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Found 64 results

  1. Hi, I wanted to get opinions on my chances of an MS admit for Fall 2017. I am interested in working after MS, and am interested in Mechatronics/Automation/Robotics domains. Undergraduate University - Top 10 in India (BITS Pilani), M.E(Hons) Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate GPA (not converted) - 8.1/10 Undergraduate Projects - Study of the oil economy of Middle East, Solid Modelling using MATLAB Industrial Projects (undergrad) - 3D modelling of a marine gearbox (ProEngineer, 1 month), Study of valve rotation in diesel engines (2 months), Design of Durability test automated Fixture (6 months, CATIA) Work Experience - 3 years in a Test & Measurement MNC (Fortune 500 list) as Application Engineer (2 yrs) and Technical Consultant (1 yr). Mainly specializing in embedded products for Motion control, Vision processing, Real-Time and FPGA using LabVIEW. GRE Scores - Q 167, V 157, AWA 4 TOEFL Score - Yet to be given. I was looking at the following universities - GaTech, UMich, Ohio State Uni, Texas A&M Uni. Other suggestions/opinions are welcome. Thanks in advance !
  2. Hi guys, I graduated from NITK Surathkal, India recently (2016 batch) and here's my profile overview: GRE: 158V, 170Q, 3AWA TOEFL: 114 CGPA: 8.05 (Major: Information Technology) Area of interest: Data science Experience: 1 related International IEEE Publication 1 project in recommender systems Currently working as a data analytics engineer with GE since July. I am interested in courses with significant statistics coursework, like NYU and Columbia MS in Data Science. Do I stand a chance at those universities or they're a bit too ambitious? Would be really helpful if you could suggest some such universities/courses.
  3. Hello, Could someone please evaluate my profile and suggest a couple of things? GRE - 336 [Q: 170, V: 166] TOEFL - 117 [R:29, L:30, S:28, W:30] CGPA - 8.78 [Department topper's CGPA - 9.4] Undergrad Institute - IIIT-Delhi (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi) Recommendations - Moderate to good, all 3 from professors at my institute. I am actually confused between the fields of specialization, most of my work can be aligned with AI/ML, though i am also considering HCI. I have done 3 research (independent) projects - one on modelling algorithms for distributed systems, one on face recognition with deep learning, another on text analysis (NLP). Research papers - none yet. I might be able to submit one by the coming week, not sure though. Question - Is getting into a plain CS program more difficult than getting into a CS program in a specific track? Chances of getting in the following universities? (Please rank as mod/ambi/drop if possible.) 1. Stanford (I am assuming this would be a dream university for me, should I even consider applying?) 2. CMU 3. GeorgiaTech 4. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 5. Columbia 6. UC Berkeley? 7. USC Viterbi 8. Caltech 9. Cornell 10. UPenn
  4. GRE 324 (Q:170, V:154, A:3.0) TOEFL 101 (S:22, W: 24) College: NIT,Durgapur (CSE) CGPA : 7.21 Working Exp: Unisys (3yrs) Could you guy please suggest Ambitious, Achievable and Safe University. And my chance of getting into following universities Georgia Tech Northwestern University Duke University ASU
  5. Hi, I am interested in a Graduate Program in Data Science in the US. I have a GRE score of 319 (V:158, Q:161, AWA: 4.0). I have been working in Business Intelligence domain for about 6 years now as a developer. I have a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science with a CGPA of 7.95/10 and a strong extra curricular activity background at University level (backed by certificates). I am very interested in the MSIM program of CMU and MS in Statistics of Stanford University. I am planning to apply to these programs(along with other programs of course). Can someone please take a quick look at my profile and let me know if I stand a chance of getting into these two universities? Am I being too ambitious with this score? Thank you. Cheers, Krishna
  6. Hey, I'm an Electrical and Computer Engineering senior, studying at the American University of Beirut, one of the top schools in the region. I have recently realized that I really want to go to graduate school and study theoretical computer science, however, due to a general lack of motivation and direction, I have a 2.3ish GPA which is way below the cutoff point for any of the schools I've been looking at. I never really planned on going to grad school, until I took an algorithms class by pure chance (just taking courses to fill up my credit requirements) and got a 93, the professor suggested that I take the grad course continuation, I did and scored an 85. After talking to the professor about my interest in the field he helped me realize that grad school was the best place for me to continue studying what I really loved. My GRE is in a few days, I've taken a few practice tests and I am scoring in the 167-169 range for the quantitative section amd 157-160 range for the verbal, and I guess I'll probably score within that range or possibly higher. My professor gave me a few papers to read (around 200 pages in total) which include a paper he wrote, on the topic of coding theory, and said he would gladly supervise my research if I'd like to try and tackle one of the open problems at the end of his paper, although I don't know if I'd be able to publish anything in the year I have remaining. I've also been reading some papers on computational complexity theory written by professors in the schools I plan to apply to (University of Wyoming, Iowa State, CU Boulder, Boston University, Illinois Tech, Concordia, and the University of British Columbia). I plan on contacting professors in Wyoming, Iowa, and Boston in order to discuss my interest in their research, and hopefully schedule meetings in person with them and plan a week long trip to the US in order to basically try to talk them into sponsoring my application. It's noteworthy that I plan on applying for an MS degree rather than a PhD, and I have no problem funding it myself (especially if that would help my chances of getting accepted), could you guys evaluate my chances and possibly give me some advice on what I could do to spruce up my profile? Thank you in advance. P.S. Since I'm an engineering student I've taken a lot of courses that have absolutely nothing to do with my research interests/what I plan to study, the average of purely software related courses adds up to a 2.9ish GPA, if that helps.
  7. Hi,I am a 4th-year student from Anna university, Chennai (India).My profile is:8.87 CGPA (till 6th sem)320 GRE (163 quants/157 verbal; 4.0 AWA)TOEFL - yet to take (expecting 105+)Papers/Research published : NoneExperience:2.5 months summer research internship at Indian Institue of Technology-Madras (IIT-M) in Machine learning.3-4 projects done in machine learning (all in github profile)Recommendations: Expecting 3 from my univ profs and 1 from my IIT-prof (internship guide)Interests: AI (specifically, machine learning) Univs I have selected so far:Top preferences:Univ of California - LA, SD campus Umass Amherst Georgia tech CMU Univ of Illinois - UC campus Univ of southern California Univ of Wisconsin - Madison Univ of Texas Austin,ArlingtonUniv of Maryland - college park Univ of ChicagoSecondary choice: UC - Irvine NCSU ASU NYU Penn statePlease help in evaluating my profile and suggesting suitable universities.Also, since I have about 1.5 months to apply, should I take GRE again? I am confident that I will improve my quant score by at least 2 or 3 marks, but not sure about verbal - might stay same or even decrease. Will the 2-3 mark improvement significantly affect my chances in the above-listed universities?Thank you!
  8. Background- The Good: - The 3 yrs BA experience (working in the analytics field has actually inspired me to go one level deeper and transition into ML) The Bad: GRE: 319 (V:155, Q:164, AWA:4.0) TOEFL: 107 CGPA: 3.20 The Ugly: - No publications - Undergrad degree in Mechanical engineering I have completed Andrew Ng's ML course on Coursera and I have the below mentioned tasks in mind before I start my applications for Fall '17 Kaggle - Pick any of the ongoing/completed competitions and showcase the methodology/performance comparison between models on any blog/github Replicate results from research papers - I have found some really cool research papers and I really want to replicate their results with some modifications. But unsure if it would be worth the effort/time and if it would even help my case Also, in parallel to these things I am planning to complete some more online ML courses to try and get a more comprehensive understanding. Does this seem like a good idea OR is there something else that I should be doing? Do I even have a chance? Should I retake GRE? Should I give up looking out for grad admissions and go hunt for jobs directly? I know this is a bit late wrt to the fall applications this year. But at this point I'm getting all out paranoid. Appreciate the help!
  9. So I know this is hard to know but I mostly just want tips on where to head from here GRE: Have not taken it yet but practice testing in high 150's both right now. GPA: Overall and major GPA from 3.75-3.77 from UC Berkeley. 4.0 My last year if that matters. (CC transfer student though - GPA the same at both institutions). Experience: A lot of organizing experience will have two years of post-grad work experience by application time in non-profit work. Writing sample: 17 pages on On the Changing Role of Police Practices Targeting universities ranked 5-20. Mostly UCSD, UCLA, Berkeley, Duke, and maybe UofW in that order. 1 semester of research experience. 1-2 strong LORs and one mediocre one. Come from a low-income Latino background, fluent in Spanish, and want to focus on Latin American politics. Where should I focus my next 9 months of prep to best increase my chances? Improve my GRE scores? Get a research focused job? Thanks in advance. Scared to post Writing sample but if ya'll think I can get some good tips on ere without getting it stolen I will.
  10. Hey friends, I'm in desparate need regarding selection of 10 universities for Masters in Computer Science or Masters in Computer Networks program for the semester Fall 2012 based on my profile. Please help me out... Here are my details: PGDCA (1 year program) ---> completed my first semester, not got the result yet BCA (3 years program) ---> 72.07% or 3.7 GPA (aggregate score) (No Backlogs) Projects ----> 5th semester: Web based Archaeological Library 6th semester: Web based E-Governance System ( Both of the projects were for The Government Of India. The project of 6th semester was a hit due to which me and my team got interviewed in a local daily newspaper. ) Extracurricular ----> Attended some workshops and seminars. GRE ----> Total: 294/340 Verbal: 135 Quantitative: 159 AWA : 3.0 TOEFL -----> 95 (Reading:24, Listening:21, Speaking:22, Writing:28) The university list decided is as follows: 1) CSU Longbeach {Deadline: May 15} 2) SJSU - Software Engineering with specialization in Networking Software {Deadline: April 1} 3) NJIT {Deadline: May 1} 4) IIT {Deadline: May 1} 5) University of Colorado Denver {Deadline: couldn't find} 6) UTA {Deadline: April 1} 7) UH - Main Campus {Deadline: April 1} 8) USC {Deadline: Feb 15} ==> Already applied 9) Virginia Tech {Deadline: April 1} Other universities which are kept for considerations are: 1) Cleveland State University - Ohio {Deadline: May 15} 2) NYT {Deadline: don't know} 3) CSU - LA {Deadline: don't know} 4) SDSU {Deadline: don't know} 5) SFSU {Deadline: don't know} Kindly rate them as sure shot admits, moderate and aspirational based on my profile. Also, please let me know if I should consider other colleges whose deadlines are not yet met. Regards, HP (Hetalkumar Patadia) - India
  11. Hello, I am a final year student in Information Science and Engineering (4 years). I'm from India, and I'll be graduating from Vishweshwariah Technological University on this May 2012. My main problem, is that I have a pretty low aggregate percentage in my studies. It's 56%, with 2 year gaps. I've had 9 backlogs so far, and I've cleared them all. My university doesn't use the GPA system...submits the percentage as it is. My GRE scores however are pretty good. I wrote it in the old pattern; got 790 in quantitative and 440 in verbal. My TOEFL iBT is 100. I have a host of extra-curricular activities like winning prizes in music competition (guitarist), art competitions in school days etc. My grades in school were excellent...got 90% in 10th grade, and 71 in 12th. Which universities in the US are likely to accept a student of my profile into it's graduate program? I want to do MS in Computer Science so that I get to be a game developer someday.
  12. Hey guys, I have recently joined the gradcafe however I have been following the website for some time now. I find it a tremendously useful website with a ton of helpful people. Anyways, the reason I am writing here is I am a bit lost in terms of estimating my chances of gaining admission to top finance PhD programs in the US. I would really appreciate some serious opinions / insights from the gradcafe community. A little about me: I am currently working at a top management consulting firm in NYC - Graduated magna cum laude (overall GPA of 3.68, departmental GPA of 3.78) from Princeton with a major in economics and three minors in finance, applied & computational mathematics and near eastern studies - Coursework focuses on probability theory and stochastic processes, stochastic calculus, financial mathematics, scientific computing, mathematics of fixed income and commodity markets - For the compulsory economics thesis, was awarded the best senior thesis in economics prize (Wolf Ballesian Memorial Prize in Economics) - Research interests include stochastic portfolio optimization theory, asset pricing, insurance markets, deterministic and stochastic differential game theory, probability theory and stochastic processes, economics of uncertainty, dynamic optimization, queueing theory and market microstructure - Was awarded a summer research grant in economics - Got admission to Part III of Mathematical Tripos in master of pure mathematics and mathematical statistics at Cambridge University with a scholarship of 8000 pounds but turned it down - Worked with Yuliy Sannikov for both my junior thesis and senior thesis and can get very strong recommendation from him. - Produced two research papers - one published in Michigan Journal of Business and the other in UCLA Undergraduate Journal of Economics and currently working on a third paper which I am hoping to publish in a peer-reviewed journal - Referee for Journal of Risk and Insurance - In high school, first place winner in physics at the national science project competition and holder of jury special prize in physics at the European Union Contest for Young Scientists and a visiting scientist at Institute Laue-Langevin and European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble, France, as a prize-winner Now, after debating whether to apply for graduate school straight after undergraduate or to experience the private sector and choosing the private sector path, I realized that I really miss and love research and learning. I am thinking of applying to HBS PhD in Business Economics, NYU Stern PhD in Finance, MIT Sloan PhD in Finance, Cornell PhD in Finance, Columbia Business School Phd in Economics and Finance, Chicago Booth PhD in Finance, Princeton PhD in Economics and then Bendheim Center for Finance. I have not yet taken the GMAT but I will try my best there. Now, can you guys, those who actually care to take the time to read this and to give it some serious thought, provide me with some insights / opinions on the strength of my profile for the above-mentioned programs? Many thanks in advance.
  13. Hello everyone, I would like to ask for some feedback regarding my chances of admission in a good grad school. I want to apply for a Masters degree focusing in Computer Networks which is something offered by Computer Engineering and Computer Science Departments. My major concern is my low score on the GRE quantitative section. Below is a list with my main characteristics. GPA: 7.14/10 (Greece - 5 year Engineering degree) ~ 3/10 (US) 25 month military service as an officer co-authored a paper defended a thesis (research project) as a requirement to finish my undergraduate studies GRE: V:630, Q:640, AW:4 TOEFL iBT: 109/120 Work experience: working at an NGO since Feb 2011 as a programmer I am an international student Any suggestions of schools I can apply to with good chances of admissions are more than welcome Thnx in advance!
  14. Undergrad: UC Irvine (National University #41, Public University #11, Economics #48 [uSNWR]). Overall GPA: 3.259 Business Econ GPA: 3.530 International Studies GPA: 3.667 Verbal GRE: 660 Quant GRE: 790 Distinguishments Economics Honors Thesis: "The Effect of International Shocks on Construction in the U.S." Expected: CFA Level 1 Candidate (Sitting in December 2011) Staff Writer for New University School Newspaper (4 years, currently an alumni contributor) Work experience. Will have completed at least 1 year of work experience as a Financial Analyst for a subsidiary of Allstate insurance. Alternative record. I will have taken about 2 accounting and 2 calculus courses at UC Berkeley extension and achieved an A- average. Internships UBS Financial Services (3 months, Private wealth management) Belgravia Capital (3 months, Investment banking) Core Classes (A ) PROB & STATS ECON I (A-) PROB & STATS ECON II (A ) BASIC ECONOMICS I (A+) BASIC ECONOMICS II (A ) ECON ACCTG DECS (B ) INTER ECONOMICS I (B+) INTER ECONOMICS II (B ) INTER ECONOMICS III Math Classes (B ) CALCULUS (C+) MATH FOR ECONOMISTS (LINEAR ALGEBRA) Electives (A ) APPLD ECONMETRIC I (B ) APPLD ECONMETRIC II (B+) BUS FORECASTING (A-) INTRO FINANCL INVST (A+) FINANCE ECONOMICS (B-) MANAGERIAL ECON (B+) ECON OF STRATEGY (B+) POVERTY/GRWTH & DVLP (B+) MONEY & BANKING (A ) INTL TRADE & COM POL (B ) ADV MONEY & BANKING (A ) INDIVIDUAL STUDY I graduated in 5 years with a double-major after spending 2 years pursuing a major in Biology while getting B's or C's in Biology and Physics, and straight B's in Chemistry. In addition, I dealt with a bout of personal depression spanning two quarters, and the divorce of my parents during the Winter Quarter of my third year that resulted in 2 D's and 1F that heavily impacted my cumulative GPA. What are my chances of getting into the following 8 M.A. Economics/Applied Economics programs? (I have my own assessments, but would like to hear that of others) 1. NYU M.A. Econ 2. Duke M.A. Econ 3. USC M.A. Econ 4. U of Michigan M.A. Applied Econ 5. Johns Hopkins M.A. Applied Econ 6. UNC - Chapel Hill M.A. Econ 6. Tufts - M.S. Econ (Thesis option) (Tied in terms of preference with UNC) 7. UC Santa Barbara - M.A. Econ What are my prospects?
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