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Found 699 results

  1. I am currently in the process of completing my clearances in PA. However, one location asks for my clearances to observe. I know the clearances are the child abuse history record, criminal record check and the FBI federal criminal history record (fingerprinting). Does anyone know if it’s acceptable to get the volunteer records, or should I pay for them? Also, what code should I use for the FBI one? Thanks in advance!
  2. I called them last week, they said we should hear about funding by the end of this week!
  3. Hey guys! I recently got accepted into Penn State's Master's program for speech and I'm super nervous about committing. The program offers everything I want, but I am nervous about the town and housing. I am from NYC and I am nervous about moving to the middle of PA. Can anyone tell me some good things about the area (things to do, festivals, shopping, etc.)? Also was wondering if their downtown is fun. I appreciate any input!
  4. Hi everyone! I'm still waiting to hear back from this school! Is anyone here in the same boat as me?
  5. Hello. I am planning to apply to graduate programs for Spring 2020. I am an out of field student and am hoping to stay around the Texas/Oklahoma area. I have found the UTD program which offers leveling courses in combination with the masters courses and was wondering if there are any other programs that are like this? Thanks
  6. Hi all! If you want more info on how to get into grad school, what grad school is like once you're in, what to expect, etc. I follow an awesome SLPA/ slp grad students's instagram account (@thesocialspeechie) and YouTube account (the social speechie). She has a lot of really helpful videos with awesome information and is always open to answering any questions! Good luck to everyone who applied this cycle!
  7. Does anyone know why their deadline was pushed back from January to March? I can understand extending deadlines for maybe a week or so but 2 months seems extreme. I saw on the results page some acceptances not too long ago but I thought they weren’t going to give decisions until on or after April 15th?
  8. Has anyone heard from them recently? Starting to get worried. I technically applied in December but didn’t submit my personal statement till maybe a couple days before the deadline. I don’t think there’s really a way to check status through the application so should I call?
  9. I am currently a SLPA. This is my first time applying since I graduated with my BS in 2017. I applied to a few different schools in Arkansas but I have been rejected by those. I got the email yesterday saying I was waitlisted at SEMO. Anyone else get accepted? Waitlisted? Someone turn them down so they might give me a chance! 😂 I have never wanted something so bad in my life!!
  10. I got a phone call earlier today saying I got accepted and they gave me a really good scholarship package so it looks like I'm going to MGH. Has anyone else heard back from MGH? Anyone planning on going?
  11. Is anyone else deciding between the two schools? Waiting to hear about funding for both but they are both great programs just feel like NYU has so much information about Speech@NYU online program and not much about on-campus. Going to attend open houses, but can anyone share information on either? I want to be in the hospitals as a medical SLP so need to figure out which will be best for me! Wish I knew someone who is a current student in these programs. I'm from South Florida, so would be a big move.
  12. Now that announcements have been made, it's down to figuring out where to go! I've been accepted into the SLP masters programs at UW Seattle, Western Washington, Utah, and UC-Boulder. And while getting so many acceptances is wonderful, it's both a blessing and curse... Is there anyone out there that is attending these programs? I'm a current post-bac at UW so I have a little idea of what the department is like, but I would be so appreciative if anyone has any insight into the clinical experience, academic workload, life living in those cities, etcetera. Thank you in advance!
  13. Hi All, I looked and it seems Sac State send out their decisions late March/ early April. So I am not expecting anyone to have heard back from them yet. But, in my exploration of decisions, I read that people did not like the climate of the program. I was curious if anyone could speak on their program at all? Do you like it? Do you not? Why or why not? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hey guys! For those of you waitlisted, how are you feeling as the 15th gets closer? I’ve been rejected and waitlisted everywhere so I’m feeling very anxious about the 15th. I know I’m not the only one! Feel free to post how you’re feeling below! Fingers crossed we get good news next week
  15. Hey yall! I am planning on applying for SLP programs that start Summer 2019 or Fall 2019, depending on the program. I spent three years at a small private school where I majored in elementary education and special education. I realized my true calling was in SLP so I transferred schools to pursue these dreams. I had spent over a year and a half unhappy with my education major and finally got up the courage to transfer. I decided to transfer the August of what would have been my senior year and it was the hardest decision ever! At my old school, I had a 3.7 GPA, over 200+ volunteer hours in Title I schools, was hugely involved in the community outside of campus with community service as well as being involved on campus, in a sorority, and worked my entire time in school. I was able to finish my B.S. in Communication Sciences in Disorders in two years (SO PROUD OF MYSELF!), but as a result my overall GPA suffered. I had a 3.3 overall GPA, 3.2 GPA in CSD courses, and a 3.275 GPA for my last 60 hours. I have the 25 shadowing hours per ASHA requirements...not sure how Master Clinician fits into those? While taking CSD classes, I worked at an after school program with a really diverse student population, volunteered with special needs students, was involved within my sorority, and shadowed in the speech and hearing clinic on campus. I am currently taking a gap year to increase my GRE score. The first time taking it I got a 152 VR, 137 VR, and 4 AW, the second time 150 VR, 143 QR, and 3.5 AW. Before taking the GRE the second time, I solely focused on studying for the QR section. Right now during my gap year, I am gaining some awesome shadowing experience, working as a nanny, have a private tutor for the GRE, and am studying on my own. I haven't scheduled my third (and hopefully last!) time taking the GRE, but am looking at October or November. I feel like I'm putting myself in a panic and am trying to be realistic about my chances of getting into grad school. Any advice, tips, schools I should look into, or insight about my real chances of getting in would be greatly appreciated!!! I want to stay in the South if possible! Thanks in advance!
  16. I have a couple questions about Cal Baptist's program so if you're a CBU grad or undergrad maybe you can help me out. 1. I'm a Christian, but I'm not Baptist or conservative. I have friends who are and I'm totally fine with other points of view, but I'm just wondering how rigid the worldview is in the SLP program. For example, what would a class discussion on transgender voice adjustment therapy look like? Did you find there were/are a diversity of viewpoints present and welcomed among your classmates? 2. I know the program is really new. How well do you feel your program has prepared you? Are you happy with your practicum experiences? Are there any weaknesses that have stood out to you? 3. I don't want to be a total downer - what are some positives?! Thank you 😍
  17. Does anyone know whether UConn or Southern CT State University has a better speech pathology program? I have been accepted to SCSU and am waiting on UConn. If admitted I don't know which I'd choose! Please help! Any advice or insight on either program?
  18. Need help with deciding on schools! I'm still waiting to hear back from other SLP programs, but so far I've been accepted to NYU's ~3-year program and UOP's accelerated 24-month program. For tuition alone, they're basically the same and I really like both programs. Stockton doesn't seem all that fun (but you can correct me if I'm wrong on that), and the idea of going to grad school in NYC is really appealing to me since it's my last chance to study out-of-state in a vibrant place with tons of places to explore, but idk if that makes up for the bad weather, noisy streets, expensive rent & food, not having a car, and being away from friends and family for 3 years. I know the cons of going to NYU really seem to outweigh the pros, but what do you guys think? Is experiencing life in NYC all that great? Would grad school leave me no time to even explore (and so location wouldn't really matter in that sense)? If I go out-of-state, how feasible is it to get licensed and employed (especially in a medical setting) back in CA? Any sort of insight, as well as info for either program, would be appreciated!
  19. I'm considering Teacher's College! Does anyone attending TC want to talk about it with me? Please message me if possible!
  20. After being both pleasantly surprised and disappointed with varous programs’ decisions and seeing others feel the same, I’m dying to know if anyone has heard from professors or others about what goes down “in the room where it happens” (any Hamilton fans out there?). Of course some programs look at stats, others the whole applicant, and so on. But how do they go from 40 perfect candidates to 20? Are there debates among comittee members, coin tosses, etc?
  21. I finished applying to grad schools at the end of December with due dates of applications being on January 15th, February 1st, and February 15th. I have heard back from two of the three schools I applied to. However, I'm starting to get extremely nervous because the last school I haven't heard from is my alma mater and I know that several others have already heard back and been accepted. I have not received ANYTHING. And I mean anything, no wait list letter, no rejection, and no acceptance. I'm starting to really get concerned because since others have heard back, does that mean that I did not get in? But if I didn't get in, why wouldn't they just send me the email saying no. I've tried to think about this as logically as I can like maybe they sent out letters in alphabetical order but the people I asked ALL have last names starting with letters after mine in the alphabet.. I was thinking maybe they accepted the grad scholars first, but I know for a fact that one kid from my alma mater who got accepted DID NOT apply for the grad scholars and he received an acceptance. I'm just freaking out because this was my back-up plan but I didn't think I wouldn't have been able to get into my back-up plan!?? Should I just consider no news good news???
  22. Hello! I was recently admitted to the Speech-language Pathology graduate programs at Oklahoma State University, University of Tulsa, and University of Central Oklahoma. I am a Texas resident and was told that Oklahoma usually gives out in-state tuition to Texas residents... Is this true? How do I try and get in-state tuition? If anyone has any tips or advice on what they did, please let me know! I am very confused. Thank you!
  23. Anyone else trying to decide between staying in their home state or moving out of state to a place you don’t know anyone? Has someone made the decision already?
  24. Graduate Students Starting the 2018-2019 year. I am in the Communicative Disorders Program moving down there, and I am coming from Rhode Island!
  25. Hi everyone! I have been accepted to the MA program in SLHS beginning this fall. I am unable to attend the open house, so I was hoping to get some current or former student insights regarding the program. I’m most curious to hear: -Did you feel supported throughout the program? -How many students were in your cohort? -Was the process of getting clinical placements easy? -How prepared did you/ will you feel upon graduating? -If applicable, was the process of receiving in state tuition through WRGP difficult or competitive? Also, I am from Southern California. The prospect of moving to Boulder is very appealing but I do plan to eventually move back after the program. I am hoping that my credentials from CU will allow me to work in either a school or medically-based setting. Thank you in advance! Have a great weekend!
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