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Found 110 results

  1. programming help

    i need help with this program!!! Task: Program 1 objective: write a program to track GPA for several students in all six of their classes. Exactly 10 students, each with 6 classes, each class has a grade for every six-week term for a year. Start the program, enter the data: Student first name Student last name Term Course, Grade – repeat six times: Course … grade … Be certain to check for bad data entered Choice of another student, or exit data entry If exit data entry, then choice of: Quite program Get data results Listing of each student, with their classes and current grade for this term, cumulative GPA for all classes, cumulative GPA for all 10 students in all of their classes (this last is an aggregate, without student or class identifiers. Return to data entry
  2. Queen's Uni MPH

    If anyone is applying to Queen's MPH program, do you know if can submit our CV anywhere?
  3. Delete Account

    I would like to delete my account. Is there a way to do this? If not, is there a way to delete posts? Thanks
  4. I am needing to pin down a graduate degree but I feel I need more information from people that have completed or are currently in the graduate programs that I am interested in: Masters in Public Administration, Speech Therapy, or Occupational Therapy. Ultimately I want a degree were I can make a difference, and have heard so many bad things about social work that I though MPA would allow me to do many things with government and non-profits. Speech Therapy is another one that I would enjoy- working with kids, the schedule, the decent salary, and for the most parts many options for places to work. Occupational Therapy is something I have enjoyed learning about and looking into- I would like to work with children and Occupational Therapist make more than Special Education Teachers, I also would rather work with one kid at a time instead of the load of a class. I am almost done with my undergrad and need to narrow my focus and if you have been in one of these degrees or currently are in one of these degrees and can offer some detailed insight into that field it would be very helpful... Thank you
  5. Hopkins interview??

    So I applied to Johns Hopkins' human genetics program on a whim, assuming I would be rejected. To my complete surprise, I have been invited to an interview. However, now I'm freaking out because I have absolutely no idea what to expect from it. I haven't yet interviewed with any graduate schools, so I'm really in the dark. It also doesn't help that I'm utterly intimidated by the idea of meeting attending students and professors at Hopkins. I don't know how to prepare beyond becoming familiar with the profiles of the professors that will most likely interview me. So any words of wisdom/help would be incredibly appreciated at this time. Thank you!
  6. One of my recommendation providers had technical issues uploading my LOR to the school's application system. After a long back-and-forth with the school's technical assistance team and the admissions office, the school told the recommendation provider to email them a copy and mail a hard-copy, which she did. This was in September. I emailed the person who was supposed to receive the e-copy and received no response (she never responds). I called the school a few weeks later and they said they received the hard copy. All set, right? I received an email from the school yesterday saying they never received a hard-copy or email of my LOR. I even called the school to speak with the person with whom I talked in September. She vaguely remembers this issue but was unaware of the LOR being sent. I know this is not true but I am having my recommendation provider, who is just a frustrated as I am, resend the LOR. My biggest concern is that, since it is now after the school's deadline to be considered for funding, that I will be left out of consideration because the school cannot find the LOR, either the hard-copy or electronic form. Any ideas on making sure I can still be considered for funding? r
  7. (Note: What you're about to read is not representative of the grad school experience. Just ask any of my fellow students) I think that I am experiencing the symptoms of depression. I've had enormous difficulty coping with my course work and I don't want to do anything at all. I'm also, tired, angry and do not love my work anymore. I always imagined that grad school would be wonderful, now I realize that it has only exacerbated my mental health issues (that I did not know existed). What happened to my happiness? Maybe the problem is that I try to find happiness in school alone. So, is there anyway to take time off? I do not want to drop out! I can't seem to meet with a health professional for another two weeks! I find it difficult to wait so long. I was an excellent student in high school and college, but now all that I make are C's and low B's and I generally loathe everything about my school. I've realized that my school and grad school is not the problem, I think that I need a breather. Can anyone help? I feel guilty, because I was so excited and grateful to get a TA, but now I will surely lose it if I can't find anyway to re-center my mental landscape. I'm certain that other grad students have had experience in this area. I don't want to ruin my future! I also do not want to tell my advisor this, because he has such a pristine opinion of me. Please help, I have no one else to talk to right now. I have a bunch of assignments due, but it's difficult to work when you feel hopeless and lack motivation. All that I can seem to do is to search for amusement online and feel empty. I had such high hopes. What would you do in my situation? I could go into immense detail about my difficulties, but I don't think it's necessary.
  8. hii guys.......After graduating this May .......after that starting from August I have joined under a Prof. for voluntary research.....also I have been asked by the Prof. to be part of the university's course content developing this group makes online study materials for Engineering undergrads ....nd I have been doing the Chemistry part is pretty similar to UC Davis..dynamic textbook project .... I am basically not sure how to put forward this 'course content developing' experience of mine in my SOP .......I have thought of putting it forward as a favourable factor of being a good Teaching Asst. ....but still unsure about how will I write this exp. in my SOP so that Adcom might this as favourable point in my apps..... Any suggestion regarding this would be welcome ......... Will this anyway add something extra in my apps....othr than research exp and all ???
  9. I've glanced around here briefly and this looks like a great source so I humbly beg you all for some guidance. I'm applying to get my PhD in English, already got an MA. I've went through two drafts thus far. The first was the typical "here's motivational stories about me" tripe. The second is better but is still missing something. I want some feedback on it but have heard it's best to PM it so the adcomms can't Google it to see that you got help. So I guess consider this an open call that I'd like someone to give it a read-through and tell me what they think. A more general question though. I'm having an EXTREMELY hard time working on the "fit" portion. I think I've gotten down how to explain my focus and how to highlight my projects, research, etc. to bring that out and even to mention what I want to study in the future, but I just am awful at explaining the fit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hello world I tried using my google skills to find more on these two schools' policy programs -- about post graduation career prospects for some international student who does policy from these schools but I did not have much luck. Does anyone know how good these programs are and how well they are regarded? Especially concerned because going to these schools will put me in the same area where graduates of SIPA and Wagner will lurk for jobs , and I'm concerned that these schools might not be thought of as highly or might not provide the same scope you know.