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Found 66 results

  1. I recently received my acceptance letters from the New School in New York and SAIC- Chicago. I had applied early admission for their undergrad fashion design programs, from India. Unfortunately, I was counting on a scholarship and I there has been no mention of any scholarship in either of my letters. So, there are a few questions I'd love to know the answers to- 1. Do the scholarship applicants get to know if they've received anything after the regular applications have been processed as well? 2. I understand that as an international student on a student visa I can only work upto 20 or so hours a week, and i've been reading about work study opportunities, how are the two different, if they are? 3. Are there any art/ design scholarships that I can still apply to at this point of time that applies to international students? 4. Does the Indian Government give out scholarships? 5. Are there any places in the states where a loan can be taken for these colleges without a cosigner? 6. Are there any places in India where a loan this hefty can even be taken? I carried out my entire application process entirely on my own so any information at all from someone who may or may not have gone through the same problems would be exceedingly helpful as it would be very disappointing to have to give up an opportunity like this.
  2. Hello, Initially planning to apply to Canadian programs only (I am an anthropology student) I decided to take the GRE and change most of my applications to US programs after learning that funding and quotas for international students were limited there. I have been accepted to the PhD program at UBC with 4 year funding at CAD18,200 and informed that there would also be possible TA'ship positions later at CAD 12,000. It would be great to study in Canada, as while I know that PhD programs (perhaps just for the social sciences) are more 'valid' when from the US, my homecountry is a mess right now, and my spouse (who is an architect) and toddler will be accompanying me and Canada does give the chance of PR'ship after 3 years which we might consider as well as work permits on arrival etc. etc. I'm wondering if I'm not mistaken in thinking that a monthly CAD1500 is a bit too low for a student to manage in Vancouver, even if I were to go alone? (We will have a little extra funding set aside but it will be spent on childcare) The rents for one thing are so high! I'm still waiting for the results from Queens (Cultural studies) and York and a few other US universities (I have received one acceptance) but am wondering if anyone could advice me before I decline.. I know there are gov grants that can be applied to but most seem to be for Canadian citizens and also I'm not sure if I should count on those.
  3. I'm an international student currently studying in a reputed liberal arts college in the US. I'll be graduating with a BS in general engineering (my electives are in mechanical) rather than a specified engineering discipline. I have a current gpa (I'm in my junior year) of 3.93, one summer internship and some research assistance experience (one summer, one semester independent study) but no publications and am a tutor. I'm hoping to go to graduate school but it's impossible for me to fund it on my own. I hear PhDs are generally funded, but I'm concerned about lacking the background required to get into a good school for a PhD and so I'm currently thinking of pursuing a masters first....I'd love to get into a top engineering school although I'm skeptical about my chances. Any advice on strategies or steps to take over the next year or thoughts about if this is even doable? Thanks!
  4. Hello all, I am a former international student who completed an honours ba degree in Canada, and I am currently on post-graduation work permit. As you might be aware, there are not many funding opportunities for international students. So, I was wondering, is it better to become a Permanent Resident first and then apply to grad school (hence more funding, more spots, less competition) or should I go for grad school as an international student if I get admitted (limited spots, more competition, higher tuition)? I have already applied to 6 schools this year and I started working in January. After I complete 1560 hours (around Oct-Nov 2018), I'll be able to apply to PR through Express Entry. Should I wait for PR or go for grad school as an international student in Canada?
  5. Wugie

    Advice needed

    Hello Linguists, I am an international student trying to apply to MA programs in linguistics. Background: BA in English (as a second language) from a no-name university in a third world country; not so impressive GPA; GRE V159Q160; TOEFL 115; one writing sample in phonetics I am mainly looking for schools in the US and the UK because almost all the European (and Canadian) schools I looked at require a BA in linguistics or at least a certain amount of credit points taken in linguistics and I have neither of those. I do intend to go for a PhD eventually, but given my background, I don't think I'm competitive enough just yet. I also don't have an exact research interest yet, so I'm hoping to get enough exposure to different subdisciplines during my MA to help me decide what I want to pursue. Right now I'm leaning towards phonetics/phonology and also wish to maybe get into some neuro stuff, although people have been telling me comp-ling is what will get me employed. So, I'm still zeroing in on programs. I would probably prefer schools that 1. are in the US (because universities in the States have a better reputation in my home country than universities in the UK and Australia/New Zealand and any Asian universities, and if I need to come back to my home country to look for a job if/when I failed to get into a PhD program, a US school will look better on my CV since HRs here don't care about things like publication or research or GPA other than the name of the school) 2. are located in a city that has a good public transportation system (because I prefer not having to buy a car as an international student on a budget) 3. will give me a boost when I apply to PhD programs 4. will give me exposure to different subdisciplines, especially neuro, hopefully Right now I'm thinking about Boston, Georgetown, the MAPH at UChicago, and Edinburgh. Among them, UChicago and Edinburgh both have good rankings but both are one-year programs and I'm worried about having to apply to PhD programs only 2-3 months in the MA program (no good recommendations, no grades, no good paper, etc), also the MAPH sounds a bit too intimidating tbh. Does anyone have experiences with any of the schools/programs above? *I did read Fuzzylogician's post on lists of MA programs, but I don't think they apply to my situation ** Some Canadian schools have things like a qualifying year but if I don't get admitted after the qualifying year will it look bad if I apply elsewhere? ***A friend of mine suggested applying to universities in France although my French is barely conversational. But according to them, linguistics in France is "Anglified" and I will get by before I can speak/read French at a functional level. Please verify? Thanks for reading! Any suggestions/advice welcome!
  6. Hey guys, I'm a UK student looking to apply to grad school here in the US. I'm on track to get a 1st in BSc. Biology (Hons), I've seen this stated as equivalent to a 3.7-4.0 GPA, from a top 10 UK school. I also have 1 year of full-time research experience at a school in Chicago, and we are hoping to have a paper on which I would be second/third author out by the time I apply to schools. I was wondering where I could find a list of schools that are good in this field? All I've been able to find so far is a list of the top schools in molecular biology, which would all likely be reach schools (e.g. UCSF and Berkeley). Or if you guys have any recommendations for realistic schools? Ideally, I'm looking at schools in/near a big city. Not being very familiar with the US system, I'm not sure how competitive of a candidate I would be and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I have an oddly specific question. One of the program(me)s I'm considering is through the University of Wales Trinity St. David, but it would be through distance learning, so I won't be moving to Wales to complete the degree. I was looking into their program(me)s for a bit now and I like the coursework and the professors have similar research interests to me, so I thought it was a good fit. However, as we all are, I'm worried about the funding. Since I'll still be residing in America, if I chose to go to this program(me), what kind of funding would you suggest? I know they have a scholarship for distance learners, but that's only £1,000 and that'd only cover perhaps half of one class. Additionally, it's harder for me to find scholarships/funding because I'm turning 29 in September and often there is an age cut off for funding. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  8. Hi. I currently manage an animated series production in a company in Pakistan. I want a better grounding in film and production aspects. I want to go to a grad school ASAP (deadlines are close) but I am having a hard time finding scholarships and funding for international students in art/film schools. Can anyone help? Any country is good though I prefer the US. I am interested in RIT, Pratt, SCAD, and Chicago NY. If you could mention schools with January deadlines, I would prefer that.
  9. Ruby Naz

    PhD in Law

    Planning on doing my Phd in intellectual property. Suggestions would be nice for various colleges which has this program..either from US or UK. What is the procedure?? How shall we choose pur research topic??
  10. Hello. My name is Madhuvanthi. I am from India. I really need some help/advice regarding my Graduate applications. I am looking forward to apply for PhD in behavioural neuroscience for the fall 2018 batch. I have a BA in JPE ( journalism, psychology and English) where I scored 69.43%, and have pursued masters in psychology( MSc Psychology) with a CGPA of 7.14, both from India. I have a master's dissertation which i wrote during my final semester. I worked for a year for an IB school. I am taking the GRE in September mid. I am really confused about several things. I don't really know how strong my profile is. I did find a few universities which aligned with my interests but i want to know whether i have a chance to get into those universities. Some of those universities are Stony brook university, Northeastern university, Arizona state university and Boston university. it would be helpful if you could rate my profile and suggest me a few universities in the US.
  11. Hi, I have a question regarding employment regulations for international students in the US. I understand that as an international student in the US, you are not allowed to work off campus, and not more than 20 hours per week. That much is clear. My question is, does this apply to publishing? In the simplest example, if you have a story/article and want to sell it to a magazine in a freelance capacity (i.e. you're not employed by them), can you do it? I couldn't find any solid information about this online. It's not employment in the traditional sense, but you're still getting paid. If you have knowledge about F1 VISA regulations, I'd appreciate some clarification on the matter. Thanks!
  12. This is my first post here, so please go easy on me with the forum rules I applied to a lot of Computer science and engineering related programs in Canada, out of which UoAlberta's MSc in computing science with specialisation in Multimedia and McMaster's MEng in software engineering and virtual systems design programs were my first choices ( I'm interested in game development, graphics and HCI, so the programs seemed like a good fit ). I got accepted into the program at UoAlberta a while ago, but I'm still waiting for McMaster to give an admission verdict Since I'm an international student, it'll take me a few weeks to get a study permit and visa and all other relevant documentation done before the programs start, and since it's already almost June, I'm a bit worried about my chances to get into McMaster Personally, I wish to get into McMaster because the program seems to be a better fit than Alberta's program by just a little bit. So, can you guys advise me if I should keep waiting for McMaster to give its verdict, or should I just go with the UoAlberta program? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Hello everyone. I am an international student who wishes to apply to graduate chemistry programs in the US but, I'm not sure which ones or which level, MS or PhD. I know that in sciences it is uncommon to get a Master's before a PhD but, in my case, I believe it is important (correct me if I'm wrong, that's exactly why I'm here). I believe I should get a Master's, because PhD programs' requirements are very high in many cases. To be accepted to a PhD I should demonstrate a very high English level, since I'm not a native speaker. Plus, I would be required to take the GRE (and of course do well in it). Taking the GRE is a problem since I'm not studying chemistry in English, and the test will evaluate my knowledge of chemistry in English. So it will represent a tougher challenge that usual. I want to get a Master's first so I can learn a lot of chem in English (to do well in a GRE) and I feel I'd be more prepared as I would already know what it is like to be a graduate student, and I would get more research experience. I have read (never seen) of programs that combine the Master's and PhD. So your first get a Master's and then you continue with your PhD in the same university. Does anyone know about good universities in the US that offer this kind of programs? Would you recommend it (why/why not)? I think this kind of programs sound interesting as, if accepted, I would not need to worry about applying to a PhD later. Thank you in advance, I appreciate any comment and suggestions in regards to my situation.
  14. Redseele

    Cambridge UK

    I am pondering the possibility of applying to the University of Cambridge, in England. I know that it is about 50 miles away from London and that it is a university town. But other than that, can anyone give any more information about what it is like living there? Is the access to London easy? Is housing and the cost of living generally expensive? What is the quality of the entertainment in the area? etc. Thanks!
  15. Hello everyone, I am kind of new here. I am junior studying PSC at a US college. I want to go to grad school and study Authoritarianism-Public Opinion- Voter Behavior mainly. I started preparing for my application so I have a couple of questions for you. 1. Although I am in a good range in Q (163-166) , my verbal is not that good (around 153-154). I will do my best to improve it until I take the test this summer but I don't know how hard I should study for it. Do you think having a lower score on Verbal would hurt my chances a lot given that I am an international student? 2. I am searching for grad schools with a focus on Middle East-Authoritarianism as I suggested above, do you have any program recommendations for me? 3. Lastly, I am so desperate about my chances for getting into a T20 school. My profile is below, what do you think? Major:Political Science Minor: Statistics GPA=3.98 LoR= All from tenured professors. One with a professor that I RA'd before. Research: I will be doing a research this summer on a grant from my school and am hoping to use it as my writing sample. I speak Turkish fluently and German at an advanced level.
  16. Hey Guys, I remember being in undergrad and sometimes feeling so distant from my peers because I was an international student. Well, here I am again on this voyage about to feel even weirder, this time as a grad student. I thought that we should have a space where we could be able to share experiences, answer questions, give advice, or just a space where you say what makes you feel ok about yourself. Good luck everyone! Disclaimer: I worked with International Services during my undergrad but this does not make me an immigration official. Although I can give my opinion on certain situations based on past experience, I recommend contacting your school directly about these questions.
  17. I currently have 2 offers for an M.S. without financial aid (Fall 17) and I am waiting to hear the results from 3 more schools. My situation is - School A gave me a 1-month deadline from the offer date to make a decision, and if I say yes then I have to pay a deposit. After that, I will need to send a copy of my passport along with the financial docs for them to issue my I-20. - School B said I have been recommended for admission, and the next step is for me to mail in a copy of passports and financial docs for them. Then my I-20 will arrive with the official acceptance packet. They did not mention anything about me notifying them with a yes/no response, or the deadline that I must abide by, or the need for a deposit. I called and asked if there was a hard deadline for the financial docs and they said there really wasn't one either. So school A and B are the safety schools for me. I really hope to hear good news from the remaining 3 schools. I heard that some people would just say yes to multiple schools, get multiple I-20 documents, and make the final decision by declining the offers that they don't want later. My problem is that I just don't want all these schools to have a copy of my passport and bank account info if it turns out that I will not attend there. Plus my spouse will be going with me, so they will also have a copy of my spouse's passport too if I want an i-20 from them. I am just not comfortable with the idea because I think it could be a privacy issue. And then there is the issue of paying a non-refundable deposit to hold your place. Since the timeline for the decision will spread out over the next few months, I just hate the idea of paying a deposit on safety school as a fallback plan. Do all schools really follow that April 15th deadline? Does it apply to an admission without financial aid? My plan right now is to wait a month to see if other school's results will come through. If any of you have a good risk management process for dealing with multiple offers, please share. Thanks.
  18. Hi everyone, I am an european student from a canadian uni applying for MA programs in Canada. I am looking for a good prep toward a PhD. I have no idea how my chances are. This is why i am looking for some advice and outside perspectives on my profil. Profil : Undergrad: top 4 research intensive university, canada Bachelor : BA Political science, Honors program. Will get my Bachelor in 2.5 years (don’t know if it’s a good thing or not) GPA: 3.48. (3.6 last semester, I leaning toward an A / 3.7 average this fall semester), good grades (A) in tough class, B-/B+ in mandatory class. No grades below B-. I only took class at senior level, excluding mandatory class during the first year. Methods Prep: good research Methods training (research seminar and quant analysis class), R-studio Research Experience: honors thesis, 30 pages paper with public presentation, research assistant. I have to mentioned that an undergrad is not supposed to hold a RAship at my university in political science. RA are mostly for graduate (RAship is part of their funding package). I am an exception with another undergrad student Letters of Recommendation: Faculty at my uni (IR), hopefully my thesis supervisor (IR, security) and my research project supervisor SOP: done, reviewed by a professor Publication: none except articles for the website of a well-known chair in Canada (reviewed by professors) Professional Experience / extra-curricular : I don’t want to share a lot about it in public but I worked for 5 years at a very (very) high level for a foreign gov. Also : part-time RAship (paid), internship at a research Chair (unpaid). I also hold a leadership position on campus for an academic student project GRE : don’t need it for a MA Programs I'm Looking At: UBC, University of Montreal, McGill, Toronto, Simon Fraser university Field: Us Foreign policy, Asia-Pacific, US-Sino relations, IR, security, alliance building. Language: French (native), English, Mandarin(beginner), Arabic (beginner) I am worried about my GPA and Letters of recommendation. I am not a student who used to spend a lot of time with professors during office hours. They don’t know me beyond my grades and, I guess, it could be a problem. Please let me know what my chances are. Thank you!
  19. Hello everyone, So I am applying to PhD programs in Political Science in Canada as an international student. I already sent most of my applications but wanted to get some opinion from other people about my chances. I was accepted to all these schools that I applied for Master's two years ago but I couldn't attend since they did not provide funding for international students. I am trying again for PhD this time which is way more competitive than Master's programs. I would appreciate any kind of comment about my profile and possible chances. Undergrad/Grad: Top Research University in Japan (I am an international student here) Degrees: LLB in Law and Political Science, LLM in Law and Political Science (most universities in Japan teach law and politics together so this is not uncommon) Undergrad/Grad GPA: 3.94 out of 4.30. I don't know my major specific GPA but it is probably higher than this; Grad GPA is not assessed like my undergraduate but I received top marks from all classes except for one. I'd guess 3.80 out of 4.00. GRE: Schools that I am applying do not require it TOEFL iBT: 102 out of 120 (R:25, W: 25, L: 26, S: 26) Experience: TA for two Political Science related classes; internship at a leading think tank in Turkey for 2 months in which I began co-authoring an article, did fieldwork for my Master's thesis and other admin stuff; 2 internships at 2 large corporate law firms in Turkey and Japan during my undergrad years SOP: I think it is good. I outlined my research within 500 word limit and related it to my previous studies and showed how it fits to faculty's research interests. Writing sample: I am worried about this one. I haven't started writing my Master's thesis because we have to do this Joint Research in which we design a project, conduct a research and present the findings at a conference. My papers written in other classes were not really related to my proposed study. So I decided to submit parts of my undergraduate thesis which was well structured and won the faculty prize for best thesis. It is very related to my proposed research so I thought it would be better than submitting something unrelated and not as good. Recommendations: 1 Canadian professor who is well known in the area of political economy and published extensively on the subject matter (1 single authored, 3 edited books this year). He was my undergraduate supervisor and my aforementioned TA experiences were under him. We will start working on a commentary to be submitted a journal. 1 from a Turkish professor teaching in Australia whom visited my faculty for a visiting professor job in my final year as an undergrad. I took 2 classes and aced them both. She read my thesis and aware of my research. She has a lot publications in her own research area and is quite well known. 1 from a Turkish professor that I worked with during my internship whom I began co-authoring a paper with. He knows my research abilities. 1 Japanese professor who is my current supervisor. She is aware of my research and published internationally. Publication: One piece in Japanese published for a business journal during one of my law firm internships Scholarships: Merit based scholarship throughout my undergraduate years which basically covered my tuition fees. Full funding of approximately 24,000 USD for my Master's with 5000 USD of travel grants for internship and research. It was renewed for my second year. Presentations: None I got accepted to two but did not receive the invitation letters on time thus I was denied for visa (one was in Canada, the other was in US). I will present my Joint Research in a conference; however the date it is not decided yet. Programs: York, Carleton, Toronto, McMaster, Victoria, Alberta, Queen's, Western Ontario, Dalhousie, Simon Fraser (PhD in Political Science) Field: Political Science with a focus in comparative politics and global political economy. I am basically combining my knowledge of law and politics to look at issues related to neoliberalism. I will use Turkey as my paradigm case for analysis. Languages: Turkish (Native), English (Fluent), Japanese (Advanced)
  20. Hello, I am currently in the midst of my PhD applications to Canadian universities. I will be applying to political science programs. I did my undergraduate and currently doing my master's at a reputable Japanese institution. I prepared all the necessary documents and contacted PoI's. I received very positive feedback from everyone I mailed as they showed great interests towards my research aspirations. However, one common thing that I noticed in each mail that I received was that the funding for international students are very limited. And the way they put it sounds like it is almost nonexistent. This, of course, got me a little worried. I can continue my PhD in Japan with full and very decent funding, although I feel like it is time for me to leave here and get exposed to new perspectives. What are my options to find funding for PhD? And how am I supposed to find one before getting admitted to a program at the first place? I am really confused about this whole process and would appreciate any comments. I will contact the school and previous international PhD students who received funding; however, it would be nice to hear different experiences.
  21. I'm thinking about applying to International Relations Masters programs in the UK. I'm hoping to gain some perspective about questions and reservations I have. Specifically, how are International Relations Masters programs received or viewed by employers in the US, are the viewed as equivalent or as being less valuable? I'm not sure if I want to stay in the UK and find employment there, and if I shovel out thousands of dollars will it be a waste because Think Tanks, DOS, and other U.S. based organization will automatically dismiss the degree as lacking credibility? Thank you for your help.
  22. Hi, I'm applying to several tier 1 and tier 2 U.S Sociology PhD programs in two months. By "tier 1" I mean schools like Harvard or Princeton, by "tier 2" I mean schools like Washington or Texas-Austin. I am applying from abroad and have done almost all of my studies in an non-English environment up until now. So, I am having some difficulties with the GRE verbal and writing component. I took my first GRE two month ago and I got the following results. Verbal:160(85 percentile) Quantitative: 166 (91 percentile) Writing: 4.0 (59 percentile) Now, this is the score I got by only doing two practice tests two days before the exam. So, I could probably pay 200 dollars again and retake the test to do a little bit better (I can aim for something like 160-162, 168-170, 4.0-4.5) . To tell the truth, I am a bit worried that my verbal and writing score may give off bad impression when compared to other applicants for the top schools. However, I have also heard some rumors that US universities will not care so much about GRE verbal and writing scores from international students as long as they are not terribly bad (which I don't think this is the case). If anyone has experience with these issue, it would be great to know what you think. Best,
  23. Hi everyone! I'm from Mexico and I graduated from medical school 6 months ago. I am really interested in doing a master in speech pathology abroad. Do you know any international students who are not native english speakers that were successful in their application process to an university? I am interested in hearing stories from universities in Canada, Australia, USA and the UK. I really appreciate your insight!!
  24. Hi! Has anyone gone for their Masters at the Ecole du Louvre? Especially for Americans/English-speaking students, what was your experience like? Thank you.
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