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Found 18 results

  1. For those of us who plan to apply for a Creative Writing MFA in 2021 (start date 2022)
  2. Evening fellas, Figured I'd start the 2021 GEM Fellowship thread. A Beta Test for the application has been released: // BREAK // Hello Prospective GEM Applicant: You are receiving this email because you completed a GEM Fellowship Prospect Card online, at a GEM programming event, at an exhibit booth, or started an application in the 2020 cycle that was not completed or you were not selected as a GEM Fellow. The 2021 Fellowship Cycle is now open in BETA TEST MODE through June 30, 2020 in an effort to test real time user fellowship applications in our new eGEM 2.0 system. During the BETA TEST period, we will be monitoring any errors or problems encountered by applicants that are shared with GEM during the process. Be aware that in the event the BETA TESTING period is not deemed successful, you may be asked to RESTART AND SUBMIT your application in a different system. Although we do not anticipate a failed beta test period, if this occurs, GEM will contact all applicants with next step instructions. We appreciate your support and wish you luck in the application process. If you have an active 2020 Cycle application, PLEASE WAIT UNTIL AFTER July 1, 2020 to start an application for the 2021 cycle, if you have not already done so. The program is open to US citizens or permanent residents who are available for a GEM industry internship Summer 2021 and wish to pursue (or are currently pursuing) a graduate degree in engineering, computer science, or other applied science field, who currently: are an undergraduate junior or senior (i.e., you will graduate within 1 year of May/June 2020), or hold a bachelor's degree in a STEM field, or are a matriculating graduate student pursuing an MS or PhD in an engineering, computer science or applied science field who have at least one academic year (2 semesters/3 quarters) remaining for this funding cycle, specifically Fall 2021, Winter 2021 (quarter schools only), and Spring 2022. You are encouraged to complete Part I (through STEP 10) of the application by our Early Consideration deadline of October 1st, which places your application in the "first look" pool with our GEM Employers. When preparing your online application, please note the following required information to have prepared. Current Resume (.docx or .doc formats only) Unofficial Transcript for each institution you have attended after high school (1,000 KB or smaller in size) Statement of Purpose (detailing why you would like to attend graduate school and your graduate education goals and research interests) Name, email address, and phone for three recommenders (two required, three STRONGLY recommended; to submit a competitive application you must submit three recommendations) Recommenders should be a past or current collegiate level faculty member (two recommenders) or internship/co-op supervisor that can provide a strong recommendation based on your academic, technical employment or research based performance and ability to successfully complete a graduate degree in STEM. An internship or co-op supervisor that holds an MS or PhD degree is ideal. The deadline to apply and have a complete application on file is November 13, 2020 at 11:59PM EST. Visit the GEM website at www.gemfellowship.org, GEM Fellowship link at top of page, for information on the program and how to apply. Thank you for your interest in the GEM Fellowship program. The National GEM Consortium // BREAK // As courtesy, the previous threads have been listed: GEM Fellowship 2020 GEM Fellowship 2019 GEM Fellowship 2018 GEM Fellowship 2017 GEM Fellowship 2016 GEM Fellowship 2015 GEM Fellowship 2014 GEM Fellowship 2012
  3. Hey everyone, I noticed there was no thread for this year's round of the SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship competition. How is everyone feeling as we wait for April?
  4. Hey everyone! Anyone thinking of applying to MPH programs in Canada for 2021? Share what schools you are interested in, your stats + experiences! And we can discuss!!!
  5. Hi all! I wanted to start a thread for prospective DrPH students applying before Dec 1 2020 for 2021 matriculation. I was browsing similar threads from previous application cycles and thought this would be helpful! I’m planning to apply to Johns Hopkins distance DrPH program. -MPH -East coast -I’ve worked in hospital epidemiology for 10 years, currently in a leadership role. Nice to meet you!
  6. Who is thinking of applying for CLS this year and what languages are you all interested in? Wondering if they will send anyone abroad this summer at all.
  7. Hi guys, I figured these decisions would be coming out soon and that we might want to start a thread. Anybody have news yet? I haven't heard anything since they emailed me Feb 16th saying my application was officially under review and they'd get back to me in 4-6 weeks (currently in week 3).
  8. Hi all, I just received an email from Penn's College of Liberal and Professional Studies about an hour ago that says the following: "Subject: Penn LPS – Transcript Policy Reminder Dear [my name], Congratulations again on your acceptance to the Fels Institute, Master of Public Administration, MPA Full-time Program. Our records indicate that we have not yet received all of your official transcripts. Per our transcript policy, you must submit final official transcripts of all previous academic work. For students who have been accepted to an LPS Post-Baccalaureate or Graduate program, official transcripts must include degree conferral. Please check your transcript status by logging into your Admissions Portal and reviewing the checklist. Further information regarding what constitutes an official transcript can be found HERE. If the option is available, please request your final official transcripts be sent electronically to lps-admissions@sas.upenn.edu. Electronic submission of transcripts improves tracking and reduces processing time. Please feel free to contact our office should you have any questions or if you feel you have received this message in error: lps-admissions@sas.upenn.edu or 215-746-6906. We will be happy to assist you. Best regards, College of Liberal and Professional Studies University of Pennsylvania www.sas.upenn.edu/lps" I am curious if anyone else received this email today and if they also believe it may be a mistake? My Admissions Portal still says that my app is "under review" and I was never originally notified of an admission decision at all prior to receiving this email (hence why I am skeptical about the "Congratulations *again*" part). I have emailed admissions about this as the instructions said to do in the email, but it looks like they will not be open until next week. Any thoughts or ideas in the meantime?? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello, I wanted to know when the decisions by HGSE would be out!
  10. Hello everyone, this is my first time applying to graduate school, and I'm anxiously awaiting for the decisions being sent out for CSUN. I know with this whole Covid thing, I don't know if things are being done differently. All I read from my email when I submitted my application is that decisions will be sent out from 3-6 weeks or more. Are they still conducting interviews this year?? Has anyone received a request to interview? I know that this will take time, but I just really want to know if I got into CSUN! lol
  11. I am impatiently waiting for *hopefully* an interview notification from NYU's Art Conservation MA. If anyone has applied, I am casting my hook into the ether to see if you have received a notification. I know that we are supposed to find out this week, but as the week drags on I am getting more and more nervous. If you have received correspondence, congratulations, and for me, third time is the charm😬? I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  12. Hi all, Has anyone heard back from the U of Denver EdS program yet? I hate the wait Side note, does anyone have tips for looking for funding before we hear all of our applications decisions? I don't want to be scrambling at the last minute, and ideally I would be able to factor funding availability into which program I choose to go to! This is my first application cycle, so any advice or tips is much appreciated
  13. Has anyone heard about the results of Summer@EPFL 2021 program ? It has been more than 6 weeks now after the deadline and there is no update yet!
  14. I thought of opening a Biophysics thread as most universities now have separate Biophysics programs. Also, this would give us a separate space to discuss program specific issues
  15. SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship competition 2020, applying for year 2021-2022
  16. Hi, first time poster, I was just wondering if anyone is taking the literature subject test this year... I know not a lot of schools ask for it these days but there are a few programs I want to apply to that require it. If you are, would you be taking it in September, or in October? (I'm worried that the October scores wouldn't reach my schools because it seems like the scores come out late november and the deadlines are in the first week of December)
  17. Hello, Aside from the corona virus dilemma that is affecting all of us, there are a lot of you who are going through tough decisions to make over the next 15 days. Now, that most of the acceptances/rejections are out. I thought that I would start a thread similar to this one. Folks can share what schools they are deciding between and what circumstances they are considering, as well as any other factors that are being considered. I'll lead off: Coming from: Syria, but residing in Germany. Deciding between: MA in Global Affairs (Yale) - tuition covered. MPA in Development Practice, Columbia SIPA - tuition covered. MA Development Studies (American University, DC) - 50% tuition Other factors: I know that the three schools are great and will boost my career in so many great ways, and I know that it is a privilege to have to decide between these amazing offers, but since I have a Syrian passport, I need to think more about my options after graduation. An MA from Yale can definitely support an American student to get into the state department or other governmental sector, but for an international student is it that useful? An MPA is heavily practical and NewYork is definitely a great hub for network, but will I be losing the academic sense of studies with heavily practical education. How I'm leaning: I am very much leaning towards the MA at Jackson. The program has more freedom, and I can obtain as much practical skills as I want, from the Yale School of Business or the management school. The community at Yale seems more supportive, while that at SIPA is more busy and life seems to hit them so hard in NYC that they don't find time to support (Or maybe I have such bad luck with SIPA students). However, I am worried that the most important factor of the masters degree is really the networking side of it. I do come with a technical experience for more than 8 years in development, but networking in a place with supportive faculty and alumni, would offer rather big opportunities.
  18. Name o the group is: Purdue MS SLP Class of 2021!! Search it and join!
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