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Found 10 results

  1. Hi peeps, Anybody else waiting on the decision for the Rand program next month? I'd be keen to chat to calm the nerves but also in case some of us are admitted (it's always nice feeling like you already know a few faces when starting a program) Cheers
  2. Hi All, I am struggling in deciding between UChicago MAPH and NYU IFA. I know both programs have been said to be "cash cow" programs, but they seem to be the only two options that I have now... I am interested in post-war American art and modern/contemporary art in East Asia, and currently do not plan to apply PhD afterwards. Both programs have faculty that fit my interests. I knew more about IFA, since I was an undergrad in NYU, but I still don't have a very concrete idea about the MAPH program, as I have heard many different sides of stories about it. From the virtual sessions I attended, I feel faculty at IFA are more supportive. But I might get a more intensive research experience and better academic resources on campus at UChicago.. If anyone can share some insights about which program is more reputed in the art field, I would really appreciate it! I would also really appreciate if any current students or alumni from the two programs can share your experience! Thanks!
  3. Hello World! I was a little surprised to see that no one had started a forum for MFA Directing 2022 application season and as a long time lurker of this site, I guess it falls on me this year! Anyone else out there who applied for Fall 2022? How are your applications coming along? Where are you applying to? Any interview invites yet? Looking forward to connecting with you!
  4. Hi, just want to start a thread for the program~ Has anyone also applied for it? I have submitted all the official documents but the status is still "Submitted" instead of "Under Review". Does anyone have the same issues? BTW I just got an update email on 2/10 saying the processing times have been slightly delayed due to COVID-19 and staffing shortages. So let's be patient and hope for the best~😬
  5. Hi everyone, I just joined the Grad cafe, nice to meet you all! I applied to the Msc in Economics for Development at Oxford and Yale IDE program for fall 2022. The university emails, grad cafe posts and previous year timelines suggest that the result should have been out by now. Am I missing something? or did I just not get the admission? I have not received an acceptance or a rejection yet.
  6. cmvaughn


    I just received an interview date for CCS Bard and I'm looking for some advice! Has anyone already gone through this process? What does the interview look like, what sort of questions do they ask? Does everyone receive an interview and what are the probabilities of admission if I don't completely botch it?! Also, thoughts on CCS Bard vs. Courtauld?
  7. Hi, Did anyone hear anything about the results this year?
  8. Anyone else apply to/hear back from the exec MHC program at penn? Had my interview last Tuesday and am waiting for a decision letter.
  9. Any other applicants? Haven't seen any threads so I figured I should make one. What are your research interests? How are you feeling? It's seems like we're in the thick of things right now. Good luck to everyone
  10. Salut ! I just wanted to start a thread for French PhD 2022 applicants I'm currently applying for both French and Comp Lit programs in the US, and I'm excited to share admissions experience with those who are on the same journey as me. Any info or news would be welcome! Bonne chance à tous!
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