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Found 1,321 results

  1. So I guess this is the big question: What do you do if you don't get into any of the schools you apply to? My friend is pretty dead set on getting a PhD in order to become a professor, specializing in Logic. However, his grades aren't too strong and he's not the best at "selling himself." So far, he's debating applying just to Masters programs so as to improve his chances of getting in. Yet what should he do if he doesn't get in anywhere? Philosophy is sort of a weird subject in that it's unclear if "work experience" is actually helpful. What's the best backup plan when you don't get in anywhere?
  2. So, I feel like a tool for even posting this so go easy on me! Are multiple acceptances a good gauge of how prepared/ well off a person is to go into their PhD. I have gotten 1 acceptance at a big state U, but that is it. I'm grateful and excited but now I'm REALLY nervous! Maybe the other schools are on to something?! I know there are lots of reasons for rejections (no funding, fit, faculty, test scores, who you know) but I can't help but think I'm going to fail. Are other people feeling this way too? Or, am I some kind of mutant perfectionist?
  3. bcellbiology

    PhD potential for Cell biology

    Hey all, Basically I am trying to gauge my potential for PhD studies in Cell and/or Molecular biology. I'm still narrowing down research topics. I would like to attend grad school in or right around NYC. This would include such schools as Columbia, NYU, Weill-Cornell, Rockefeller, SUNY Downstate, CUNY Graduate Center, Stony Brook University and several others. While I know my (weak) stats arn't likely to land me in the top schools in NYC, please give me some feedback and what my options may be and what I can do to improve my chances for any program. A buddy of mine recommended applying for technician positions in one of my labs of interest as a possible in as well. My stats: Overall GPA: ~3.5 (Cum Laude, 2010) Biology GPA: ~3.7 GRE: Quantitative: 150 (53rd percentile) Verbal: 158 (79th percentile) Writing: 3.5 (29th percentile) Two years of laboratory technician experience in a genetics/cell biology laboratory. Unfortunately no papers to speak of as our lab is more industry than research. I look forward to any input that you all may have for me and thank you in advance!
  4. cokohlik

    Insight into UVA?

    Does anyone have any insight into UVA/when they will be sending out acceptances/so on? I haven't contacted them but maybe some of you have?
  5. Hi everyone, I've recently graduated with my MDiv (Master of Divinity) from Vanderbilt and am considering options. Since undergrad, I've been drawn to the areas of English and religion (I majored in English, writing, philosophy and religion and minored in global studies). I feel deeply called to ordained ministry but am seeking to root myself in a progressive diocese for several years before starting the ordination process. Several of my theology professors encouraged me to enroll in an MFA or a PhD in English program in the meantime, so I thought I'd seek the advice of my peers. I would like a career that allows me a foot in the Church and a foot in the academy. I would also like to assist my future parishioners and audiences outside the Church in plumbing the depths of texts outside canonical scripture (i.e. Dante's Divine Comedy, the writings of C.S. Lewis, and even works that aren't overtly "Christian"). I want to write creatively from a space within the Episcopal Church. However, rather than writing dense theological essays, I find it much easier to lay down my theology by way of the fictional narrative. I want my writings to challenge the easy answers and dogma offered by much of today's Christian literature. I also admire the practices of lectio divina and scriptio divina and want them to make them more accessible for others. My areas of study include Christian social ethics, constructive Christian theology, LGBT issues and existentialism. Anyway, after all this rambling, here are some questions I have: * Considering my vocational goals, would an MFA, a PhD in English literature or a joint MFA/PhD program (I know Cornell has one but am not sure how common this is) be more suitable? * If a PhD program is best, should I seek one requiring a more academic dissertation or a creative dissertation? I would love to hone my creative writing skills but am also aware that one does not need a degree in creative writing in order to do this. * Are there any particular programs that would offer faculty with backgrounds in religious and philosophical literature? Or any in general that would be a good fit? * What programs would offer decent funding? I'd like a respectable program, but considering that I plan to primarily end up in ministry, do not want to get into too much debt. * Would my MDiv and interest in the intersection between religion and literature make me a unique candidate or prove problematic while applying? I know many schools are interested in students integrating disciplines but want to avoid any misconceptions.
  6. meagen123

    Funding PhD Overseas

    So, just got accepted to an AWESOME program in French at University College London and it's my number one top choice. I applied for every scholarship I could before the string of deadlines that seem to creep up in early February. I keep looking at their website, as if there's going to be any new information magically posted when, in fact, I know nothing. Does anybody have any experience trying to fund a PhD overseas or have a friend that was able to avoid taking out the $30,000/yr in loans that it would require? If you know anything about the scholarships at UCL, that'd be great, too - i.e. when do they usually notify people and do they have a reputation for being stingy with funding? If anybody could drop some knowledge on this it would be much appreciated!
  7. Hi, I'm just wonder what is my chances for PHD placement when I already have financial sponsorship back from my government. Do i stand a good chance or equal with other applicant? I'm graduated MASTER from UMICH and expecting placement for PHD from UMICH too. GRE 380/710/3.5 V/Q/A. Thanks.
  8. Hello Everyone, I am in a bit of a quandery, and I was hoping that their might be someone on this forum who can offer me some advice. I was accepted into Florida International University's history Ph.D. program last month and was nominated for funding - I won't find out the results until sometime in April, and only after I accept their offer of admittance. There were the only program to admit me this cycle (1st time applying for doctoral programs). However, I am currently on the fence as to whether or not I should accept the offer and attend (if I receive funding), or return to my home in southwest Michigan and get a job (either full-time or part-time) to pay down part of my student loan debt. I currently have about 75k to 85k in debts, the majority paying for my M.A. degree. I figure that I would work for 2-5 years, reapplying every so often, and then continue on course for a history Ph.D. Can anyone offer some advice about this? Personal experiences, or similar situations? P.S. I am hoping to work in academia after completing the Ph.D. by the way.
  9. Hi, guys! I am a first year(2011 fall) phd student in biochem. I am thinking about reapplying to another PhD program(2013 fall). Is that "transfer"? It's a long story. I was in a biology undergraduate program and my background is very "biology". But the biochem program I am in now is very "chemistry". Many PIs in the program work on material science, analytical chemistry or physical chem. My interest is molecular and cellular research in human diseases like cancer. The reason I chose my current program is that I thought maybe I could try something different from what I used to do. But things turn out to be not what I expected. I find I am more interested in human disease research. So I am thinking about reapplying to phd programs in biomedical sciences, which have more clinical research. Another reason I want to transfer is that I want to be close to my family. I am now living in the west. But my family live in the northeast. Is the "transfer" thing common? Is that easy? What decent reasons should I put in PS? Can I drop to MS program before or after oral? I am not sure which idea sounds more reasonable for me???--- a phd student transferring to another phd program or a master student(if I drop to a MS degree) applying to a phd program?
  10. My Name is Yon Yonson

    Fit vs Program Caliber... help?

    I am trying to make a decision between two philosophy PhD programs (sort of.. the lower ranked school has me at the top of the waitlist). As a little background, my interests are (and these are in no meaningful order because they're all so interesting to me): epistemology, mind, modern philosophy, language, aesthetics, philosophy of religion. The first program is a top-15 program according to Philosophical Gourmet and is extremely strong in analytic philosophy and the philosophy of mind, language, and aesthetics; yet they are truly very weak on modern philosophy, philosophy of religion, and epistemology. A big plus is that it's located in a metropolis (I'm a thoroughbred city-boy). The second is a top-25 program according to the Gourmet. It is very strong in modern philosophy, moderately strong in philosophy of religion, and, to a slightly lesser extent, moderately strong in mind, language, and epistemology. It's located in Notreallyurbanville, and there's not much to do there, despite a small-to-moderate college town. If they accept me eventually, I'll likely get more money than the first school would grant me (not really a chance of negotiating that either). But it wouldn't be that much more and it's not my biggest concern right now. I'm so excited to have gotten into a top-15 program and I'm tempted to just accept their offer. But I'm worried that I won't have the flexibility in the program in case my interests change, e.g. if I decide I want to study Kant or philosophy of religion primarily. Do you think if I decided to study something only one or two people in the department focused on that on the job market I would be seen as weaker than most of my colleagues who study within the school's main strengths (all else the same)? I find myself thinking the answer is yes. And I also find myself thinking I would be seen as weaker than somebody who studied the same things I did and came from a lower-ranked PhD program with more peeps who studied in the area of his dissertation. Since the lower-ranked school has more fit generally, if, e.g. I decided to study Kant or philosophy of religion, I would have more people with similar interests to choose from for my committee. Conversely, if I decided I wanted to study mind, it would still be fairly easy to do so (althought not as easy as in the first program). But then again, it's lower ranked, and in the middle of no where. Any advice? I'm freaking out.... existential crisis here
  11. I am hoping to go in Stony Brook for PhD this fall. Just wondering who else are going to be my mates!
  12. milan.biratnagar@gmail.com

    Chances of getting funded @....

    Hello there, I am waiting to hear from the graduate schools in Statistics/Biostatistics for Fall 2012. I am not a high achiever. My undergraduate (major: Statistics) gpa is 3.59 and my graduate(MS in Math) gpa in 3.39, gre (750+490)...I have done research in statistics and working towards getting a paper published...I have "a little below expert" programming skills in R... I have applied to schools like UC-Riverside, Utah State University, Univ of Kansas, and George Washington Univ. I was wondering if anyone could guide me through my chances of getting funded at any of the above schools...I am quite stressed about it....
  13. Hi all, How does a Masters (MSc) from England transfer over when you are applying to PhD programs in the states? I was accepted for a one-year Msc Social-Cultural Anthropology at the London School of Economics. When applying for PhD programs, do you get to skip the first year that focuses on theory/general courses? Does having a Masters from an internationally renown school help you get into better graduate programs (like top-tier)? Thanks!
  14. I would like to ask for advice, sentiment, etc. I have been admitted to 2 public health PhD programs for Fall 2012. Both are good programs and I could see myself going to either one. The problem is... The 1st school has admitted me with tuition paid for, while the 2nd has admitted me with the possibility of funding. The 1st had requested that I give them my answer by March 1st (I have since asked for an extension and they granted me until March 6th), or run the risk of losing funding. There is no way the second school is going to be able to tell me about funding by next tuesday (the 6th). From what I can tell, this contradicts the Council of Graduate School's (not legally binding) agreement... (http://www.myacpa.or...ionJune2005.pdf) I think my hand has been forced and I will accept to the 1st, knowing I may recind my acceptance. I really don't want to do this, but I don't think I have a choice. What do you think? Is anyone else in this situation?
  15. pitz2


    Hi, I'm an Italian student and I was accepted in a PhD program in the states. Recently I figured out that I can't be there for all the duration of a PhD because of personal problems and so I wanted to switch program into a master. I haven't passed through all the admission process yet. At this school both Phd and master are funded. I guess that a master student is less appealing for a university than a PhD ones, because it's not going to do research in the school after his formation. So, when a university pick someone it's more important the applicant or what he wants to do? And when is the best time to tell them that I want to switch? I'm afraid that telling them that now will make them change their mind about their pick, and I don't want this to happen. Thank you Pietro P.S. Consider that I need an american degree because my girlfriend is from there. So not doing it at all is not an option.
  16. Hey everybody, for some reason Ibelieve that the majority of users of this forum are applying to PP/PA programs. I'm just curious about this and wanted to conduct a survey I might have forgotten one or two categories; just tried to make it as generic as possible!
  17. Lets say I get a 3.2-3.3 undergraduate GPA. I then go to a mid-level master's program(30th-60th) and get a 3.6-3.8. With a high GRE score (Q: 760+), can you get into a top 20 PhD program? Essentially, can a good GRE and masters work almost erase your undergraduate work? I am currently a Stats/Econ major, but I am looking at many different options and so I was just looking for generalities. Thanks!
  18. healthpol

    Harvard Health Policy

    Anyone else applying to Harvard's Health Policy PhD this Fall?
  19. So I just got accepted into the Stanford MSEE program. I applied for the Ph.D. program, but they denied me the candidacy and put me on the MS for EE list. I've been reading a lot about the MSEE degree at Stanford, especially ideas that the MS program is a cash cow. I honestly don't mind having to pay IF I can have at least a chance at the Ph.D. program at Stanford, but I don't know how difficult it is to be able to find an advisor if you're not in the Ph.D. program. I have also been accepted as a doctoral candidate into UT Austin (my home school) in the CommNetS group. I'm not yet sure of the funding here, but at least I'm in somewhere. On the other hand, I am also waiting on Harvard, Caltech, and CMU Ph.D. programs. They may be long shots, but I would definitely pick a Ph.D. at one of those places, or even a thesis-based Masters, then the MSEE program at Stanford, especially because the Stanford MSEE program is non-thesis based. So what are the options if I do want to pursue a Ph.D. at Stanford, but by going into the Terminal MS first? I don't want to be in a program where even the professors won't let me do research because I'm not in the Ph.D. program. Thanks in advance to any replies.
  20. I am thinking about doing a Masters in Social Research Methods at LSE with a sociology track (meaning I get to take one full unit of sociology). I basically perceive this Masters as a stepping stone to doing a PhD in Sociology. Besides, I think it could fill in a lot of gaps in my CV: -I didn't study at a research institution (like Harvard, Berkeley, U of M, etc.) but rather at a mid-west liberal arts college and later on I did my Masters in International Business at a (highly ranked) French business school. -I didn't do stellar in my statistics and research methods classes at business school -I lack profound experience in quantitative methods -I did not major or get a masters in Sociology (-3.96 GPA in International Studies and German, 3.5 GPA in Masters in International Business) but I don't think getting a masters in Sociology would be as a helpful as a course like this since I have taken a lot of sociology courses or courses that are related to sociology - politics, international relations, anthro, soc, gender, language, etc. Neverthless, -I was a Fulbright research scholar in Brazil - I have much qualitative research experience: participant, ethnographic, interviews -I was a project/research assistant (again all qualitative) at an AIDS organization in Brazil during my Fulbright research. -I was a TA/TF at Harvard for the summer school and should be again this summer (I am really not sure if this counts for much since the summer school usually hires profs from outside the school and the curriculum does not seem as rigorous as the normal year) -1 article published by ECCH (case study database) -I speak 5 languages fluently (I don't know if sociology departments give a shit about this sort of thing) -All my past non-academic jobs are kind of research-oriented (competitor analysis, market entry strategies, etc.) I was wondering if anyone could provide me advice or tips on whether such a masters would be a valuable tool to getting into a PhD program. I talked with the program director and sociology-track coordinator and have the impression that I would gain a lot of methodological (quant and qual) and research design expertise in this program and that a lot of students end up doing a PhD after. Has anyone done something similar? Or has heard about this program? Or studied at LSE? LSE is a very reputable institution in social sciences so I am expecting to gain an invaluable network there... I am interested in globalization, political sociology and transnational social movements. This is the program website: http://www2.lse.ac.uk/methodologyInstitute/study/mscSocialResearchMethods/introduction.aspx Thank you very much for your help!
  21. I'm currently enrolling in a master program and will finish either in December 2012 or April 2013. As the application deadline for PhD is usually December 31 or January 1, I'd like to start applying before my master degree is conferred, meaning start applying in October 2012. I wonder if the probability of being admitted is lower, given that I don't have my degree conferred, although I'm eligible to apply... Any suggestions? Also, which PhD in Finance programs are among the best in Canada? Thanks in advance !
  22. northstar22

    Marxist or critical analysis

    Are there any political science programs out there that emphasize Marxist or critical analysis, or at least have a few professors that specialize in those areas? So far, of most of the programs that I have looked at, all have capitalist / neoliberal leanings and tend to emphasize rational choice theory.
  23. Hi everyone--- I've been lurking around this forum forever, and after a horrific round of universal rejections (my first attempt), I've wallowed for a week, and am now ready to look forward to next year. I wanted to start a thread where others can join in the momentum of Fall 2013 applications, with ideas of what they can do differently next year. For my next round of applications, I want to... ...improve GRE scores and take the subject test ...focus my SOP more on fit, focus, future ...make a note in my SOP as to my less-than-great undergrad GPA (I worked full-time in college) ...apply to more schools ...make contact with more professors beforehand, especially with those that are the graduate directors and also to present at at least one more conference. Anybody else out there already having an eye towards the next round?
  24. Hello, Was just wondering if anyone got any sort of information from Georgia tech?? I got a skype interview and was wondering if there are others out there.... thanks, sat
  25. I'm a grad student in analytical chemistry, and I'm in my second year. I am not the typical grad student, though, because I am supporting a wife (who is a stay at home mom) and two kids. I am currently receiving 30k a year because of a fellowship, but it will soon go down to 22k per year. It feels like a stretch living on my current salary, and I am wondering if I can make it on less. The other problem that I have is that I don't like my work situation and am looking for an out (I have practically no contact with my advisor, and I'm never sure what I should be doing or if I am making progress). I could leave now with a Master's and try to find a job, or I could try to stick this out and finish the PhD. Advice, anyone? Is the PhD worth it? Also, I have heard rumors that it is HARDER to find work with a PhD because it puts you in a higher pay bracket and because the market is saturated. Anyone know if this is true?

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