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Found 35 results

  1. For future reference, does anyone know which Visual Studies programs are known for providing the best funding? I understand PhD programs are more likely to provide a full ride, but are there programs with good funding for MAs as well? UBuffalo, I believe, but not sure any others.
  2. Hey guys it's getting quite late and I keep waiting. I haven't come accross many other applicants from this program, is any of you out there waiting? If so are you in the dark as well?
  3. Hello, I've been offered a place in the MA Art History at the UofT. My first choice remains McGill, however. I was wondering if anyone here has done their graduate studies in art history at McGill and the UofT, and could help me make a choice, but mostly give me feedback about the art history department of both universities. I should also note that I still haven't received a response from McGill, and getting quite anxious about it. But if I got in at the UofT, shouldn't I get accepted at McGill too? As they are both the best universities in Canada. Thanks
  4. Hi all, Although I am just starting a doctoral program in the fall in Literature, I can't but help feel a bit terrified as far as the job market is concerned...tenure-track positions are dwindling, and job posts for Humanities professors are scarce (been looking at job posts on the Chronicle every now and then out of curiosity). It seems like schools are looking more into hiring adjuncts and instructors, which leaves me questioning at times if getting a PhD is even valued anymore. I guess my question is how are new PhDs in the Humanities coping with the uncertain future? To be clear, I definitely am excited about this new stepping stone in my life... I will be the first PhD in my family, and I don't see the doctoral program as simply a means to an end, but a period of time where I can develop as an intellectual in particular and a individual in general. However, I am constantly thinking about whether or not there will be any tenure-track positions in 5-6 years, when I am hoping to be done with my doctoral program. I am starting to think that it would be smart to think about other careers that I might look into, but I feel as though I should be focused solely on getting a position teaching in a university if that is my main goal. I have also entertained whether teaching abroad would be a viable option or perhaps teaching at a boarding school or a community college. I did read Gregory Colon Semenza's Graduate Study for the 21st Century:How to Build and Academic Career in the Humanities (a very good read!), and he urges that doctoral students see the lack of tenure-track positions as not only a bad thing...students should use it as inspiration to create strong work. However, I am not quite sure that simply creating good work necessarily means one will land a job...luck plays a huge role in landing a tenure track position as well. There are also other doctoral students who I have spoken to who are under the impression that a lot of baby-boomers in academia will be retiring in 5+ years, leaving more teaching positions...I really don't buy this either....with the economy where it is now, people who were planning on retiring soon have been forced to remain in the job market way longer than they expected. And plus, professors usually stay in their positions way past the average retiring age. To end my rambling, I just wanted to know how humanities doctoral students cope with the uncertainty of their future in academia while trying to relish the time they have as doctoral students and creating good work. Honestly, I don't know what is better than being paid to study something you love. It really is such a privilege, and I really don't want to spoil my experience and take it for granted by stressing out too much about my job prospects in the near future.
  5. Greetings all, As one of the group (legion?) of people admitted to Chicago's one-year MAPH, I thought it might be a good idea to open a thread for discussion of the program for those of us who are even remotely considering it be an option (as well as those who have been through it/ have helpful advice to give). I know there is already a thread going about one-year MA's in general, but I didn't want to hijack it with a discussion that was narrowed to one program. Also, I have discussed this with a few individuals (thanks!) but I figured it would be helpful for anyone to be able to chime in. I have a few specific questions about funding. In particular, I just read that those with partial funding must respond by 4/15, while those without have until 4/29. Is there any chance that, if enough people with partial waivers decline, others without funding will receive an offer? I feel like that is unlikely, but it's worth asking. My other question involves application timing. It strikes me that, since PhD app season begins during the winter quarter, there won't have been much time to generate a better writing sample, have much of an MA transcript, or build relationships in the department. Then again, maybe this worry is unfounded. I'd love to hear other perspectives. I know this will basically come down to money, and whether I am crazy enough to risk debtors' prison. I know it would be insane to take this over any kind of funded offer, and I'm still waiting on a few funded MA's. I'm also aware that with a bit of funding this could still be an irresponsible choice. But I am also obsessed with this school. Anyone else facing a similar dilemma?
  6. Hi all, I have a few programs I'm applying to that don't fit neatly into any other category so I made one up. They include Emory's ILA program, UC-Irvine's Visual Studies program, Berkeley's Performance Studies, and Duke's Literature Program (I know, I know, check Literature. But I think Duke's program is a little bit unique). Anyone else applying to interdisciplinary programs for Fall 2012 and waiting to hear back?
  7. What are the duties of a GSR at a UC (in the humanities/social sciences)? I can't seem to find an answer to that.
  8. Hypnotoad

    MA vs PhD

    Hello all. My question concerns the benefits of obtaining a History MA before applying to a PhD History program. I finished my undergrad degree in May 2010, and it was always my plan to wait a few years after graduating before applying to graduate school. I'm not sure why, but that was always the way I envisioned doing it. Grad school has always been in my thoughts however, and I plan to spend the next year applying for the Fall 2013 term. I guess I don't really have a more specific question other than, 'What are the benefits and drawbacks of each path?' Applying to an MA program first, versus applying straight to a PhD program. One thing I've noticed so far is that PhD programs seem to be more common, so maybe it would be easier to find the right place for me. Just a thought. I don't have anything more detailed than that yet, so I was hoping people who have gone each route can share their thoughts and perhaps this will help me tease out some of the specifics of my situation. Any info is appreciated, and feel free to ask me any question. Thanks for the help.
  9. Hello - wondering if anyone who has some experience with studying in Quebec and the FQRSC (provincial funding) could help me out... I just moved here to start my PhD (from another province), so I know I'm not eligible this year. But, in reading their regulations, they want a copy of your Quebec RAMQ health card. However, the RAMQ states on their website that students aren't eligible for health care, that they are covered under the plan from their province of origin (in my case, OHIP). Is this just a matter of my deciding whether I want to be a Quebec or Ontario resident on paper (and for taxes etc)? If that's the case, then should I just get my health card as soon as I'm eligible (I'll be here 3 months come November)? There's no particular reason for me to stay an Ontario resident. Has anyone else stumbled over this? I'm disappointed I can't apply this year but will be ready for next year.
  10. I am applying to PhD programs in English Lit, and my interests are medieval / women's studies / Jewish studies / history of the book. I am trying to narrow it down to ten programs to which I will apply. I already have an MA and a pretty darn specific idea of what I am looking for regarding advising, research, and dissertation topic, involving the above topics. Therefore, I am considering the breadth of advising potential and resources across these areas and giving special considerations to universities with strong Medieval Studies, History of the Book, Women's and Gender Studies, and Jewish Studies programs, along with significant relevant collections (or proximity to them). Should I be targeting programs with overall strengths across these areas, even if there is no "obvious" or "perfect fit" advisor for my pet topic / specialization intention, or should I focus on programs with tenured faculty doing very similar work (there are a few)? As an example, would it better to go to say, Berkeley (which is consistently well regarded in English, and has a good placement record in medieval and early modern) or somewhere that is less strong overall, such as Texas or Wisconsin, but which has a "perfect fit" potential advisor and decent supplemental programs/resources? Thoughts?
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