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Found 1,371 results

  1. Hi all, I have been trying to find information about Rosalind Franklin's PhD Clinical Psychology program and I can't find much info anywhere. I was wondering if anybody (current students of the program or people who know) knew if this program funds their students. What is the atmosphere of this program? Reputation? Any information would be great! Thanks so much
  2. Hey Guys! I have been waiting to hear back from MIT for its PhD program in Computational Science & Engineering, and I have not found much information of Grad Cafe--which can makes me believe not many people applied for this program. Which could be a good thing or a bad thing. Could you comment if you applied to this program, say which is your host department, and whether or not you have heard anything? Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know what funding is like at Fordham English after the first two years as a PhD student?
  4. J. R., MPPA

    UNC Gillings PhD

    Anybody have an update for when this program is sending out acceptances/rejections/interviews/waitlist notifications? I see that some Health Behavior notifications have been sent out, but not for health policy/management. I was rejected from my top school (JH), have been accepted to my third.. but UNC is my second and I need to know what they say before I start looking for properties in South Carolina. Moving a family of four takes a lot of preparation.. the sooner I can get started, the better!
  5. ts1493

    When to check in?

    Hi all -- I applied to four PhD programs between December and January 15th. I just heard back from one that I got in with full funding (!). Just wondering if at this point I should wait it out through February to hear from the other programs, or if it's appropriate to send an email and say politely, "I've been admitted to another PhD program but am still very interested in your program. What is the timeline for your decisions?" I would be especially interested in hearing back from my top choice, where my app is in committee review. Hmmmm. What do you all think? It's too early to check in, right?
  6. Hey everyone! I know it's still early in the admit season, but this is something I've been wondering about nonstop the past couple of days. After so much time competing to get into schools, the role reversal is catching me a little off guard. With visiting weekends coming up and opportunities to talk to professors and grad students on the phone, I'm wondering: what are good questions to be asking them? For current/recent grad students: what questions did you ask that were helpful? What do you wish that you had asked? Would also love to hear from other applicants, and of course professors if you're on here! For context, I'm applying to Political Science PhD programs. Only heard back from one school so far, and I certainly don't want to be overconfident, but their visiting weekend is super early so I'm hoping to think through this early as well. Also hopefully this will be helpful to others who are picking between schools!
  7. AllThisLearningHereIsByYou

    The Chosen Ones

    First, congratulations to all of the admits. I'd like to compile some details about your acceptances if you don't mind sharing. What were your areas of concentration/specializations? I'd like to see if there are any hot-ticket specializations. If you're feeling extra generous, let us know the institutions to which you were admitted. I think starting a living document might help others while they're applying. Thanks!
  8. Hi All, I am interested in pursuing a clinical doctorate in speech language pathology and I am trying to compile a list of all the programs that have this clinical doctorate. Some programs call it a CScD or a SLPD. So far I've found: University of Pittsburg, NOVA Southeastern, Rocky Mountain, Loma Linda, University of Kansas, Valdosta State University. Does anyone know of any other?? Please help!! Thanks for your help!!
  9. Interview invitations apparently went out for the Harvard Education PhD program on January 23. Is it safe to assume (today is Feb 3) that no invitation for interview means no shot at acceptance?
  10. I applied for PhD program in Mechanical Eng. at UC Berkeley. This weekend is the recruitment weekend, but I have never received any invitation. Does it mean I won't get a PhD offer from UCB?
  11. Chamaeleonidae

    What are my chances?

    Hey, I'm an international applicant, here is my profile, Undergrad GPA: 2.95 Grad (Master's) GPA: 3.65 GRE Physics: 970 GRE Q: 169, V: 143, W: 2 TOEFL: 88 I have applied for Ph.D. in Physics programs at the following universities: University of Maryland, Upenn, PennState, Brown University, NYU, Umass Amherst, Case Western Reserve University, Tufts University Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi, All!! Looking for a little help here. This decision to apply came on me like a whirlwind, but I jumped in and caught the tailwinds of a new path. I have always known that I wanted to help people and I thought I wanted to pull people from the river on the micro level, but now I know I want to work through the world through the Micro, Mezzo, and Macro. I never thought that I would have this chance, even in my wildest dreams, that any of my experiences would bring me to a point where I could possibly affect change on a greater level. That low expectation was shattered the day I heard the sound, a noise I know well, the noise of my email alerting me to a new message. This message seemed to be hand typed, it came from the social work side of a Joint Ph.D. in Social Work and Anthropology, telling me that they were reviewing my application and asked if I could visit, giving me many choices in time and date. I couldn't believe it, there are only two programs in the Nation that offer a joint program as such. My world was in a spin, I was in shock and excitement I didn't know what to do. I told everybody I knew and wanted to run in circles, but the adrenaline soon wore off and I realized I had no idea what I was doing. I spent all of the time, four months actually, perfecting my application not really thinking about what came next. Now current me is looking both ways, at the past and at the future but is a little lost. I was in a master's program, one that didn't fit well and never had a formal interview so now I don't now what to do. Here I am at the other end of my keyboard, looking for guidance and help, from those who may have gone before me in Anthropology, Social Work or both. I don't know what to ask, nor do I know what to say this interview process is new to me. If anybody could help, it's mean a lot to a random guy on the internet.
  13. Hi, I am applicant to the Wharton PhD program for Fall 2016. I have applied to the Ethics and Legal Studies Program. I am a corporate lawyer with 8 years of experience. I have an MBA but its from a school outside USA. I know my chances of being accepted in the program are quite slim but that does not prevent me from panicking and checking my mail for zillionth time everyday. I keep on the checking the results page in the gradcafe website and it seems the last 2 days have seen only rejections from wharton. However, I havent seen anyone from Ethics and Legal Studies yet. So, I was wondering whether anyone has heard from that dept? Or is there anyone else here who has applied to Ethics and Legal Studies
  14. I'm a prospective PhD student in statistics hoping to get a better idea of my chances. I'm interested in Bayesian stats and its applications in machine learning. I have no idea where I stand so any help would be greatly appreciated. Some preliminary data: Undergrad Institution: US News 35-40 Major(s): BA Mathematics Minor(s): Spanish GPA: 3.9 Type of Student: Domestic White Male GRE General Test: Q: 164 (88%) V: 162 (89% W: 4.5 (72%) GRE Subject Test in Mathematics: Have not taken yet. Should I? Programs Applying: UCLA (PhD stats), UCI (PhD Stats), USC (PhD Stats), Caltech (PhD applied and Comp. Math). I'll be looking to apply this fall, and hoping to move to LA for personal reasons. Do I have a shot at these schools. Any suggestions of other programs I'd be competitive for if I don't end up in LA? Research Experience: Just a Python-centric data science independent research course this semester. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Typical Dean's list etc. Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Internships with BlueCross, Marriott, tech analyst. Served 2 year mission in Chile. Letters of Recommendation: (3, personal, but none are particularly well known: algebraist, probabilist, machine learning) My main concern is that I switched from a stats BS to a math BA and as such my coursework for a math major is pretty weak. Coursework: Calc 1-3 (A,A,A) Linear Algebra and Diff Eqs (A) Linear Algebra- Proof based (A-) Honors Real Analysis (A-) Probability (A) Bayesian Stats (A) Stats 1-2 (A,A) THOUGHTS? Thank you so much!
  15. Anyone applied for CS PhD at UBC or SFU? Its scary to look at previous admit stats.
  16. Hi all, I just wanna start this topic for those who are in the same situation (or was) so that we can share the experiences, learn from each other or just to make this waiting less like eternity. So about 3 weeks ago, I received this e-mail from EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland), to which I applied for a PhD in Computer Science (the EDIC program). I was really euphoric... "We would like to inform you that your application has been accepted by the EDIC Admission Committee and that you are admissible to the program. The next step for being admitted to the program is to be hired in a lab and to have a Thesis Director. Your application is now available to the professors. You may be contacted directly by a professor for further discussion or for an interview invitation. Should a professor be interested in your file, he/she will most likely contact you within the next two months." And I have been waiting for the "next step" ever since. I was really patient in the first 2 weeks but now I'm like sitting on fire. So now I wanna start by introducing a bit about my profile: Master's in Math [graduating this year] and Bachelor's in Computer Science, both from NTU (Singapore), decent GPA (but not really high, I suppose), got 4 papers (1 journal + 3 conferences) --- my selling point, I guess + half a year working in Switzerland (in a software company in Zurich) as an intern during my Bachelor's study. I know from the Results that there are some people who are in the same situation. So I wanna pose some questions: Have you got contacted by the professors there yet? If yes, when? How was the interview like? What is the outcome? Can you share your profile? ;-)
  17. I am currently narrowing down the research areas that I think I'd like to focus on, and one aspect of my decision-making process is the language(s) that would be required for each area of specialization. I am wondering exactly how well you are expected to know a foreign language. In the past, my attempts to learn a foreign language have not exactly gone well. For whatever reason, it just never seemed to click for me like it did for other people. And I'm told the language I had a difficult time with, Spanish, is supposedly one of the easier ones for native speakers of English to learn. (Full disclosure: I definitely could have put in a lot more effort in learning Spanish, so maybe things would be different if I were really focused and determined in my second attempt.) So I guess the first thing I'm asking is how proficient in a foreign language do you need to be in a 'typical' (if there is such a thing) graduate history program? And the second question would be, am I going down the wrong path entirely by using the language requirement as one of the factors I'm (currently) using to narrow down my choice of specific research interests?
  18. Hello, I applied to graduate school last year and got into Georgetown but without any funding. I'm going to take another stab at it and was wondering if people can recommend grad schools that have a strong South Asia program? Or polisci faculty who work on South Asia? Thanks a lot!
  19. I am an international student applying for Neuroscience PhDs for next year. I just got my GRE results and was totally shocked! Now, I am wondering if I would still have a shot at a spot at one of the big schools (Stanford, UCSD, Princeton, Berkeley, Harvard, CUNY, Columbia...). This is me in keywords: Undergrads: - Mechanical Engineering (Germany, GPA: 3.7, senior thesis: 4.0, semester abroad at renown US uni) - Economics & Business (Germany, GPA: 3.0, senior thesis: 3.7) Double Master Degrees (by next fall): - Biomedical Engineering (Belgium, GPA: 3.4-3.6) - Neural Engineering (Ireland) Work experience: - 4 years of engineering in major aerospace company - Internship in Neural Engineering at renown European uni GRE (here is where the problems start...): - 160 V (86%) - 158 Q (79%) - 4.0 AW (48%) No publications Some good, some great LOR I'd be very thankful for your help! Thanks a million!
  20. ive applied for 9 programs but i really dont know where i stand. i am 35, with bushels of experience making work, performing, and teaching. my recs and statements are bold and strong. i worry about my antique undergrad GPA (3.24) and my 5 year old unpracticed-for GRE score (560/780/4.5). who do i even think i am applying for these schools, for applying to Brown and Stanford and UCLA and Northwestern and Berkeley.... but sometimes i think i am definitely going to get it. i've done so much, i've proven myself! essentially, i am lost. i have no clue. anybody else? any insight? other worries or relaxing?
  21. I have been in physics Ph.D program for 4 years, didn't find the department supportive, and lost interest in my studies. I am very interested in going into another field, like mathematics, geophysics, environmental physics, economy, and law. I have a decent math background, but I lack experience in each. With my criterions: undergrad GPA: 3.6 grad GPA: most graded on Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, received all satisfactory GRE: 1500 Letter of Recommendation: 1 letter from grad school advisor, the only grad advisor I found very supportive of me, 2 letters have to come from undergrad One undergrad publication, no grad publication Not a Ph.D candidate what are my chances of switching field? I'm very unconfident about applying to Ph.D because I'm very worried that my GPA is too low.
  22. I am going to Georgia Tech this Fall for pursuing PhD in Biology...... Sadly I see very less activity in the Gatech community... and I cant really find people who are joining Gatech.... If any of you guys are joining or atleast any current students reply to this.. twill be wonderful..
  23. Dear all, I was accepted both at the University of Chicago and at Carnegie Mellon University in their PhD Program in Statistics. These two programs are actually my favorites in the pool of those to which I applied. I participated to the visit days and had a great time at both places; now it is time for me to try and make a final decision between and I am really having a hard time in choosing between the two universities: I enjoyed very much CMU's balance between theoretical and applied stats and also their focus on machine learning, nonparametrics and bayesian (these are all topics that very much appeal to me); also I had the feeling of a very nice department where there is a lot of interaction between graduate students and professors. On the other hand Chicago impressed me with a program that gives students a strong theoretical background during the first year with sequences in stochastic processes, probability theory and mathematical statistics (plus some applied statistics as well). Both schools are excellent and students have excellent placements. My impression, after the conversations I had with professors and students, is that UChicago is somehow slightly more theoretically-oriented while CMU is more concerned with applications, but this impression might be not completely correct and possibly biased by the particular set of professors with whom I had the chance to talk. No doubt that there's a big difference between the campuses and the cities are completely different (Chicago is probably more attractive!), but those are aspects which I don't want to weight too much when making my decision. Advice, comments or suggestions are most welcome! Thanks
  24. Hi, does anybody know how to rank the PhD program in Statistics at NYU Stern, e.g. comparing to Yale, Columbia, Wharton, Harvard? It's statistics with a certain business orientation, and one can hardly find anything online, probably because it's small (only 1-2 students admitted per year).
  25. TheHymenAnnihilator

    PhD applications for 2012-2013 chit chat...

    Hi all... I imagine that I'm not the only one applying to doctoral programs this year. I figured that this forum might be a decent place to share our experience, strength, hopes, and let-downs this year. Best of luck to you all...

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