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Found 324 results

  1. Hi everyone, So, I'm a bit confused (aren't we all?). I applied to a program and was contacted by a PI that thinks I am a good fit for his lab and said, in his email, phone interview, and in person interview, that he has a spot available for me (actually, he's looking for two students - he is funded) and that I'd be a great fit due to our similar research background. I went through several interviews with him and others, interviews went really well and received positive feedback. However, the decisions were supposed to be sent out late last week and others, in different concentrations in the same program, that interviewed heard back with positive news - I haven't heard anything. However, this PI emailed me again (same day everyone heard the good news) and told me (without my asking) that he hadn't heard from the program, yet. So, am I insane for worrying (a distinct possibility) I may be chasing something that doesn't exist, or am I really being led on and I've been rejected behind closed doors? I have a Masters (3.9 GPA) in a related field. 3 years research experience. 2 theses (thesiseses? ) 1 publication 1 undergraduate grant proposal 2 presentations, 2 more coming in the next 2 months. 2 years teaching experience. The others who have heard their acceptances are in different concentrations, but I believe the *overall program* decides who gets in or not. The whole situation is odd, considering the overwhelming positive feedback I've received save for the crucial, "Hey, you're in and funded!". Any thoughts, opinions, misgivings are welcome. Cheers.
  2. I totally applied 5 Ph.D. programs: 1. UIC - bioinformatics 2. U Tennessee - Genome Science & Technology 3. Rutgers - Biomedical Science (Biomedical Engineering)/Quantitative Biomedicine 4. Clemson & Medical University of South Carolina - Biomedical Data Science and Informatics 5. SUNY Stony Brook - Biomedical Informatics I submitted all my application before Christmas Day and ETS sent my test scores at the beginning of Jan. But till now I haven't received any interview invitations yet. So I'm pretty worried. Anyone applied these programs? Have you received any notifications from them?
  3. Hi all! I wonder what questions to expect during my first interview. The specialization is the strategy field and it's a Ph.D. program. Do they usually ask such common for job interviews questions like what are your strengths and weaknesses etc? Also according to your experience/opinion, how much do they ask about your previous research?I'm freaking out about how to explain what methods I used in my dissertation and how I analyzed things. Please, be so kind to let me know what do you think. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone. I have an interview at my first choice school in about 2 weeks for a PhD in clinical psychology. I'm wondering how weird it would be to email the current students in my POI's lab, just to introduce myself and ask basic questions before I arrive on campus. I feel like I should be as involved in the interview process as possible since this is my first choice school, but I feel strange about emailing them since I know I'll see them in 2 weeks and I can ask all my questions then. However, AFAIK there's only 2 students in my POI's lab, and I think at least one (if not both) are on pre-doctoral internship. So I don't know if either of them will be there in 2 weeks to do student interviews. BUT if that's the case then I don't know how emailing them will help me because if they're not there, they may not be a integral part of the interview process. Sorry for the rant, but if anyone can help me sort out this situation I'd be very grateful.
  5. I recently received my first acceptance to NYU's Silver School of Social work which I was very happy with. That being said, they only gave me one month to accept or deny their offer. I also recently had an interview for UPENN's School of Social Policy and Practice (which is my first choice). I am wondering how long it has taken others to hear back from this program after they have interviewed? Since time is ticking on my NYU acceptance, I am most definitely feeling the pressure. I would also love to hear feedback from anyone who's had experience in either program! Sending best wishes to you all on your graduate school journey xx
  6. I have interviewed with two PhD programs over the last two weeks. The first one accepts students into the program and then they do rotations, and in the second students must enter a professor's lab right away. Currently, I haven't followed up on any of my interviews. At the second program, I don't feel that I'm a good fit in the lab I interviewed, so I'm going to send an email to that affect and thank her for her time. However, for the first program how important is it to send a follow-up/thank-you email after? I didn't think about it right after because I was prepping for the next group of interviews, and I only need to be accepted by the program and not a POI right off the bat. Is it too late (the first program interviews were 1 1/2 weeks ago)?
  7. I have two interviews with my POIs next week, and I have no idea what to expect. Can anyone share their experiences? How long are interviews typically? What do they focus on - my relevant experience, the professor's respective research, etc.? I would appreciate any input at all, preferably Waterloo-specific but any advice pertaining to Master's interviews would be fantastic. Thanks in advance!
  8. I have applied to PhD programs in biomedical science, and so far I have attended two interview weekends. One question that continues to be brought up in these visits by professors is "What other universities are you considering/interviewing at?" I was wondering if someone familiar with the PhD interview process could tell me two things: 1. Why do professors/interviewers ask this question (do they want to know what schools are they competing against for students, or are they evaluating me in some way?) 2. What is the best way to answer this question? (I have just been answering by telling them the schools I am interviewing with, but honestly is it really their business to ask or know where else I am interviewing at?) Thanks for any advice.
  9. I have an interview for the Speech Pathology program at Texas Tech on Friday and I have purchased a coral colored blazer to wear with a nice blouse, black slacks, and black heels. I am now doubting if my blazer is a good choice? I think it looks great but will the color come off unprofessional? I appreciate any opinions!
  10. Hi all! I received a request for an interview with a PhD program that I am extremely interested in on Monday morning. I responded within an hour with a list of available times later in the week, per the email's request. However, I haven't heard back from the Professor who sent the email since (it's Wednesday afternoon now). I waited all of Tuesday, and finally sent a follow up this morning asking if any of the times I suggested would work. Still no response so far. So, how should I proceed? Do I send another email? Call the Professor? I know the contact information for the director of the PhD program and could contact him directly, but that seems like I'm side-stepping the Professor that requested the interview. At this point, I'm concerned that I've either been forgotten about, or the Professor has had some sort of personal issue that is preventing his response (but hasn't told any colleague that he reached out to me). I don't want to seem like I'm bothersome, but at the same time I'm very anxious to move forward with this program! I've also already heard back from two other programs that this program would potentially 'beat' if I gained admission. It's a good problem to have for sure, but I don't want to add any unnecessary delay in my response to the programs who have already reached out to me with acceptances. Thanks to this great group for your help and thoughts!
  11. Hi guys, I applied DAAD scholarship for my Masters( in Finance) studies in November and recently have been invited to the interview in German embassy. My interview is two weeks away and it's my first interview. Is there anyone who has experience with DAAD interviews? What questions can i expect during the interview? Thank you in advance)
  12. Did anyone received PhD interview from UCLA or USC for EE or CS?
  13. Just curious, does anyone know if professors often reach out to multiple students that they are interested in? I assume that they wouldn't want to put all their eggs in one basket.
  14. For most of my interviews, I've been sent a personal itinerary including PIs that I'll be talking to, which is useful because I like to do a little reading up on them before I meet them. However, I have an interview weekend starting in two days and haven't gotten such a list; I've only received a "general" itinerary which says "interviews - refer to individual interview schedules." Is it acceptable to contact the program coordinator to ask where my individual schedule is?
  15. Has anyone heard back from Johns Hopkins CBID (Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design) MSE program yet? Online says first round interviews would be mid-late January yet I've heard nothing back yet (its Jan 31), and haven't seen reports of anyone else hearing back yet either.
  16. I recently got a Skype interview with Oxford for DPhil in Organic Chemistry, does anyone have any advice on how to prepare or anyone willing to share their experiences? Thanks!
  17. I've applied to a number of MS & PhD programs and my top choice is a research MS (w/ option to do PhD upon completion) at a school across the country. (The program requires a thesis and they do not take PhD applicants without an MS) I see that a lot of schools do Skype interviews. Visiting for an interview would be ideal as the school is so far away and somewhat remote a flight is pretty pricey, but if I am accepted I will foot the bill. Is it typical for MS programs to do phone or Skype interviews rather than flying applicants out for interview weekends? I can't find anything on the departmental websites and I'd think it would be rude to ask my POI or the graduate program director considering I haven't been accepted yet. Thanks!
  18. Hi GFCers, I just had an interview with my top school (YAY!), but I thing I bombed (boooo!!!). Everything was going so well. I had answers for all their questions. My language was fluid and I even managed to make a connection to one of the interviewers via research interests. Then, I was asked to describe some research ideas. It was clear that my first idea DID NOT fit what the program does. The second idea, was EXACTLY the kind of thing the dept. does, but was so disparate from the first idea (and they told me as much). Then questions about HOW do I see myself fitting in despite the disparities. What exactly is the common thread in my research? Great questions that I should be truly asking myself, but, like before I applied. I am going to go drink myself into a coma. Did anyone think they bombed an interview, but actually prevailed? I need all the hope I can get.
  19. Hi, I just received a mail from UCSD GPS that they want to have a Skype interview with me in the coming week. Now I have never had an interview in my entire life, and as I am an engineer applying in public policy, I am really not sure as to what I should expect. Moreover, the admissions information on the University website doesn't indicate much either. Anyone willing to share their experience/sample questions/tips for handling these interviews? Also, any idea what the implication of the interview instead of the direct admit is?
  20. Hey! I'm an international applicant to Ph.D. programs in comp lit. Was just wondering if anyone's gone to campus visits yet. I got interview/campus visits from UC Santa Barbara and USC, but don't know what to expect. The USC one is four days and I have no idea what I should bring or wear, etc. Are they just like very expensive interviews? Any ideas would be helpful, thanks!
  21. Do you guys know how much a letter of recommendation from an alumni can make a difference? I applied to Stanford EE PhD and didn't receive an interview (it seems like they don't interview all their applicants who are accepted). Low GRE comparatively. GPA average. I am a BME so it's tough already to get in with the field switch I would think. Some publications, 1 in the field, other in drug delivery not related to EE.
  22. Hi, Can you come share where they are in the process. Has anyone been interviewed as of today?
  23. Hi, I have recently been invited to an interview for a PhD program at Dartmouth and they sent an email that informed us on what would be the proper attire. According to their email "The event is casual so comfortable clothing is preferred. This is New England so bring appropriate outerwear for walking outside (gloves, hat, coat, boots for dealing with snow). I want to stress that you not wear business suits or dress shoes. Please bring warm outdoor boots, coats, gloves/mittens to keep you warm during walks around campus." I was originally planing on wearing black dress pants, a dress top/blouse, black flats, and a black blazer, but know i'm not sure what to wear. I was hoping someone could give me advice because I don't want to dress too fancy or too relaxed. Thanks
  24. Hey guys, i know we have a profile thread already. But since interviews are coming out, let's post the interview dates here so that we can try to avoid potential conflicts. Best of luck with everyone's applications and interviews!
  25. A couple people I know were asked to interview for the UChicago English PhD program, and I wasn't emailed/invited to one. UChicago is one of my top schools and I'm wondering if this means that I've been unofficially rejected. Anybody else have experience with this? Does it come out in rounds or does that lack of an interview mean I'm no longer in consideration?
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