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Found 38 results

  1. Hi all, I'm new, so apologies if this should be on another thread! I'm from the UK, and am currently applying to do my PhD in the US (UPenn). I would receive a stipend (I believe around $30k), and participate in some sort of teaching, although I am unclear if this is paid extra or included in the stipend. This is a much better deal than in the UK, funding for graduate study here is abysmal! However, I am a single parent and would be bringing my children with me (ages 10 and 8 currently). Would my stipend be enough to cover our living costs in the US? I'd want the children to have a really positive experience, and not be the 'poor kids in school' with rubbish clothes and no allowance, and living in a horrible student apartment somewhere. It would be fine if it was just me, I wouldn't care! Any advice on the realities of living costs on a PhD would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi all -- So my husband and I (no kids) are starting our PhDs this fall and we are trying to make this work. My stipend is $27,500 before taxes and his is $18K. I think in some more affordable cities this might be possible, but we're starting our programs in Boston and when we looked for housing it was hard to find anything below $1800 a month that wasn't a studio. We opted for an apartment a bit farther out of the city but it still is $1850, which is a lot more than we would have liked to pay for our housing expenses. We're thinking we might keep our eyes out in case something cheaper comes up during the school year. We've managed to already put some cost-savings plans in place -- his university actually has a food pantry for students with low income, so we'll definitely be joining that, and we joined a CSA that gave us a deep discount for our lower income, and we'll also be enrolling in our university discount metro passes. I'm looking for advice, though, from any other couples living on PhD programs as to how you made it work. I think we really need to get our housing expenses down, and we'll work on that, but any other advice would be welcome, too. Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone - I'm going to be starting my PhD program in the fall and I have several questions about my stipend. My school does not provide a 1099 or W2 for graduate students on a stipend: it's our responsibility, it seems, to report for ourselves. I believe that, with no tax withholding and more than $1000 owed in a year, one is obligated to file estimated quarterly taxes with the IRS (and the relevant state authority, which in my case will be Illinois). Fine - I'm happy to do that. I do have one complicating factor: my spouse will be working full-time while I study. For anyone in a similar situation: do you file and pay estimated quarterly taxes for your spouse's income as well? (Note: she will have taxes withheld from her income every pay period). Or only for the stipend income? Finally, is the tuition waiver also taxable income? I suppose it doesn't matter much as I can simply take a deduction for the full amount (since tuition is deductible). Thanks in advance for any advice!
  4. I recently have been accepted to two doctoral programs in Mass Communication: One from Bowling Green State University and the other from the University of Southern Mississippi. The BGSU assistantship comes with funding for 3-4 years involving full tuition coverage and $13,500 a year (two semesters). The USM offer is full funding for one year plus a $11,500 stipend. After the one year is up, I have to ask for a renewal. Also USM requires their doctoral students to have health insurance which means an even smaller paycheck. Despite this, I do not wish to go to BGSU again because I already did my undergraduate work there (B.A. received my M.A. in Michigan college), and USM seems like a far more exciting place to enroll, even though I know that the funding is not quite as good. What do you think I should do? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi all - what are offers of funding looking like, in terms of amount and funding type? How many years are being "guaranteed?" Congrats to all those accepted and sympathies to everyone still waiting >__<
  6. I've recently been admitted to UCSD for a PhD in an engineering major, Fall 2016. International, but US citizen. No mention of financial support in the congrats e-mail. When asked, they said funding decisions are made at the end of March. Rumors are, schools in CA are sparing in funding? Anyone have any information on what chances I have of actually getting funded? Definitely can't afford school & life in La Jolla on my own.
  7. Hey guys, I just received an offer letter from a prestigious University in Houston and along with the letter, I was told I will be receiving a tuition waiver, health insurance aid (70% will be covered), and a stipend for 9 months per year during five years. I would be making 18k per year working 10 hours per week. After looking up PhD Stipends for other programs or for other Universities but in a similar program, I came to the conclusion that it might not be enough. I know I could try to find cheap housing and live a frugal life for five years, but would it be worth the time? I would be grateful to hear any suggestions. I also have been thinking that I could find part-time/freelance jobs and make, at least, +500 dollars per month. Would you have any suggestions on what kind of job I should look for? And most importantly, should I look for a freelance job or not? Thank you for helping! Any advice is truly appreciated.
  8. Hi all, I was admitted to Colorado State (CSU) in their Ph.D in Statistics program. I really love the program, but am still waiting to hear from 14 other programs! It is one of my top choices, but is a bit far from my family (SoCal). I love Colorado, so I would choose it in a heartbeat if all the cards were right. Anyway, I have two problems: 1) Their unofficial acceptance email said that they would like me to tell them my decision by March 1st. I'm visiting on 2/22, but have a feeling I won't have heard back from all my programs by March 1st! When they say "if possible", let them know, how much wiggle room do you think I have? Should I tell them that they're one of my top programs, but I just need more time to decide? Not sure if other programs do this with such an early deadline. 2) I also got into NC State's Ph.D in Stats program. They offered me a TAship of $2083.33 a month for 9 months, plus everything else except like $2600 a year in student fees. CSU offered me only $1785 a month for TA stipend (and I'm not sure of other offerings like health insurance and student fees). Are these negotiable? I feel like if it comes down to it and CSU is the more feasible and better fitting program for me, I'd like to try and get a higher monthly stipend amount. This is especially something I want to do since cost of living is a little bit higher in Fort Collins than in Raleigh. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. For all those living on small stipends/incomes-,what percentage of your earnings do you save each month? How easy is it for you to manage your savings? I'm figuring out right now how to create a detailed budget. If you have any tips for saving money, tools for organizing your finances or hints- please feel free to share! If you have any tips on budgeting for conference travel or study abroad they would be most welcome! My plan is to save 35% of my income. I have an extra job that I use to pay the rent, and it definitely helps, but I sometimes worry about having enough money for emergencies. I'd love to find a nice financial organizer, but so far I have not found anything suitable. How do you organize your finances? Potential Apps and various online tool suggestions are welcome!
  10. Hi all, I've been accepted into a program at one of the big ten schools. I received a phone call from my POI two weeks ago and she said that I would be receiving a departmental fellowship as part of my award and would receive a letter from the graduate school with more information (I'm still waiting on this information-hoping to get it this week). I was wondering what the average stipend would be?
  11. Hey guys, I've been accepted at a school in Vancouver with a taxable funding of about 21,000 which I have to pay tuition and fees out of. I'm an international student so I'm not familiar with the Candian system and I would like to clarify a few things. After paying tax and other things out of my stipend that leaves me with about $11,000-$12,000. Is that enough to survive in expensive Vancouver? (I'm planning on being very frugal). If not, then realistically how much more would I need? and are schools usually okay with their students picking up some extra work in addition to TA/RA to cover expenses? Also, which one is cheaper renting a place or living on campus? Any additional financial advice would be most welcome. Thanks!
  12. Hi there, friends! I'm currently juggling between offers and can't help but begin to feel worried about stipend amounts between schools. They are incredibly low, even in California schools where the cost of living is quite high. A few examples can be found in any UC school, where a stipend of about $17,000 or $18,000 per nine months is expected to be enough. Of course, summer work is almost guaranteed...but is this possible? I'm the most frugal person I know and spend money only on necessities, but even so, I'm worried about this. I currently live on the east coast, so moving expenses would have to be taken into account. Does anyone have any suggestions or first-hand experience with these dilemmas?
  13. on my acceptance letter to university of michigan they wrote " All types of support will provide similar funding with a stipend of $2,200 a month, plus tuition, fees, and health benefits." does this mean that i would actually get $2200 and that there is a tuition remission or it means that they take the tuition off that?? in other words what am i left with?
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