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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am planning to apply for PhD programs in Statistics and/or Biostatistics. I am seeking advice about the programs I should target. I would like advice based on my background below. Thank you a lot for your time! A quick summary about me - I have undergraduate degree in environmental science and master’s degree in applied stat. I graduated in 2019 and have one-year work experience. I attach my questions at the end. Type of Student: International, Asian Undergraduate Institution: Asian, top-50 by US news ranking Majors: Environmental Science GPA: 3.46/4.0 by WES (84/100) Courses taken (score by WES): CS Intro to Computation (A) Data Structure and Algorithm (B) Math 2 calculus courses (A and B) Linear Algebra (A) Probability Theory and Statistics (A) Stat Applied Statistics (B) Graduate Institution: Master’s degree, top-20 by US news ranking in stats major Majors: Applied Statistics (courses only, no thesis), dual degree in environmental science GPA: 3.6/4.0 Stat 400-level Intro to Theoretical Stat (B+) Applied Probability (B) Stat 500-level Stat Learning I (A-) Stat Learning II (A-) Stat Inference (A) Stat Consulting (A-) Probability Distribution Theory (A-) Stat Inference (A) Stat 600-level Linear Models (B+) Survival Time Analysis (A) Stat Computing (A-) GRE General Test: Q: 170 (96%); V: 152 (56%), W: 3.5 (41%) Research Experience Second author of a paper that is under peer review now. I did plenty of map visualization on the topic of air pollution. No modern stats method applied. (*big name prof. in biostatistics, not sure how the rec would be) One presentation at the School Symposium about a minor project, using spatial statistics method to answer an environmental question. Undergraduate thesis is about applying non-linear optimization method in a environmental problem. (*prof. in environmental science, good but not strong rec) Graduate capstone is much like consulting about clean energy, no related to stat. (*prof. in environmental science, might be strong rec) Research assistant for a social scientist for half year. I mainly cleaned data in R and SAS, and did some simple tests. (*prof. in social science, strong rec) Working Experience One-year work experience in a software company. Daily work includes programming in Python, R, Git; researching for spatial-temporal statistical methods, such as time series forecast, spatial outlier detection. (*supervisor) Letters of Recommendation I listed the potential recommenders with asterisk* in the Research/Work Experience above. I can reach out to prof. who taught stat courses but that would be weak rec I guess. Currently considering schools Planning to focus on 20-50 tiers schools in the U.S., such as UCLA, UC Irvine, UC Davis, OSU, Boston U, UUC. In addition, I am planning to apply for British Columbia and McGill in Canada. My questions Here is my main question - I like statistics, and based on by background in environmental science, I think biostatistics would provide a good balance between theory and application for me. Yet with little research experience in biostats, I find it hard to compare the programs. What should look for when I scan through the programs? Any advice about how to filter programs would be appreciated! I have another concern about the targets – I am worried my low GPA and weak background in math would become a constraint. Is there anything I should be aware about? For example, does programs usually filter applicants' GPA first? In addition, I would love to hear about who you think would make the best combo of recommenders. The fact that most of my rec would not come from prof. in stat concerns me as well. Thank you in advance for your input!
  2. So there’s not a thread for Fall 2020 applicants yet and I wanted to start one! I’m a philosophy and classical studies dual major applying to MA programs in classics for the Fall of 2020. My interests primarily lie in the reception of Greek literature in the German academy of the 18th and 19th.
  3. Hi Everyone! This was actually @xinyu_uynix's idea, but I agreed and wanted to hear folks' plans or opinions during the decision making process. I'm probably not the best one to start the conversation because I applied to a mixture of French, Comparative Literature, and Romance (French/Spanish) PhD programs. But I think this is true for a couple of others as well. So far I've been accepted and offered funding at Penn State Comparative Literature and U of Michigan French. I've been accepted with funding but no official funding package yet at Comp. Lit. UC Berkeley. I'm interviewing / doing a visit weekend for USC 's PhD in French and Francophone studies track of the Comparative Studies in Lit. and Culture. I was rejected after an interview with Yale French. I was rejected at Emory Comp Lit, and I still haven't heard responses from NYU Comp Lit, or Romance Languages and Literature at Harvard or Duke (though I suspect those are rejections). How is everyone feeling about the decision making? I'm not making any final choices until after my visits.
  4. Hey, so I'm applying for a PhD in Complit for Arabic and Chinese literature for the Fall 2020 season. I'm wondering if anyone else here is applying for a PhD in non-European languages. If so, what languages? What's your research topic? Finally, has anyone landed any interviews or acceptances?
  5. I'm graduating in the spring with a double major in psychology and gender studies and with a certificate (similar to a minor) in clinical psychological science. I'm applying to Clinical-Community psychology phd programs this round. I'm primarily interested in studying sexual violence and general violence against women. What do you think my odds are of getting into a program? My stats are below. GPA: 3.6 GRE: Verbal - 60th percentile; Quant.- below 50th percentile; Writing: 4 Posters: 8 posters, I'm first or second author on 6 of them Research Experience: I've been in a social psych lab for 3 years and a clinical-law lab for 2 years. I have some higher level responsibilities such as training new RAs, managing participant payments, creating vignettes for studies in addition to basic RA duties like coding and running participants. I'm also completing an honors thesis. Extracurriculars: I'm the president of the psychology club at my school. For two years I worked with the university counseling center providing peer support. For a year and a half, I was a part of a group that led an eating disorder prevention program for girls. LOR: I will have two letters of rec from research faculty (both relatively well known in their field) and one from the professor I am an undergraduate teaching assistant for. If anyone has any program recommendations, I would love to hear them as well!
  6. I am currently an undergrad, and will send in my first applications for Child/Clinical Psychology PhD programs next week. I graduate in May (2020) with a BA in Psychology, a BA English, and a minor in American Sign Language from the Honors College at my University. I have a 3.95 GPA, 154 in Quantitative, and a 157 in Verbal, and a 4.0 in writing on the GRE. I have been working in a child psych lab for nearly two years, and I have joined another child psych lab this August. I have one poster where I am third author, a poster submitted to SPP where I am first author, and another currently being proposed where I will be third author. I try to volunteer as much as I can and have been a part of PSI CHI for over a year. I know clinical psychology is the most competitive field. My GREs aren't great, and I don't have anything more than a few posters and lab experience. Applying is expensive and I currently have a list of 18 programs I am interested in. Am I wasting my money?
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