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Found 173 results

  1. Hi all! Since Columbia SIPA"s early application deadline is right around the corner, I wanted to start a thread for other SIPA hopefuls who- if they are anything like myself- are quietly panicking right about now. Anyone else struggling with the ridiculously short SOP word count? Has anyone actually submitted their app yet?
  2. First-time grad-school applicant here. The Political Science Department of the school I'm applying for offers both an MA program and a Ph.D. program. After submitting my Ph.D. application, I wonder if I can use a similar version of my SOP for the MA application. Although I understand that the norm here is to personalize each SOP to fit each program, I fail to see the necessity in this case since I'm dealing with the same school, the same department, and the same faculty. In addition, after reading posts in this forum, which I should have done long before submitting my applications, I painfully realized that the SOP for a Ph.D. program is drastically different from the SOP for an MA program, and my current SOP works better with the MA application. So, the current situation for me is tricky since I've already submitted the Ph.D. application (partially due to its deadline being earlier than the MA program's deadline) but my SOP could potentially be actually more useful in the MA application... With these being said, I hope someone could shine some lights on this situation. Do departments usually assign the same Adcom to review both programs? Are they going to recognize the similarity? Is it going to hurt? (not trying to be indolent, will write a new one if it is a must.)
  3. Hi guys! I came across this post on facebook recently- I follow a lot of these GRE related pages in the hope of finding something exactly like this Anyway, this appears to be a webinar by a graduate of Stanford University on how to approach writing your SOP for your Masters or PhD. I've attended one of her webinars on a different subject before, she had some great advice to give. So I thought I should share this in case anybody else is looking for tips and would like some quality advice. Here is the link to the facebook post- PS- I copied the link to the webinar from their facebook page-
  4. SOP - MPH

    If I post one of my SOP's here? Can I get some comments and feedback please? Writing is not my strong suit so any help would be incredible.
  5. Hi all! I am now applying to some Master programmes in city planning/urban affairs. I'd be thankful if you review my SOP and give some feedback. I've already applied to one program, but now as I am trying to tailor my SOP to other programs I understand that it seems really weak and feel desperate. Any help will be priceless. Please send me PM or write here - I'll send my SOP to you.
  6. If you are willing to help me please PM or post below. I'll share the link with you. Thanks.
  7. Hello! Would anyone be willing to review my SOP for the Master's program in Near Eastern Studies at NYU? pretty please! I am not a native speaker and would really appreciate all the help and the feedback I can get. Feel free to message me. Thanks a lot in advance!
  8. Can somebody give me some feedback about the quality of the SOP. I would like to apply to NYU by the end of this week. SOP - Link Personal Statement - Link
  9. Hi All, I was wondering if someone can review my SOP for M.A in Economics in NYU. I don't have academic background in Economics as I have an Engineering bachelor degree, but I have a 2 year work experience in the market research & data analytics field and I am highly passionate about pursuing graduate studies in Economics. I would highly appreciate it if someone can take the time for this. Thanks
  10. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone is interested in critique my SOP? I would be so happy if someone is willing to help me out. Thank you.
  11. Hi, I'd like help with my SOP if anyone could help me . I'll be glad to help too.
  12. Hey guys, I just found this forum, and I have to say it is really great that there is something like this. I was wondering if somebody would be willing to review my SOP? I am currently applying for various PHD programs in Information Systems. I am German, and I could redo the favor or help you with other stuff, just let me know! Thank you very much in advance best regards
  13. I submitted my application to Harvard just in time for the December 15 deadline, and I reviewed my application materials after hitting the dreaded "Submit" button. To my horror, I realized that I had written "Sociocultural Anthropology" in my statement of purpose instead of "Social Anthropology," which is what Harvard offers. I had checked the same document over and over again before uploading it, but as luck would have it, it was too late when I realized my mistake. Do you think I should I write to the DGS to "correct" this mistake or at least to save face by apologizing for it and explaining that I am aware of the differences between "social" and "cultural" and "sociocultural" in terms of academic tradition? Or am I just obsessing about this detail that they probably won't notice or care about?
  14. Hii, I am applying to both PhD and Masters program, I am quite certain of what I want to include in my PhD SOPs(Research interests, potential supervisors). However, I am not sure of what shall I include in my Masters SOPs apart from basic things like relevant work experience, relevant education and motivation to study the program. Would anyone be kind enough to mention the difference in what do Admission committees look for in SOPs of PhD applicants and what specific things they look for in SOPs in Masters applicants. In addition, I would like to know if there are any differences in Europe and US, in terms of what Admission committees like to see in applicants' SOPs
  15. Word/page count guidelines - SOP, Writing Sample

    Hello, I have a question regarding word and page count guidelines. Some Statement of Purpose guidelines say to keep it under 500 words, but people on this forum have indicated that it is not necessary to strictly adhere to these restrictions. Some program websites have also gone out of their way to say it is not a strict cutoff, while others don't specify. The same applies for word/page counts on writing samples. If this is the case, what would you say the limit is? For example, for a 500 limit, is 600 too far over the threshold? 700? 800? I typically follow the rules provided, so I automatically don't feel extremely comfortable submitting anything over 500 in this case. My current letter as stands is ~700 words and I am not eager to cut any of it down any further, but I am also hesitant to submit something ~40% larger than requested. Thanks!
  16. I need someone to have a look into my SOP to review and proofread it since I am not native English speaker. Please let me Know to PM you. Thanks a lot for your cooperation.
  17. I have currently started working on my statement for MPH and while English is not my first language, I'd like to think I have a decent grasp of the language. I'll primarily be applying to Canadian universities and was wondering how I'm supposed to write which streams of mph I want to study in. For example, in the University of Alberta program, they offer several streams such as Epidem, Health Policy and Management, Environmental etc. I want to mention in my statement that I primarily want to study in epi, however wouldn't mind if I got chosen for Health Management either. Now this might sound stupid, but I'm from Bangladesh and have never worked on applying to a university before. I'm assuming I need to select a particular stream which I want to study in and write about it in my statement? I want to write down other streams as a Plan B in case they don't have any more seats in the stream I want. I'm just curious as to how I'm supposed to word it properly. I'm interested in multiple streams with more emphasis on a few particular ones which interests me. On a side note, I'm writing down some fieldwork and volunteer work which I've done here in Bangladesh but that got me thinking. I'm writing down my experiences but have no proof of what I did. How will the University know I'm telling the truth and not just making up false information just to beef up my chances? The information will be written in my CV as well and I'll write down my references as well but even then, is that viable enough? Any feedback would be appreciated to this foreigner!
  18. SOP for chemistry PhD program

    Hi everyone, I am applying to PhD programs in the US for the Fall 2018 semester but I am not confident that my SOP is good enough. As an international student, I have little knowledge on this since writing SOP for graduate schools is not common my country. Can someone review my SOP and tell me what could be changed to improve it? Any advice is welcome I tried to keep it 1 page long because I heard that faculty members in the US do not like to see statements any longer than that. However, I had to omit that I have one manuscript in preparation, one poster presentation, voluntary activities etc. What do you think? Should I replace any information on my SOP by those? Thanks To the admissions committee, I am writing on behalf of my application for the Doctoral program in Chemistry at the University of X. I have earned a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from the Federal University of Viçosa (Brazil) in 2015 and a Master's degree in Inorganic Chemistry from the Federal University of Minas Gerais in 2017. The strong research on catalysis and new synthetic methodologies conducted in your institution made me very interested in pursuing graduate studies at your department. Since sophomore year in college, I have been involved in research projects in the interface between organic and inorganic chemistry, studying new ways to transform abundant and cheap substances into valuable compounds using less toxic reagents and generating less waste. In my Master's thesis I managed to transform compounds extracted from pine trees into biologically-active amines in a one-pot procedure using ethanol instead of toluene as a solvent, a greener approach to the synthesis of amines that led to higher yields and selectivities than the traditional systems already used. In addition, I had the opportunity to take graduate-level courses about group theory, advanced mass spectrometry, nanotechnology and experimental nuclear magnetic resonance which contributed to my understanding of core concepts of my research area. I have also spent the 2012-2013 academic year in the U.S performing research at the University of California Davis as a recipient of the Science Without Borders scholarship. Studying abroad has introduced me to state-of-the-art science and allowed me to operate new instruments and learn new techniques not available in my home institution, besides the rich cultural exchange. In 2016, the American Chemical Society awarded me with a scholarship to travel to Panama, where I received intensive training on scientific outreach and communication. This opportunity has impacted the way I think chemistry can serve our society and made me realize I can do more for my country than I ever expected through science. Brazil has numerous economic and social inequality problems,and I think one of the most powerful ways to overcome them is through international scientific cooperation and knowledge exchange. Research experience combined with extensive theoretical and practical training received during the baccalaureate and graduate-level courses encouraged me to take a step further in my career as a scientist. My professional goal is to become highly qualified in the field of catalysis and teach at an institution committed to social, economic, environmental and scientific development in my country. The PhD program in Chemistry at the University of Utah is a very good fit for me since it has a structure with all the resources I need to advance in my research, with Dr. X and Dr. Y and Dr. Z groups being very active and relevant to my field. The NMR facility have the capability of multinuclear detection, which is indispensable for my work in the frontier of organometallic chemistry and synthesis, as well as modern mass and optical spectrometers. I am confident that the aforementioned characteristics make me a viable candidate for this graduate program. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my candidacy with the department faculty and provide further information. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  19. Hey guys. So it's getting dangerously close to all the deadlines for the apps. Most of these seem to be due by the 15th. Just wondering if anyone going to a STEM program would be willing to exchange Statements for last-minute critique? Just let me know!
  20. Hey all, Anyone willing to review the first draft of my SoP? I will send you a message of my SOP text. This for Masters in Human Computer Interaction and Design. Cheers,
  21. Hi, all Since we've started the application process (I know some have already applied and many of us are likely preparing this week to begin), we are all (I assume) done with any and all WS/SOP major revisions and are focused now on polishing (that is, at least, where I am in this whole thing.) While I sometimes feel like my tweaking is good, I also have a sense that it is not really necessary - while my SOP and WS could, of course, be "better" and definitely different, they are what they are at this point and I'm largely proud of them, regardless of outcome. So, how do you all determine when "good enough is good enough"?
  22. Hello! I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in giving some feedback on my purpose statement? I'll be applying for a Master's degree in Computer Science in a month or so. Please PM me (or reply here) and I'll reply back with a PDF link.
  23. Does anyone have any tips as to how they are tailoring their personal statements to specific schools? I wrote one main personal statement and I am going to tweak it to each school by putting a paragraph as to why I want to attend that school. With some programs on my list I am having trouble finding more detailed info on their program (like Illinois, Urbana-Champiagn) and I don't want to say something generic. Any examples or tips to achieve this?! Thanks!
  24. Hi, The last time I asked for advice on my SOP didn’t go to well. This time I will include it here in full. Hopefully this will make it easier for people to review. A short introduction about me to help with the review: I’m a Dutch computer science major. Over the last couple of months, I have been developing my statement of purposes for the universities which I will be applying to. I'm finally at a point where I feel confident enough about my SOPs that I am willing to share it with people outside my family and references. My transcript and GRE scores aren’t anywhere near what I had hope so a solid SOP is really important. My average is a 7.6 on a 10-point scale which translate to roughly a 3.4 – 3.6 GPA. My GRE is V:155, Q:163 and W:4.5. For my letter of recommendations, I have found the following references: 1. Associate Professor whom I will be assisting in research starting next month. He gave the project I did during his course last year a 10. 2. Lecturer of the courses “Computer Architecture” and “Information Security”, I received good grades in both. He is not a professor but he is well known for his course on C++. 3. Associate Professor in machine learning. He is well known for his work in Vector Quantization. Did part of his MS. at the University of Washington. I am mostly interested in the research areas of CS Theory and AI/ML. Ideally, I would like to combine them both. I will be applying to the Ph.D. or MS. program at UCB, UW, GATech, UCSB, Toronto and Montreal. If all my applications would be unsuccessful I will probably continue with a master’s degree at my current university in the Netherlands. This is a top 100 school with a solid machine learning track, since I am guaranteed to be accepted here I decided to aim high. Now, my statement of purpose, this version is focussed on the University of Washington. You can either read it below or in PDF format: Statement of Purpose – Anonymous.pdf “ Dear Graduate Selection Committee, My name is Jan Janssen, I am a Dutch computer science major born in a small town in the Netherlands. With this statement of purpose, I wish to show you why I would be a suitable candidate for your computer science Ph.D. program. Your incredible reputation in the field of machine learning and in particular the work of professor Kakade on the border of Computer Science Theory and machine learning is one of the reasons why I am applying to your program. Although I was initially interested in the engineering aspect of computer science I became increasingly dedicated to an academic career throughout my bachelor degree. After my first year as a computer science major, I was fortunate enough to be accepted for a basic position at the software engineering department of Sadet, a security company in the Netherlands. During the following one and a half years, I have transitioned from this position to become a key member of the software engineering team while working on multiple projects for usage in both private and national security. In the upcoming months, I will be putting aside my work at Sadet to make time to assist in research at the University of Groningen. While I do not expect to return to Sadet I do look with fondness upon the things I have learned while working here and how the experience was detrimental for my dedication towards a career in research. How exciting and innovation-driven the engineering field of computer science may be, in the end, it has a very volatile nature. I am determined to make long-lasting contributions to the field of computer science. To use the biggest cliché available, I wish to make the world a better place by pursuing a career in computer science research. Before I explain my areas of interest further, I feel that I should address some aspects of my application, mainly my lackluster average grade and minimal research experience. During my undergraduate degree, I focused on getting experience in software engineering outside of the university environment. By doing so, I hoped to build a solid basis to build research experience and focus on my grades while studying for my master’s degree. I was confident that this would be the best preparation for a career in research at an institution in the United States. Over the last two years, a Psoriatic Arthritis diagnosis has increasingly been causing issues in my health. Issues with mobility in my lower back early last summer eventually made me realize that I did not want to wait the additional two years before pursuing my dreams. Since then I have worked on preparing myself for graduate school in the United States by improving my grades and looking for research positions. As I mentioned shortly before, from December onward I will be assisting professor Kaas Kop at the University of Groningen in his research. Due to the introductory nature of the Bachelor degree in the Netherlands, it is very unlikely for Bachelor students to get this opportunity. I am looking forward to experience what I can learn being handed this opportunity and I am dedicated to seize it to the fullest. With the experience gained assisting professor Kaas Kop in his research, combined with my upcoming bachelor thesis and background as a teaching assistant, I am confident that I will be able to deliver the experience required for your Ph.D. program. By joining this experience with my eagerness and unprecedented dedication to improving as a person and academic, I will be able to use it as pillar to build a long-lasting and successful academic career. If I would be accepted to your computer science Ph.D. program there are two areas within the computer science field that I wish to explore and contribute to, Computer Science Theory and Artificial Intelligence. The field of computer science theory is in my view the reverse of the volatile engineering field of computer science I mentioned earlier. Over the last summer break, I read C. Shannon’s paper “a mathematical theory of communication” with the intention of improving my ability to read academic papers. Unintentionally this paper revealed my own interest in Computer Science Theory to me. Aside from the conceptual impact of Shannon’s paper the ever-lasting relevance of the topics explored fascinated me. Hopefully I will be able to contribute in research one day that has the same enduring impact. The research area of Artificial Intelligence, and in particular machine learning, is the primary area that I wish to explore. Over the last few years I have seen the growing impact of machine learning in fields such as medicine and economics. How progress in machine learning research has opened up the possibility for computer scientist to contribute in other fields is something that I find inspiring. By contributing to research in machine learning and in particular vision and speech recognition, I wish to further revision our perspective on personal computing and robotics. I have had the pleasure to be taught the basics of intelligent systems by professor Frank de Boer, a former visiting student at the University of Washington. His work on the boundary between CS theory and machine learning inspired me to search for universities that explore this same border. Work performed by professor Sham Kakade on machine learning theory and in particular his paper on accelerating stochastic descent is the perfect example of this. Throughout my graduate degree I also wish to continue my current activities in educating people outside the academic community. By hosting talks at libraries and community centres I hope to educate them about current research and how this might influence their lives. Besides teaching being a life-long passion of mine, I also see it as an important part of our academic obligation. Hopefully my statement of purpose was able to give you some insight into my motives for pursuing a graduate study and what I aim to do with it. I am positive that my interest in machine learning and theory combined with a passion for teaching will fit into your academic community. Yours sincerely, Jan Janssen “
  25. Can someone suggest me for any low-cost online courses associated with biomedical engineering? Since i don't have any research papers i planned to rise my sop using online courses. Will online courses really help in improving my sop??