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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, has anyone heard back from Sciences Po yet?
  2. Hi! I didn't see a fall 2021 applicant thread yet so I felt like making one as applications have been submitted (or are close to being submitted) for the Fall 21 round, and it definitely helps with the waiting process!!! American and International program applicants can join in! I'll start: Any Ohio (USA) applicants? Which schools did you apply to? Feel free to mention stats
  3. Hi everyone, I am anxiously awaiting any kind of response from both McMaster and University of Western Ontario regarding admissions to the master of sciences in statistics program. I applied in January and have not heard back from either school. Has anyone heard back? Either an acceptance, wait list or rejection? I am very frustrated at this point and would love to hear other applicants thoughts/journeys for a statistics masters!
  4. Hey everyone, long time lurker here. First of all, congratulations to everyone who got into a program and also for surviving this application cycle! Even if this cycle didn't work out, be positively sure it had everything to do with how difficult this year was and that if you have the resources, you can always apply again. This was my second cycle after a terrible first one (complete shutout). I am an international first generation grad student from India. I guess you can imagine how difficult it must have been to navigate through the entire US academic system, prepare materials I've never prepared before, and to reach out to people in different timezones and from different cultural backgrounds. That too in the middle of a pandemic. I lacked the cultural capital and the financial resources (it was stressful paying the application fees in dollars). I guess I persevered, and unlike the first cycle, I reached out to people for help, and now I have two PhD offers - University of Florida and University of Kansas. Since I'm not familiar with the system nor have I ever set foot in the US, I would really appreciate if you could help me make the decision. I'll just list some of the salient points about the two programs and would love your opinion. PhD English at UF: 1. Stipend of 17k with an additional 2k dollars (Rawlings fellowship) for FOUR years. I will be entering the program as an MA student (I have an MPhil degree) so I need to complete 7 courses (instead of 12). Even then, isn't four years too less? I want to stay in academia and would like to publish and present papers. Will I have the time for that? The grad coordinator has assured me that there are provisions for extension but I am still anxious. 2. Teach 1 course per semester, build and structure the course design. Written in the letter, "For each 3 hours of class contact, you are required to hold regular office hours (two hours weekly)." 3. I think Gainesville is relatively more expensive than Lawrence? 4. Guaranteed summer teaching jobs for international students. 5. Active student union (yes!) 6. Extremely welcoming faculty and supportive senior grad students. Grad coordinator spoke with me over Zoom and soon after faculty members reached out to me individually. Now, about KU PhD English: 1. 5 years (10 semesters) stipend of $17,750. Can be extended to the sixth year if needed. I guess this is the standard timeline in the US? 2. I have to teach 2 courses each sem. Exact wording in the letter: "Your appointment as a GTA in English requires that you prepare, teach, and grade assignments for two 3-hour courses in the fall semester and two 3-hour courses in the spring semester in accordance with Departmental guidelines, hold student office hours at designated times, maintain grade and other records, and attend professional development meetings as required." That is A LOT of teaching load, right? 3. Cheaper than Gainesville. (I think?) 4. No guaranteed summer jobs. 5. Not sure about student unions but recent news suggest that KU administration is f-ing up a lot. 6. The graduate director was very supportive. Not sure about the other faculty members though. Fit wise, I think UF works out better. It's just that I'm really, really apprehensive about just 4 years of funding. I'm sure there are enough provisions for extensions (grad coordinator has assured me) but still. I would love your opinions on this. Also, is there something else that I should be looking into (especially as an international student)? I'm sorry for this EXTREMELY long post, btw! Have a great day everyone!
  5. Hey any thoughts/comments would be super appreciated! I got accepted into MFA Photo program 2021 at SAIC and CalArts. Does anyone have any impressions on either school in general or the photo program/faulty/student body specifically? Anything is worth sharing. Just trying to cast a wide net of opinions as I try to make this decision.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm one of the MIT EECS PhD applicants for the 2021 fall. Recently, I saw someone already posted that they got acceptance to the MIT EECS Master program, which is so confusing because MIT only has the MEng EECS program for their own undergraduates and anyone who wants to get into their PhD program has to apply their PhD program. I contacted one of my potential POI at MIT, and he said he has not started reviewing the applicants' profiles and will start soon in the next week. It seems very unlikely that anyone can get acceptance at such a early time.
  7. Hi everyone! I was recently accepted to the University of Redlands M.S. Speech Pathology program. Still waiting on other admissions decisions, but I am looking for more information on this program. I don't know a ton about it besides the facts from the website. Interested if current students would recommend the program and have had a good experience. Or, has anyone heard good/bad/interesting things from others? What is the practicum experience like besides what they are. Do students feel safe on/near campus? Are professors nice? Thanks!!
  8. Anyone heard back yet?
  9. Hi, all, As mentioned in the title, I applied for GaTech&Emory dual BME PhD Program, and I reached out to a professor in Emory in Feb and had a conversation with him. I had a follow-up talk with his post-doc in the beginning of March. Recently, I saw some admissions posted here, but no rejections. I did not receive either. Questions: 1. Should I email the professor who I talked to and ask about the process? I have gotten the offer from WashU, should I mention that? 2. I know that in some schools or programs, admission decisions are controlled by the committee and professors cannot help a lot before admission. Does Gatech BME belong to this type of school?
  10. Hi guys, Has anyone received any news about interview or admission for PhD at harvard for immunology or virology program? If I haven't received any rejecton, does it mean that I still have any chances? thank you
  11. Hello, has anyone heard back from Hertie on their applications?
  12. Hi all, Has anyone heard back from the U of Denver EdS program yet? I hate the wait Side note, does anyone have tips for looking for funding before we hear all of our applications decisions? I don't want to be scrambling at the last minute, and ideally I would be able to factor funding availability into which program I choose to go to! This is my first application cycle, so any advice or tips is much appreciated
  13. Program Applied To (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.): MPP, MPA, MSES Schools Applied To: GW, IU Bloomington, Duke, UMich, Georgetown Schools Admitted To: n/a Schools Rejected From: n/a Still Waiting: all Undergraduate Institution: Liberal Arts College Undergraduate GPA: 3.73 Undergraduate Major: Biology and Environmental Studies Double GRE Quantitative/Verbal/AW Scores: Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 2 Years of Work Experience: 2.5 Describe Relevant Work Experience: 1 yr AmeriCorp, 1 yr Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality Strength of SOP (be honest, describe the process, etc): really not sure. Strength of LOR's (be honest, describe the process, etc): 2.5 years of undergrad research and a thesis that will be published. Other: This is the thread style I've seen on other posts. Feel free to copy/edit.
  14. I got an email from BU saying that I have been placed on waitlist. What are the chances of getting an admit from the waitlist? BU is my top choice so I really hope to get in!
  15. I am starting this thread out of fear and anxiety and impatience! But I’m sure many of you might be in the same boat as me- revisiting grad school application portals, and constantly checking results on grad cafe to see if schools have started rolling out decisions. I know that gradcafe has a space wherein you can submit your results and write a little bit about it, but I feel like there is never enough information about it. I often wonder about the profile of the person who got rejected/accepted and I always want to know more. So maybe we could use this thread to discuss all things related to decisions, and engage in open dialogue!
  16. Hi, first time poster, I was just wondering if anyone is taking the literature subject test this year... I know not a lot of schools ask for it these days but there are a few programs I want to apply to that require it. If you are, would you be taking it in September, or in October? (I'm worried that the October scores wouldn't reach my schools because it seems like the scores come out late november and the deadlines are in the first week of December)
  17. Hi everyone! I want to apply statistics PhD program for 2021 fall. I am posting this to want to know where I can roughly aim for. Undergrad institution: One of the best schools in China Exchange institution: one of G5 in UK Major: Statistics GPA: 3.7 Major GPA: 3.83 Background: International Asian male Relevant math courses: Calculus 1-3, Mathematical Analysis , Linear algebra 1-2, Probability, Mathematical statistics , Numerical analysis, Real analysis(measure theory), Complex Analysis, Functional analysis, Stochastic Process, Time series I got all A or A- except for linear algebra. Will take: Linear Regression, Multivariate Regression GRE general: Quant: 166 Verbal: 153 Writing: 4.0 TOEFL: 103 Research experience: Mainly 2 long periods of experience and result in 3 papers. The first experience is when I am in my sophomore year, I spent whole summer in McGill University and worked with a Professor there and another Professor in U of Connecticut. It is about computational statistics which mainly focus on developing a GLM model with extreme value response(heavy tail) and develop a very fast proximal gradient algorithm and write a R package. The second experience is during my stay in London, I work with Professor in UCL and mainly focus on theoretical machine learning, which results in two papers. The first is about doing fast inference for generative model using QMC method. The second one is about deriving a Sobolev bound and L_{\infty} bound for the derivative Gaussian Process approximation. Papers: 1. The first paper finished when I was in McGill will be published on JCGS. 2. The second paper which is about QMC will be published on JMLR. 3. The last will be submitted to Neurips 2020. LOR: Three Professors I have mentioned above will write me a LOR respectively. They will be very strong since all of them have given me quite positive comments and I have worked with them for a long time and collaborated with them on some papers. I am taking up math GRE this october. Any suggestions and comments are appreciated. Thanks!
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