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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, Anybody here has received early admission to NYU's ITP program yet? I have applied for fall 2012. Any idea on when the decisions will start trickling in? Thanks, Sybil
  2. Hello Canadians! I am having trouble deciding what to include in the Credentials section. These are the instructions: List up to six (6) scholarships, fellowships, prizes, and other academic awards you have received and think would be most pertinent to the adjudication of your application. Specify the source for each (e.g., international, federal, provincial or territorial government department, university, private sector or community organization, etc.), year, value and duration, as applicable. Do not include teaching assistantships in this section. Note: You may not append an additional page. I guess I should only include scholarships based on academic merit. So, for example, an Explore scholarship is not pertinent... But is financial aid based on gpa + financial need relevant? Or, for example, for Qu├ębec residents, does the "bourse" percentage awarded by AFE count?
  3. It's time for the Master's-level SSHRC applicants to start a new thread! From my perusals of yesteryear's posts, it seems as though we can expect news at the end of April/beginning of May. Am I correct? It might be helpful if posters indicated whether they applied through their universities or as independents. That said, I'm a direct-to-SSHRC applicant who graduated from an American school last May. Go forth and post!
  4. Is anyone else applying to developmental psych programs this year? If so, what schools? I've applied only to Canadian schools: UofT, SFU, UBC, and McGill. I'm getting a little nervous because I know Canadian schools are notorious for being slow - I'm hoping I don't have to wait until June to find out.
  5. Has anybody applied here? Heard anything back yet? Any other words of wisdom?
  6. Well, it's that time of the year again. Grad schools app season has opened. Same deal as this is a place to discuss the application and decision process. So who is applying for 2012? I'm applying to programs (for organic) at Scripps, Caltech, Berkeley, UC-Irvine, Wisconsin, MIT, Princeton, Illinois, Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia.
  7. I could not find a recent post for all the students considering film/media/television studies on the MA level... so I thought I would start one! I have been searching for the past month for some of the less popular MA programs, and frankly I could use some help. Here is a list of some schools and programs I am considering: University of South Florida - Masters of Liberal Arts in Film Studies (Did my undergrad work here so this is more of a backup) Emory University - MA Film Studies University of Florida - MA Film Studies Indiana University, Bloomington - MA Film and Media Studies Georgia State University - MA Film Studies Savannah College of Art and Design - MA Film Studies Boston University - MA Film Studies University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee - MA Media Studies Anyone have new suggestions? I am trying to stay away from schools in California and New York and some of the big name schools like Brown and Northwestern. Appreciate the help!
  8. Hey guys, Just thought I'd go ahead and ask if anyone else has been admitted to this program at Harvard for Fall 2012. I believe it's my top choice and would love to get to know anyone else who is considering attending!
  9. So who is applying to PhD programs in public health for Fall 2012? I think it would be good to have list of applicants so we can encourage each other and have a place to post results as the application season continues. I'll go first I'm applying to programs in Health Behavior at U Michigan Johns Hopkins Emory U North Carolina Chapel Hill U South Carolina Columbia Tulane U Pittsburgh I received my MPH in '05 and I am currently working and preparing to return to life as broke graduate student! I finished my apps awhile back and now I'm focusing on training for my first triathlon so I won't go crazy waiting to hear from schools.
  10. Hi guys! Just thought I'd start a thread for those who have decided on attending Columbia School of Social Work beginning Fall 2012. It's a good way to connect with our future classmates
  11. Anyone else apply to Masters programs in Psychology in California for Fall 2012? I applied to these following schools: -San Francisco State MA Social Psychology -San Jose State MA Experimental Psychology -CSULB MA Psychological Research -CSULA MA Psychology -CSU Fullerton MA Psychological Research but have yet to hear from any of them. Just wondering if there was anyone else in the same/similar boat!
  12. Any other students admitted and enrolling into the University of Washington- Seattle School of Social Work for Fall 2012? I'm very excited!
  13. To anyone who has applied to TPP for fall 2012: any idea when applicants are notified for interviews? (i.e. I figure if an applicant doesn't received an notification to schedule an interview, his/her application hasn't made it through to the interview stage...) From past forums, it looks like decisions are made in early-mid March... Any other observations or thoughts on the process and/or the expected schedule? Good luck to all
  14. Has anyone got interview calls for Duke's MEM program?
  15. Thought it was about time the public health section had an applicants thread. So please list - Basic background: undergrad degree, previous masters (if any), current status (still in undergrad, returning professional), experience (public health practice or research) and anything else you deem relevant - The school and concentrations you are applying to - Are you still submitting or done with apps? - (When the time comes) Interviews and acceptances
  16. Has anyone heard from their respective theology schools of choice about acceptance and scholarships? I'm hoping this forum will help all of us future seminarians blow off steam during the waiting period... Not that I'm stressed or concerned or anything... YIKES!
  17. I am pretty new to this forum, so forgive me if this question has been asked repeatedly. I am in the process of researching mfa programs for photography (starting Fall 2012). Does anyone have any advice as to what programs are good "fall backs". I am currently thinking about applying to 4 top tier schools, and 2 fall back schools. The 4 I know I want to apply to are Yale, SAIC, RISD, and CalArts. Also, any advice about interviews? (assuming I make the cut! haha)
  18. Are their other folks out there who applied to MSw programs with low GPAs and got accepted? I didn't go into this thinking it would be a big deal, since I have strong LsOR, a decent personal statement, years of work experience, over 500 hours of relevant volunteer experience, and nothing but As over the past two years. I failed out when I first started due to some pretty horrific tragedies, but I went back and finished years later and ended with a 3.02 (had to start again with my failing GPA). Now I see most of people's posted stats, and I still don't have a decision letter, and well, I'm starting to freak.
  19. Hi! Has anyone heard from PDX Applied Social and Community? I tried searching through the Results Survey for some clue as to when I'd hear back, but there isn't a single thing. On the site it says March, but I'm getting anxious. Let me know please!!
  20. So are there any University-specific facebook groups for the incoming grad students?
  21. Hello All, I'm just writing to allay some of my anxiety of late. I applied to UPenn's Neuroscience program through the biomedical graduate group (BGG). Up until recently I've thought of it as one of my very top choices, but looking at some of the "results survey" entries are making me nervous. I guess I wasn't aware how stiff the competition for Penn really is. Anyone else out there who has applied, what are your thoughts on this? Have a lot of people heard about interviews? I'm curious to hear what others think. And if you wouldn't mind including a few things about yourself : What type of university, major, GPA, GRE, experience... I'll list mine here. Top 50 private university, majoring in neuroscience, minoring in music, 3.83 GPA, 670 Verbal, 740 Quant, 3 years lab experience on campus as well as some summer research internships Thanks everybody, and good luck!
  22. Hi everybody! Is anyone aplying to LSE's MSc Management and Strategy? Any news? Best,
  23. Hi All I applied for MS in IE at Purdue and Georgia Tech and now i am waiting for the results. Please post any info about admissions (acceptance/rejections/waitlists) in these programs. This might help all others who are desperately waiting for their results. Regards Raghav
  24. Completed B.E Computer science and Engg planning to apply for MSc CS or Information systems Please tell me about my chances for both these courses Undergrad --> 78% 12th -->75% 10th -->65% have done internships in good companies (2 internships ) have done 3 projects and won prizes won 1st place in paper presentaion currently working in infosys.. GRE --> given but got low score (870 (600m 270v)) --> shall I submit my GRE score or apply without it ? TOEFL --> 90 Please temme whether I can get admits in 1. University of Western ontario 2. University of calgary 3. Dalhousie university 4. Queens 5. Mc master 6. concordia 7. Waterloo 8. U of Toronto 9. UBC 10. Mc master
  25. Hi! This is my first post on this site! I graduated with an honors BA in film studies (minored in gender studies) in May of 2010. I am currently looking at MFAs and PhDs for the 2012-2013 school year. Right now, I am struggling to decide whether or not I should only apply to MFAs, PhDs, or a mixture of the programs. In the end, I'd like to get a PhD, but I have a really strong interest in film production (which isn't offered in all PhD programs). I'll also only be 24 (if accepted) when I start graduate school and have concerns about being too young for both of the program types. Advice? Some of the programs I'm interested in are listed below in my signature (I know, I know...I need to think of some safety schools). If anyone has applied to or is currently going to these schools, I'd love to know more about their admission requirements. As well as there median GRE scores (for the schools that don't release that info), average age of accepted students, overall program and advisor feel, etc. Oh, and just for background, I went to a seven sisters school and was very involved in the film and radio community there. I graduated with an honors thesis on queer southern gothic film and fiction and a 3.43 GPA (I know...on the lower end for a lot of these programs). I make experimental films and am interested in bodiliness, the grotesque, the uncanny, witches, queer theory, masculinity in 1950s science-fiction, war cinema, genre cinema, early american literature, violence and incest in films and literature, women's cinema, queer cinema, the american avant-garde, feminist film theory, and second-wave feminism. (and that's just the beginning!) Thank you!
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