'm eligible for that would pay the bills. My educational and professional backgrounds are in English/writing, religion/ministry and LGBTQ+ interests. Lots of teaching, lots of proofreading/editing/publishing, and ministry/activism. I used LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed and various others but have not found them to be super helpful, but whether that's the platform or because my skills are not in high demand is another question. I went to the career center and spoke with a career advisor at both my master's programs' respected universities but did not find a great deal of specifics, though I received good "you're worth something and you can do it" pep talks. All ideas welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. I'm having a bit of a dilemma with my pursuit of a second Master of Arts degree. Let me preface this by saying that while a second Master's degree may not seem like a good idea to some, since my first Master of Arts degree is in Museum Studies, the second degree would be complimentary to it in some way. My issue is that I need to attend my second Master of Arts degree as a distance learning/online program, as I do not have access to these programs at the local university and cannot afford to move at this moment and am working a full-time job now. Therefore, the dilemma I face is the following: do I apply to multiple graduate schools in the different fields I am considering as my second Master of Arts and attend the one that I feel is best suited to my goals, or should I focus solely on what I know will help the end goal the most? The issue is this: my local university does not have Classics, Classical archaeology, ancient history, or art history offered at the graduate level here, and those are the areas in which I desire to combine into an interdisciplinary PhD (such as the NYU ISAW or UPenn's AAMW program), but I am seeking out a terminal MA at the moment because I am not able to move yet. I have found that Villanova University offers their Classical Studies MA online but it's synchronous, so I would have to attend at the offered course time, which is doable but challenging. Thus far, that is the only university that I have found that offers a program that would be competitive enough to gain me entry into an eventual PhD. My question is: Should I apply to the Classical Studies by itself or should I apply to Villanova, but also for the second MA programs I am considering, such as Art History, History, Library Sciences (which would help as I work in a museum and often collaborate with the research library, so it would be relevant but not to my end goal of a PhD), and/or English/Creative Writing MFA - it's a hard call because I know it makes me look like I don't have one concentration or focus, but as I will have a Master's in Museum Studies soon, any of these degrees would pair well (I know many will tell me to take the MFA out, which I have considered anyway, since I could always pursue that later if I felt like it). The issue with the art history and history options, is, of course, not many online programs will allow you to focus on ancient history. I know that there are a decent schools in the UK that would be able to offer this (such as the University of Wales Trinity Saint David), but I cannot afford to pay that much out of pocket, so for now I am looking into American schools only. I think the root of my issue is worrying that I won't get into Villanova and then not know what to do with myself if I don't, since there's not that many other options. Help?
  13. Hey everyone! I just wanted to know if anyone else is planning on going to (or has accepted an offer from) Minnesota State University, Mankato. I'll be attending starting this fall as an MFA grad student (with a focus in creative nonfiction). I'll also be working as a teacher through my assistantship. I'd love to meet some other people who are going to MSU (or are already attending)!
  14. Hey all, I'm writhing in the end throes of application-cycle purgatory over here and was hoping for a little bit of advice. (Going for an MFA in Creative Writing - Fiction.) I've been accepted to Northwestern's MFA program so far. However, it's a part-time program, which means funding is limited or nonexistent. The part-time thing isn't really a deal-breaker for me; I was planning on working during school anyway, so in that sense it might be a good fit for me. I am worried, though that I won't get the full MFA experience that I'm looking for. I'm also not opposed to taking out more loans, but I'd rather avoid those to the extent that it's possible. I'm considering deferring til next cycle to apply again and hopefully make it into something full-time with more funding. I guess I'm looking for advice/guidance on full-time vs part-time programs, insights on Northwestern's program in particular, and information about alternative sources of funding (such as private scholarships/grants). To complicate the situation even more, I'm still waiting for an admission decision from the University of Washington in Seattle. I'm thinking that the fact that I haven't heard anything this late in the game probably means a rejection, but still...
  15. Long story short, I've been accepted to a chunk of the schools I've applied to for a Creative Writing MFA. I'm most interested in Eastern Washington U, Stony Brook, UNC Greensboro, and Old Dominion (and I'm waiting to hear back from NC State). Of the four, Stony Brook is the only one not offering an assistantship. The others are waiving tuition and providing a stipend if I choose to attend. Old Dominion is offering a fellowship (Perry Morgan Fellowship), but it's a three year program and the school seems to rank fairly low on lists, though I'm not sure what that would mean for an MFA program (it otherwise looks pretty good). Does anyone have any advice or experience in choosing between those programs? Are any of them clearly superior to the others in terms of academics and professors? What should I look for in choosing the best among the English MFA programs? On talking to students and professors working at those places, I'm not getting a distinct feel for the advantages or what makes those programs attractive compared to others. What questions should I ask, what signs are there that a program is desirable or should be avoided? What metrics, if any, can I use to measure the effectiveness of these programs? (My goals for the program are probably fairly typical--time to practice and perfect writing, study the craft, etc. I plan on studying fiction, with the end goal of publishing novels (as opposed to entering academia). I have experience as a copy-editor, and I can at the very least round out my portfolio with work at a journal to speed my progression in that field so that I'll have regular work to support myself with after graduate school. I don't plan on pursuing a PhD.)
  16. Hey yall! So I got good news for my MFA poetry applications-- I'm a Berkeley local and applied to SFSU's MFA program as well as CCA's MFA and got into both! I am having a lot of trouble figuring out what I should do. I'd appreciate as much advice as possible! Right now I'm thinking about these things: SFSU: is a LOT cheaper, and I'm getting a scholarship for the first semester; amazing staff; offers teaching certification included with degree; is located kind of far away so commuting will be a pain depending on how many days a week I am actually on campus [tuition is approx 7k per year] CCA: private art school; offering me a more prestigious array of scholarships even though it will still end up more expensive than SFSU; no teaching certification; amazing campus, but i'll be surrounded by people who are mostly willing or able to dive into an insanely high tuition and idk how comfortable id feel being in that environment as a low income person of color [tuition is approx 40k per year, but i would basically be receiving 70% of my tuition covered] I've also been traveling all month for academic events and its made it super hard to organize the pros and cons of each. Basically floundering a little!!! Thank you in advance <3
  17. How do I make myself the most competitive English PhD candidate possible? I'm currently pursuing an MFA, but I'm considering getting my PhD in either Lit or Rhet/Comp in order to better my job prospects. Of course, all the writing I've been doing for the past two years has been creative, and I only have poetry publications to my name. I plan to take off a few years between the MFA and the (potential) PhD. What could I do in that time to improve my application? Publish scholarly papers? Audit a literature class?
  18. Hi all! I was admitted to U WA's MFA Creative Writing program fully-funded as a fellow! I have the option to either teach 1:1/2:1 or take the fellowship and not teach during my time there. I have a few questions: how important is the teaching component to the MFA? I hear mixed opinions on whether or not it truly makes a difference. I'm considering a PhD afterwards, but not quite sure if I want to do that yet. Also, does anyone here go to U WA or have any true insights about the program? I hear the faculty is influx, which makes me a little nervous about fit and style of the program.
  19. Hello! I am panicking. Does anyone know what the deadline is for accepting an acceptance offer from Sarah Lawrence? I assumed it was April 15th, but could I be wrong? Their application portal says: Please note the enrollment deposit due dates below:MFA Writing Program: March 15th (If for any reason you would like an extension, please contact Paige Ackerson-Kiely, packerson@sarahlawrence.edu) March 15th (TODAY!) is crazy, right?? I haven't even heard back from all my schools! And they're on Spring Break right now, so I can't seem to get in touch with anyone. HELP.
  20. I was debating to put this in the 'Decisions, Decisions' thread, but felt that fellow MFA-ers would have a better sense of the question I'm trying to ask and the information I think would be helpful to many. Let's say you've been accepted into a program that does not fully fund every student; what sort of questions should one ask in regards to getting SOME sort of funding? In certain situations, I'm sure zero funding is quite possible. However, what questions should a prospective student be asking about TA-ships, GA-ships, other funding opportunities? In regards to TA-ships, what questions should be asked about tuition remission, course loads, etc? Please feel free to contribute more in-depth questions as I feel this conversation is a good one to have even before applying to programs. These should be questions that, those of us unable to access the creme de la creme programs, can ask to get the best idea of our individual "fit" in a program.
  21. Hello everyone! I am currently investigating MFA programs in Creative Writing. My main focus is poetry, but I'm also very interested in fiction. Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences that they could share?
  22. I'm an Indian national, with a 4-year Bachelor's degree in Engineering. I'm interested in pursuing MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry). Since funds are a major concern for me, I want the course to be a fully funded one-- financial aid starting from the first semester itself. Also, I need to maximise my chances of selection; hence, I'm looking to apply to okay to decent schools where chances of converting the application are comparatively higher than top universities which take very very few students. I know I can build from a small start. Hence, could you please suggest (out of the confounding number of schools) a few select names which satisfy these constraints of mine? Any information in this regard would be extremely helpful.
  23. Hi, everyone! Anyone else going to FSU in the fall? I'm an English (Creative Writing) PhD. Also um, if anyone is in my program, I'd be interested to know what you've heard about it!
  24. Hello there! I am about to start the final year of my undergraduate coursework and am considering whether or not to apply for MFA (fiction) programs this fall, or to hold out for another year to be a more competitive applicant. I have been published in the venues available through my school, which is a modest state university with not much prestige but a humble price tag, and have been writing for the school paper. For my senior year, I will hold an editorial position at the paper, as well as the school literary journal. I will also have some teaching experience by the time I graduate. I am set on pursuing an MFA, and I am interested in attending one of the following programs: NYU, Iowa, UCI, UCR, or possibly Cornell. My backup program is Cal State Long Beach. While I feel that I am at a point in my development as a writer that it would be advantageous to participate in a graduate level workshop, I am not sure I know the writing level of most students who enter into one. I know that I am one of the more competitive writers in my undergraduate program (which is actually CW, a rare thing), and that you are not expected to submit a sample worthy of publication in Tin House or The New Yorker right away, but I think I need a sample to try and measure my current skill level up against. I've gotten some really positive feedback and encouragement from my writing mentors, but I feel shy about going right up and asking bluntly if I am skilled enough to think of applying this fall. Is there anyone who is knowledgeable in this subject and would be willing to suggest some reading that is a good example of the caliber of an incoming MFA student? Much thanks and gratitude.
  25. Hello everyone. To those who have achieved MFA degree in creative writing or those who have related experience, I'm glad being here. I really need your help there since I'm a Chinese applicant for the U.S. creative writing programs and cannot find another applicant in my university, and cannot get much information either. I only applied the fiction programs and what I received are all rejections (I applied to both large and small classes). Since I've always wanted to be a writer and there are not many MFA programs in China (not as advanced as America), I feel quite depressed and want to gain some help. As I wrote in my SOP, I started writing at the age of 14. My first Chinese novel was to criticize Chinese education that only focuses on academic result, and many stories came from my junior high school life. It has altogether 120,000 Chinese characters and got published in 2012. I completed my second novel in 2014, which was about young students' love, their fragile heart, their solitude and struggling. The novel was unedited and after I learned about the creative writing program in the U.S, I started to prepare my writing sample. I spent a month translating some chapters from this novel (about 50 pages). It was really a hard task since I hadn't written any English novels and got no translating experience, but I think it is worthy. I only incorporated my writing dream and experience in my SOP, not any preference to the MFA faculties since I haven't read their novels. I also wrote classical Chinese poems, essays and dramas. I don't usually write short stories, which may be a disadvantage for my application I think? I study Chinese Literature in my uni and am going to graduate in June. Seeing my classmates holding lots of U. S. offers (of course they did not apply creative writing), I already felt like a loser. I know my writing sample plays the most important part in the application, but I don't understand why they did not choose mine? Is it because they don't prefer campus novel? Or did not understand my theme? Or did not like Chinese writers? ( I know at least one program I applied does not prefer Chinese) Another things is I suffered from depression last year so I did not get high scores in my English and GRE test. I tried to keep calm every time but still failed several tests. I finally achieved 7.0 in my last IELTS test and finally reported in my application, although it might not actually reveal my English level. I'm not sure if it mattered a lot in my application? Anyway my English in my fiction is still good. In Feb I emailed every program saying I translated myself and explained about my test score, and some of them replied they'd take that into account. This is all about my application. I don't suffer from depression any more but after receiving so many rejections, I became desperate to death. If you got any application experience and know something about the faculty's preference please give me a hand! I cannot describe how grateful I will be. Also, if your writing program has application for Spring, 2017, please recommend to me, since I don't seem to have any choices left. Thank you again! Kim
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