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Found 233 results

  1. Hello! I'm an international student, and I am worried if the Transcript I will submit is enough. My Transcript does not have a cumulative grade, aside from the fact that it is graded on a different scale. Is this acceptable? I mean, how would my grade be compared to other students? I do have a separate certificate that shows my cumulative grade however, I am hesitant to submit this since this is not part of the requirements. What do you think? Am I overthinking this?
  2. Situation I'm hoping to apply to PhD programs next year. I'm currently in a dual masters degree program at a top public university. When I'm finished I'll received one professional MA (public policy) and another in liberal arts. Dilemma In my professional program, professors aren't are all shy about assigning B (sometimes C) grades to students. While I'm generally doing well, I'm probably going to have a couple or more B/B+ grades on my transcript from quantitative/economics courses. Bottom line My GPA is going to be 3.8, maybe 3.6 (GASP!), by the time I'm finished with both degrees. Should I be freaking the fuck out? Are my hopes of attending a top political science PhD dashed?
  3. Hello guys, I got my B.Sc in mechanical engineering with a GPA of 12/20 it is equal to something between 2.4 and 2.6 . I got my M.Sc in biomedical engineering with a GPA of 16.5/20 which is equal to something between 3.3 and 3.4 . I have 5 years of work experience, 3 patents (one of them is U.S. patent), 5 papers (IEEE,ASME,journal of biomechanics) I got 103 in TOEFL IBT and 800Q, 450V, 3.5W in GRE what are my chances of getting into a PhD program in universities such as Washington University or UCLA ? Thanks for your time and consideration
  4. Hello friends, I am going to apply 4-5 sociology, and 1 gender studies PhD. But everytime, something pops to increase my anxiety level. Now, I have studied in a very stupid program in a top 5 university: English Teaching as A Second Language. I was a student that my teachers liked and found clever and hardworking. But of course I was not mad at being the honors student of the department with trickery in the exams like all my fellows have always did. I was just sitting and watching them write what they might need during the exam onto their tables... It was a stupid 4 years. Finally, I got a GPA of 2.91. Then, I started masters one year after in Women's Studies in the same university. It is the first in WS in my country. There, I was so much applauded for my ideas. I am in the top 3 choice of my professors out of a cohort of 20-30. Well,, there, I got a GPA of 3.07.... Why? I started pychotheraphy, given anti-depressants, bashed by a professor because I did not write '' men hegemony '' but '' hegemony of some genders/sexualities over others'' thus she got mad at me and gave me the low marks... Now, I hope some sociology departments do not care a GPA from a department about technics of teaching. Secondly, my Master was dominated by early feminists and our interests did not match in Women's Studies. This is the reason of a low GPA (3.07) and why I am applying to the programs in USA. I have good reference letters, one presentation experience in an international PhD meeting, and interesting writing sample, articles on web and a SOP. Now, do they care Master GPA or Bachelor? This things will put me into trouble? And, this is why I am applying to these programs: I have been to departments whose philosophies don't match mine. This is the reason of low GPAs. But I have international experience and my teachers think I can do in America and I should go. Please, tell me some things... I do not want my dreams get soaked. p.s: I am also going to apply top 20 universities. but mostly top 30.
  5. I'm entering my senior year next week and already graduate school has me very nervous and overwhelmed. A lot of the programs I'm looking at are very vague and have a minimum GPA requirement of 3.0 and GRE of 1000. However, what I'm worried about is whether or not my academic background is considered "competitive." I really don't want an admission committee to laugh at my application even though I'm not applying to any top 10 programs. I have an overall undergrad GPA of 3.21 and am majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Biology. I received a 3.20 GPA my freshman year. I sort of slumped sophomore year due to some personal family issues and got a disappointing 2.9. I got my stuff together last year (junior year) and received a 3.44 for the year and a 3.6 for last semester (I even made Dean's List). I took the GRE twice this summer and received a crappy 960 the first time, but did much better the second time (Q: 680-710, V: 510-610). I also have done a bit of research and fieldwork, am doing an internship this fall, and am involved in an academic honor society. My main concern is that the numeric aspects of my application (GPA and GRE) aren't that impressive. Could outstanding recommendations and a focused and committed SoP put me on a competitive level? Any advice or input would be much appreciated.
  6. So I'm trying to receive advice from all possible sources, consider my options, and then take the best long-term path. I didn't do well in undergrad (extreme depression, lack of ambition, no clear goals; all excuses, sure). My overall GPA was 2.51; last 60 credits was 2.82; and my major GPA (English literature) was 3.2. It wasn't until a year after graduating that I even began to think about graduate school (from the help and push of a friend who wanted me to do better for myself), and I realized that I have a great deal of interest in media studies/communications (specifically media ecology and the internet and society). I did all right on the GRE (verbal: 650; math: 670; writing: 4.5), but nothing great, which would be all right if my GPA was 3.5, for instance. I'm going to apply this year, but I'm almost certain that I have no chance of getting accepted into a decent masters program. Ohio State University and Purdue are my two top choices (in terms of schools that wouldn't straight up laugh at my application, like NYU), but OSU's graduate school won't admit anyone with a GPA lower than 3.0. Other schools of interest are Oregon, Indiana, University of Washington, and University of Minnesota. At the same time, I've started thinking about selecting "safe" programs, schools like University of Denver, Southern Methodist University, San Francisco State University, and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (which probably isn't a "safe" school for me, if any of them are). So I'm wondering if people can offer any advice for a person in my situation. I've taken the last couple of years to really work on my mental health and get my life in much better order. And despite all the rigor and stress of a masters program (and eventually a PhD program), I very much want to pursue this educational endeavor. It's been suggested that I apply to a desired school (like Purdue) as a non-degree seeking post-baccalaureate student, but that is difficult because I'd need a full-time job to support myself and to take out additional loans; but that could be the only way. I've considered these safe schools either in order to get a masters from them, or to do a year there (and do extremely well) and apply for a transfer to a desired school (even if it puts me behind on receiving a masters). Any and all (even harsh) input is appreciated. I'm just looking for guidance. Thank you.
  7. Generally in my collage we have 3 statistics and 3 calculus courses for an Econ major. An introductory course, an intermediate course and an advanced course. They're all pre-requisites and you have to take them in order as they build upon the previous course. My question is, my grades for the intermediate courses are poor, C and D+ respectively, while the advanced courses they're much better A and A- respectively, mostly because I've pulled my butt and worked harder. While this affects my GPA, do Econ grad schools look at overall GPA? Or do they just look at the hardest courses you've taken? Common sense would tell that if you can master the later courses then you probably know the material that builds upon it, and they should be ignored. However do grad schools take that into consideration? Thanks in advance.
  8. I could really use some advice right about now. I took the GRE about two weeks ago and I just got my scores back tonight. My scores break down as such: Verbal: 710 (98%) Quantitative: 700 (70%) and Writing: 3.5 (26%). I realize the writing score is pretty crap. During college I had an undiagnosed illness and my GPA suffered during my sophomore and junior years. I eventually got the treatment I needed but my cumulative gpa ended up at a 2.9. (my major related gpa is a 3.3-4) My major is East asian culture and literature. The advice I need is this. Does anyone think it is at all possible that I could even get into any sort of graduate program. I am aware of the things that might be done to correct my GPA and GRE scores. Taking more classes to raise my GPA, retaking the GRE etc. But I need to know if I should at least make the attempt to apply this year. (I do have some letters of recommendation already lined up.) Please, any and all advice would be really appreciated.
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