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Found 9 results

  1. I saw that someone created the 2021 neuroscience admissions topic around this same time last year, so I figured it's never to early to start preparing for the 2022 cycle. Hope we can help each other throughout this process, and best of luck to everyone!
  2. Hello all you creative and interesting art people and MFA hopefuls out there! I decided to kick off the 2022 MFA application season forum, this morning, October 3rd. I saw another one that had some "Post-COVID Era" kinda title, and for some reason it was posted WAY back in July. I started this thread in keeping with the traditional "MFA XXXX Freak Out Forum" format. And our world is CERTAINLY not "post-COVID," by any stretch. (I also wanted to steer it away from that person who started it because I noticed that poster created last year's thread as well, and that poster is not applying to any MFA programs at all. I don't know why he keeps posting MFA Freak Out Forum threads??? It's kind of weird. I noticed that this non-MFA applicant also seems to be trying to control the MFA conversation this year as he attempted to monopolize and belittle people last year. I'm hoping people post on this thread, instead). Anyway, keeping things POSITIVE!!!!! WHERE IS EVERYONE APPLYING? WHERE ARE YOU COMING FROM? WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR B.A., B.F.A., etc? WHAT KIND OF ART DO YOU CREATE? WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO ACHIEVE WITH AN MFA? Here we are. SO... LET'S... GO!!!
  3. Starting this thread for folks who may have applied for this fellowship. The results are expected by end of March, but the wait is killing me!
  4. Hi Questioning, 


    I don't know if you feel a little bit better some years out - but if you feel ok responding - was this the MFA at the UO? Regardless - if you still check the thread at all how do you feel over five years later? 

  5. Hello World! I was a little surprised to see that no one had started a forum for MFA Directing 2022 application season and as a long time lurker of this site, I guess it falls on me this year! Anyone else out there who applied for Fall 2022? How are your applications coming along? Where are you applying to? Any interview invites yet? Looking forward to connecting with you!
  6. Me: MPH for health policy and management concentration. Submitted my application on sophas around Jan.26. Find that GPH has extended its ddl to Mar.15. Can't stop checking my email these days as my anxiety intensified. Anyway, wish me and everyone good luck.
  7. HELLO TO ALL THE UCLA PHOTO MFA HOPEFULS! So I've been finding it really difficult to find info on UCLA Photo MFA applications for 2022 so I decided to make this! If you applied to UCLA Photo MFA for 2022 gather here so we can be resourceful to each other! Application Decisions/Responses - Have you heard back? (acceptance, rejection, interview....anything???) Interviews - For those who interviewed, when and how was it? what questions were asked? how long? how many interviewers??? etc. What are your other options? Is UCLA your first choice? LETS TALK!
  8. I am about to receive my Bachelors of Arts Degree in Communications concentration in Journalism, with a minor in Psychology. I have decided that I want to apply to Grad School for both Masters and PhD programs for Clinical Psychology. I am applying to a few ivies such as Columbia, Harvard, UPenn and Cornell. Based off my credentials, would I have a shot at being accepted? I believe I am but I feel like this platform would know better and of course having faith. I do have work experience in the medical field aspect working with the NJDOH for COVID vaccinations and will be starting a new position at RWJBH Hospital. My cumulative GPA right now is a 3.40 My Major GPA is 3.0 (Journalism) My Minor GPA is 3.67 (Psychology) I only have to take 15 credits of Psychology for my minor since I received AP credit from high school. From Winter 2020 to Spring 2021, I have maintained all straight A's in my classes. I of course want to obtain a 4.0 again for the Fall 2021 semester which will be my last semester since I will finish a semester early. Once my 6 credits transfer over to my school from summer courses and if I get a 4.0 again in the Fall, my final cumulative GPA will be 3.51, my major GPA would be 3.18 and my minor GPA will be 3.8. Even right now, most if not all my schools do not require or it is optional to submit GRE scores, but I do plan on taking the general GRE and Psychology subject test.
  9. Hello, Aside from the corona virus dilemma that is affecting all of us, there are a lot of you who are going through tough decisions to make over the next 15 days. Now, that most of the acceptances/rejections are out. I thought that I would start a thread similar to this one. Folks can share what schools they are deciding between and what circumstances they are considering, as well as any other factors that are being considered. I'll lead off: Coming from: Syria, but residing in Germany. Deciding between: MA in Global Affairs (Yale) - tuition covered. MPA in Development Practice, Columbia SIPA - tuition covered. MA Development Studies (American University, DC) - 50% tuition Other factors: I know that the three schools are great and will boost my career in so many great ways, and I know that it is a privilege to have to decide between these amazing offers, but since I have a Syrian passport, I need to think more about my options after graduation. An MA from Yale can definitely support an American student to get into the state department or other governmental sector, but for an international student is it that useful? An MPA is heavily practical and NewYork is definitely a great hub for network, but will I be losing the academic sense of studies with heavily practical education. How I'm leaning: I am very much leaning towards the MA at Jackson. The program has more freedom, and I can obtain as much practical skills as I want, from the Yale School of Business or the management school. The community at Yale seems more supportive, while that at SIPA is more busy and life seems to hit them so hard in NYC that they don't find time to support (Or maybe I have such bad luck with SIPA students). However, I am worried that the most important factor of the masters degree is really the networking side of it. I do come with a technical experience for more than 8 years in development, but networking in a place with supportive faculty and alumni, would offer rather big opportunities.
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