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Found 1,439 results

  1. statsjack

    UPenn PhD v. Harvard MS

    Hi all, I have my biostatistics admission decisions and am wondering how you would tackle this. I got into: UPenn - PhD program - fully funded for 5 years + health insurance + ~$30k stipend + earning MS after 2 years Harvard - masters - no word on funding yet...I could potentially use my other offers to bargain? Columbia - masters - 50% scholarship Brown - masters - 25% scholarship So I think the real decision here is between Penn and Harvard. I'm set on getting a PhD, so if I choose Harvard it will only be as a stepping stone to a PhD (hopefully also from Harvard). Harvard has a lot of benefits plus the hope of getting a PhD from Harvard, but is costly as well. I will be paying a lot of money. If I don't get accepted into the PhD afterward, I'd have to repeat coursework somewhere else...in which case I will have wasted money and 2 years with no progress towards a PhD. Meanwhile, Penn is giving me the best financial offer, plus the benefit of NEVER having to go through the application process again. It has a solid program with an emphasis on applied research from the very beginning, which is a plus for me. I visited the department and left with great feelings about the current students and faculty. I felt like it would be a great fit. I'm strongly leaning towards Penn. Can anyone give me a solid reason why I shouldn't choose Penn? And yes I know that this is a PhD so the adviser is more important than the department, having faculty in my area of interest is more important than brand, etc. I've heard all this before... but what would you do. Thanks!
  2. Aurora12

    The Next Step

    Right! so first posted this on the results' page (got deleted) then found my way here and again ended up posting it under the wrong subforum (somewhere one is allowed to post only about technical issues ) So this is my third attempt getting this post out (who knows if this the right place)... Person/s reading it (if any) here's what I wrote So application season is almost over, next will come the paperwork (a bucket load for the international students), followed by a little more paperwork and hopefully few weeks of summer respite. However, this will only be for a select few, and my heartiest congratulations to them ! Now coming to the disadvantaged lot like myself, hanging by a thread (literally!), praying on our knees that enough people backout and we make out of those infinitely long waiting lists ( with no clue as to where we stand) or begging for a miracle from those one or two schools we have not heard from -- the realist in us says that its an implicit rejection (which is most likely the case), however the hopeless romantic grabs on to that shred of hope. Right! so coming to what this post is really about.... Its time I (and many others like me ) start looking at the practical picture, weighing our options start thinking about "our next step". Now I am an econ undergrad still in the final semester (and believe me I am not able to pay ANY attention!!)... So I applied for a couple of Master's and PhDs in the Sates and 2 in the Netherlands ( 10 apps in total... less right!). Got accepted to all the Master's but without a penny of funding and a PhD (USA) w/o funding and one more PhDs still waiting to hear from ( we all know what its going to be ). So this post is to seek advice from all you guys and girls out there what should I do ? Also how many are considering dropping the PhD dream and going for a job or something like that ...(no judgments)
  3. hi all, I have been searching for applicants to Uni of Cincinnati , Pathobiology &molecular medicine Phd program.Currently i am on their wait list.I really want to have some information if any body knows anything about it.
  4. Hey--has anyone heard anything back from UConn Ph.D. in EEB yet? I see one rejection in February, but nothing recent.
  5. Hi All- I applied to Phd schools in Economics and got into Columbia MA (got an alternated MA offer instead of Phd) and George Washington's Phd. Both came with no-funding with the latter having possibilities of 2nd year aid in forms of TA and RA assist. My internal debating point is, should I take the MA and reapply for a better school or bite the GWU offer. It's been 3 years since I worked (after my B.S. and this year was my first attempt for Phd) and I am not sure if I want to go through this "uncertain" application process again... Other factors that I am considering are: 1) though most of the people change their topic of interest, my current interest is in applied microeconomics (industrial organization), which is not GWU's thing; 2) GWU did relatively well in placing graduates in IMF and World Bank so I might have some exit options; 3) Having MA diploma might increase getting a better offer during the next cycle but I am not sure to what extent; 4) Columbia itself has a good brand name but the program was around for only 2 years, and thus, I don't have enough benchmarks for the graduate outcomes. To me, one is not dominating the other, which makes me to wonder. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance!
  6. I have recently switched to English from Computer Science. I am finishing the second semester of my junior year of undergrad and my second semester in the English program at my university. I am currently in the process of researching grad programs and have been talking with my department head about my options. Here was his suggestion: He says he thinks I should stay at my current university for a master's then move on to a PhD program from there. His reasoning: Because I have only been in the department for a short time, he thinks I won't be able to get great letters of recommendation or a solid writing sample out for a higher ranked program. He thinks I should stay here and work with professors I already know and am comfortable with so I can work on writing samples and developing the skills I will need to succeed in a PhD environment. I have proposed this to a few other professors, and they say they second his opinion. Here's the rub: My university is a small liberal arts state satellite school. I know I won't have any problem getting accepted to the program, but I worry that going here will not prepare me for a more rigorous university or that having a master's from this school will hold me back from getting into a larger school. Also, there are only a couple of GA spots available in the department and the TA spots only pay about $8000 a year without full tuition reimbursement. This school is in the southeastern US so things are a bit cheaper, but that salary is not at all competitive with the other schools I have been considering. Here's the rub's rub: I like my university's city and the faculty (though they aren't by any means a world renowned staff). A professor I really admire is starting a literary publication at the school, and I could very likely get the graduate assistanceship for that and help her grow the publication which is something I would very much like to do. Also, there's a strong chance I could get my school's writing center graduate assistanceship. Both of these GA positions pay more but require about 30 hours a week of work, and I wouldn't have time to get teaching experience. So now my question: Should I attend the master's program at my current university and sacrifice name recognition and a higher salary for comfort with professor's I already know and a good graduate assistanceship? Or should I disregard this advice and seek out a stronger master's program? Also, because I am a bit self conscious and suspicious of authority: Could he be recommending this school because he doesn't think I have what it takes to succeed in a larger school? Or is there any possibility that he just wants to fill his own underfunded program with strong students to make his department look better?
  7. I was admitted by Human Development and Family Studies at Iowa State University without funding. The program ranks 27 out of 52 HDFS programs. Is it a good choice to take that? Does anyone also receive admission from that program? I would love to know your decision. Thank you!
  8. t.lamonty

    Don't know to use or not?

    Hey, I am preparing now for passing my PhD, but I found out that I have got a huge lack of time and I can't make everything on my own on time. A friend of mine told me that I can use some help from the outside (services). I found one called phdstatementofpurpose.com and wanted to ask, if anybody used such services and, maybe, particular one. And it would be very useful for me to know whether it is a good idea to use such services? Thanks, in advance!
  9. Hello All, What is the deadline for Spring Application in Computer Science? Is it still possible to apply for Fall 2016? I searched a number of Universities but all the deadlines have passed for Fall.
  10. thegreatkatsbie

    Choosing between POIs

    Question for you current PhDs: Does a great POI compensate for a program that has other failings? The two programs I'm trying to choose between are similar in rank, offers of funding, and job placement rate, but school A has the better facilities and more money for research/travel. School B has fewer faculty and less travel funding, but it has the POI I've wanted to work with since I first started applications. POI at school B has been the thesis advisor for a lot of rising stars in my field, and he has a broader range of research experience than the POI at school A. This is good for me, because I'd like to explore different avenues of research. However, he doesn't publish as voraciously these days as the POI at school A. POI at school A also has a lot of impressive things on her resume that POI at school B doesn't. Could a dearth of published materials from school A POI indicate more of a focus on teaching/advising PhD students? Or am I better off going with school B POI, who's more of a powerhouse, even though the impression I got from her is that she may be more hands-off when it comes to student research? Or should I be more concerned with the overall program and department, and not get so bogged down with POI details?
  11. Hi everyone, I have recently been admitted to the European University Institute (EUI), in Florence. The institute and its program seem very interesting to me, but due to its specific nature (it is not a university) it is not all that famous and it is hard to find serious opinions about it. I wonder: how good is the EUI for studies in Economics, and how does it compare with top British universities, say like Warwick (where I might also be admitted) ? Has anyone here been there ? Thanks, Aschkan
  12. Hello everyone, I am a senior EE undergrad and I am going to study for PhD beginning from Fall 2016. I currently have offers from 4 schools and I am full of questions on which one would be the best for me. My offers are: - EPFL, EDIC PhD: 1 year fellowship - UC San Diego, ECE PhD: 3 years fellowship - UT Austin, ECE PhD: Funding decisions will be made in the following week as the Graduate Coordinator said. - Stanford, EE, Master’s: No funding, I do not think I will accept this offer. The schools that I did not get any response yet, are University of Michigan, USC and CMU. My research interests are statistical signal and image processing and there are professors and labs that I would love to work with, in all of the schools that I have offers from. Before getting any news from the schools, EPFL was my first choice due to its location. From what I have learnt from the internet, EPFL has a PhD system similar to U.S. in terms of quality, and it is close to my home country, which, I think, is the ideal case for me. However, I talked to some professors in my university and some of them suggested to me to choose a school in the U.S. if I want to be a professor in the future. Their main point was that the schools in the U.S. are known better worldwide, and the name-brand of the university matters in academia. The question that I am very curious about is whether EPFL is comparable to institutions such as UC San Diego, UT Austin or other “near-to-top” universities in the U.S or not. Would attending EPFL for my PhD hurt me when it comes to finding academic jobs in US or Europe? Another question I have is that, the department I have offer from at EPFL is "Computer and Communication Sciences", not EE. However, the topics that I am going to work on are the same as what I will work on if I go to an EE department at another university. Do you know whether the name of the PhD program not being EE would cause problems for me while looking for academic jobs in EE departments, after my graduation? I am unable find further information on these topics and any help and information you provide will be very important for me. Thank you all in advance.
  13. If I turn down a school for their M.A program will it affect my PhD application to that program in the future?
  14. Hey guys, i was recently accepted to the phd program at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. I want to pursue a Phd in neuroscience and would really appreciate anyone who can tell me anything about the program, faculty or the college itself. At this point, i am really interested in reading others opinions besides my own, to help me in the process of deciding whether to accept or not, so any information will be very valuable to me, thanks!
  15. Hey everyone. I've recently been accepted into NYU Hagop Kevorkian Center, the University of Chicago, and the University of Texas at Austin as a master's student for the upcoming fall. I'm interested in studying the modern Middle East, and I hope to pursue a PhD after my master's. Professionally, I would like to go into advising on or developing US foreign policy with a focus on the Middle East (Perhaps a job in the White House or in a political think tank in DC). That being said, I have not completely ruled out the possibility of teaching in the future as well. Bearing all this in mind, I would like opinions from other people who are similarly in my position, who are currently studying at these schools, or even alumni, anyone who might be able to shed some light on my situation and give helpful advice, as I am torn between the aforementioned schools. I will also say that at the moment, it seems that UT Austin is the most financially feasible so far (lowest tuition, but I haven't heard if I will receive an TA position yet - I should find out in the next couple of weeks). Any thoughts/opinions on which school I should attend? Thank you all in advance.
  16. LM

    Dartmouth MEch E

    Has anyone heard from Dartmouth Mech E for PhD Fall 2016?
  17. Does anyone have an opinion on SBU's phd program in social welfare? I know the official ranking, but that's only part of the story. How likely is it to get a good job? What's the program like? How does the name carry compared to others?
  18. Sjsocialwork

    Waiting list hell

    Does anyone have any insight on the chances of getting in to NYU's phd program from the waiting list? Or when I might hear back? It's my first choice, so if anyone here is ambiguous and would like to turn it down... That would be great also.
  19. Which school do you guys think is better in regards to tissue engineering? look forward to opinions!
  20. So yeah, I have received only one call from the 6 schools that I applied to. My POI asked for a Skype meeting on the 4th of March, 2016. Tested the whole night on the 3rd of March 2016 to find a suitable camera for the Skype interview (Webcam is hideous). But during the interview, the POI asked me to turn off my cam, so that she can see the whole screen properly. Interview began on 4th at 4.00 PM PST. She talked to me about the weather at Oregon State University and asked about how it was at my place. I replied accordingly and I was asked to start off with my presentations. She asked me to prepare 2 presentations - one on a known topic and another on an unknown topic beforehand. I presented via screen share quite confidently. Upon completing the first presentation, she said that she really liked my presentation. She asked me to take a break if I wanted. I said that I wanted to continue. So off with the next topic and upon completion, she said that she liked the presentation of the second topic as well. Her voice sounded like she was impressed. After the presentations got over, she asked me 2 questions related to the project. The first was - "Did you enjoy preparing the presentations?", to which I replied "Yes". The second was - "Can you implement what you learnt in the form of a computer program?". I replied "Yes" again and then she went on to ask me questions about my transcript. My first 2 years were really bad during undergraduate studies. So she asked in a laughing tone - "What happened in the first 2 years? The later part of your undergraduate was really good. Were you enjoying too much?" I replied to her questions accordingly with a light mood at the same time. Then she went on to ask about if I worked anywhere and also went on to ask - "If you don't get admitted to grad school, then what are your future plans?". Once again I answered accordingly. She also asked me that if I was not working at a job, then how I would be financially supporting myself. And as usual, I answered. Upon completing the interview, which in my opinion turned out to be way better than what I was expecting, she said that once I submit my programs, she would let me know of the decision. It was more like she was asking me if it would be alright to let me know of the admission result after I have submitted the programs. So, I have submitted what she asked for and now I am waiting to hear from her. What do you guys think? Do I have any possible chance of getting an admit?
  21. Hello all, Until now, I have been accepted to 4 universities to pursue a PhD degree in electrical and computer engineering, and at this point I am a bit confused. These schools are: 1. USC (Computer Engineering), in contact with professors in computer architecture. There are professors showing considerable interest in working with me. Location-wise: very enjoyable weather, close to very good places for travelling and close to industry but I heard that the neighborhood is not very nice. 2+2 year guaranteed fellowship: I have the first two years to decide which professor that I want to work with, and for the other two I think the school pays still but I should have an advisor. 2. CMU (ECE), in contact with professors in comp arch and wireless networking Similarly, a few professors have shown their interest in working with me, sent emails. But their topics do not intrigue me as much as the others do. The weather is not very nice, and I did not like my travel options very much. However, the city looks good. I am with fellowship but it seems I need to find an advisor in the first few months of arrival. - EPFL (EDIC), in contact with professors in comp arch Just exchanged a few emails with professors but nothing in detail. Will attend Open House in two weeks. Its location-wise plus is that it is close to home but I'd really rather study in US. I have one year to find an advisor, and almost none of them seems to have a problem funding students. - UT at Austin, accepted to the computer arch track Just a quick interview and an acceptance followed like a month ago. Not much contact since, but I am planning on getting more information from current students and professors. I definitely rather hot weather than cold. They say that it is also close to many tech companies. And Austin looks like a great city to be a student in. I am told that I have a 4 year fellowship but I need to find an advisor in one year. My primary interest was in computer architecture, and I had mentioned in my SOP that I might also do some things in networking. Research and that I like what I do are the most important aspects but I also give a lot of importance to the location and amount of financial support. Luckily, all of them seems ok regarding financial concerns. I am now closest to choosing UT at Austin, but I might as well choose CMU or maybe others. I cannot be sure which one would be better, or if there is even a great gap between them. Which one do you think is best in comp arch field? Or more generally, what would you do if you were in my shoes? Your comments are all appreciated greatly. Thanks all in advance,
  22. Wondering if anyone has heard from any departments within the Columbia GSAS, specifically the Ethnomusicology department. I've been accepted with full funding to UCSB, but it would be nice to have another acceptance under my belt. I saw one acceptance on the results page, but that was back in February so I'm assuming that was just their first round...
  23. chardee_macdennis

    Funded Master's Econ Programs?

    Does anyone know of any funded masters programs for economics (preferably located somewhere near Philadelphia/NYC area)? I am a convert from physics to econ and so I don't have a good feel for the econ graduate landscape. I know for hard sciences there are usually grant funded master's programs as long as you are willing to be a TA/RA. For example, my girlfriend just got done a Masters in Biology and was able to get a TAship that offered full tuition plus a 20K stipend. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  24. I've recently been admitted to UCSD for a PhD in an engineering major, Fall 2016. International, but US citizen. No mention of financial support in the congrats e-mail. When asked, they said funding decisions are made at the end of March. Rumors are, schools in CA are sparing in funding? Anyone have any information on what chances I have of actually getting funded? Definitely can't afford school & life in La Jolla on my own.
  25. Hi everyone. I majored in physics in undergrad, and really enjoyed the research I did with quantum information and quantum circuits. So, in addition to applying to physics PhD programs, I applied to Princeton electrical engineering and was luckily accepted. I am now deliberating between pursuing a physics PhD at Caltech or pursuing an EE PhD at Princeton, with a focus at either place on quantum information and hybrid quantum systems. I was wondering if you all could provide some insight on EE vs physics. I understand there is a lot of overlap, but at some point there are concrete differences between different departments. Also does your PhD field matter or is it really just important what research you do? My end goal is teaching and research in physics, would an EE PhD make that harder?

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