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  1. Hey guys! Creating a new thread for Fall 2022 applications in McMaster University for MSc eHealth. I have applied for MSc eHealth in McMaster University in the month of September and eagerly waiting for their response. Any idea when they conduct the interviews?
  2. I saw that someone created the 2021 neuroscience admissions topic around this same time last year, so I figured it's never to early to start preparing for the 2022 cycle. Hope we can help each other throughout this process, and best of luck to everyone!
  3. Hi everyone, I just joined the Grad cafe, nice to meet you all! I applied to the Msc in Economics for Development at Oxford and Yale IDE program for fall 2022. The university emails, grad cafe posts and previous year timelines suggest that the result should have been out by now. Am I missing something? or did I just not get the admission? I have not received an acceptance or a rejection yet.
  4. Has anyone heard back from the new MSc Psychotherapy program at McMaster? I applied at the end of feb and haven't heard back yet. I emailed them about it and they said they hope to get back to their applicants soon. I imagine their admissions process is being impacted by the pandemic like everyone else, but I guess I'm just having trouble dealing with the uncertainty. Has anyone who applied to MSc psychotherapy heard anything back yet?
  5. Undergrad Institution : Top 5 public university (US News) Major(s): Statistics, Mathematics, minor in Physics GPA: 4.0, haven't graduated yet Type of Student: Hispanic male, domestic Programs Applying: Statistics PhD, Fall 2023 admission Courses taken: Calculus I-III, Differential questions, Modern Physics, Mechanics I, Data Structures and Algorithms, Electromagnetism I, Regression Analysis, Intro to Probability Theory, Sets and logic, Discrete math, 3 linear algebra courses (computational, proof-based, data science applications), Design of Experiments/ANOVA, Statistical Theory / Mathematical Statistics Currently taking and plan to take: Time series analysis, a second probability course (stochastic processes, probability spaces), Abstract Algebra, Categorical Data analysis, Real Analysis I-II, Nonparametric statistics, Statistical computing, Statistical learning, Complex variables GRE General Test: Haven't taken yet Research Experience: Worked with a radiation oncology professor in a project involving proton therapy, mostly did literature review until I realized it wasn't my thing and left. Currently doing applied time series analysis with a statistics professor. I am the primary author for a current paper and it could be published. Pertinent Activities or Jobs: TA for a research course, mentor for an undergraduate research program, tutoring chair for a Physics society chapter Awards: Dean's list / Presidential honor roll some semesters, a merit scholarship Letters of Recommendation (prospective): Two from statistics professors. One is my research mentor and the other is one who I believe can write me a strong letter. Third will probably be from a mathematics professor. Miscellaneous skills & points: Haven't taken any graduate courses yet and don't plan on it, but that could change. I have a few years of programming experience and have a few projects listed on my resume in various languages, including GUIs, implementations of B-spline and Bezier curve interpolation and visualization, and large-scale machine learning and AI. I switched into the math major sort of late so I won't be taking much after Real Analysis since I'm doing it my senior year. Schools applying to: This is where I'm the most lost as I'm not sure where I should be applying to. A preliminary list is UW Florida State U of Michigan CMU Penn State Ohio State Too early to say what I'm interested in exactly but I think that any school with a presence of Bayesian statisticians would be nice. My process for picking schools was looking loosely at USNews rankings, seeing if they had professors doing stuff I have marginal interests in, and weighing in whether I would want to live in the area. I also started looking at what alumni are up to, but to be frank I have no idea what I'm doing. Overall I'm looking for advice and or recommendations for schools to apply to. If there is anything missing in my profile that I should try to address before I graduate. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello Starting this thread to discuss trepidation and any or all emails you got. How is everyone waiting it out? For starters I randomly logged into my application page today and saw that it had been verified, even though I received no email. Wondering if I should email and ask them???
  7. I couldn't find any threads here related to my particular situation, so I decided to ask here. Please guide me to a thread if you think it's already been answered! So, last month I emailed a potential PI that I'm very excited to work with about openings in his group for a PhD position, and he emailed me back about setting up a skype call. I think the interview went well, and he asked me to let him know when I submit my application. He also talked about me with another professor in the same department, who also reached out to me for an interview, and I think that interview went well as well. I submitted my application a little while later, and emailed both the professors that my app is in, and they said they will look at it soon, and also asked me to let them know if I got into any other programs, and they may be able to respond faster. All of this sounds like positive news for me, but here's my question - I want to visit the group and see how the lab, and meet the PI in person once, but I don't know if they have the time to talk with me again, especially in person, since they have already interviewed me once before... Any ideas on how to ask for a lab visit without sounding too imposing? (This school is in the U.S. for computer science PhD BTW...)
  8. Hi Everyone, After graduating with a BS in 2015, I've been working at a stealth medical diagnostic start up in the R&D department for over 2 years and I'm planning to apply to some phD programs fall 2019 focusing on microbiome/immuno/cancer . I have a question regarding how much my industry experience will help me in my applications. Some context: I have a pretty low uGPA: 3.13 from burning out during one quarter which resulted in me receiving a 2.97. I tried really hard to bring it back up... and I sort of did, but by the time I figured out how to study well, it was too late.... My GRE scores are mediocre 157/158/4.0. I can try to retake it, but I'd honestly rather not because I absolutely hate standardized testing. During undergrad, I did 2 summers of cancer research and 1 year of genetics research. The 1 year of genetics research included a short thesis and I received my BS with honors. During my time at the start up, I've made numerous key contributions to the product from its research phase to its soon upcoming product release (got my name in several pending IPs). Also, in the short time that I've been there, I've been promoted twice and 3 mid year bonuses. Because of my stellar performance and contributions, I'll definitely be able to snag great LoRs from the director of my team, the CEO(well known figure from stanford, 2 time forbes 30 under 30), and the CMO (practicing MD and professor at Stanford/Board member of various other small start ups/apparently knows everyone). My mentors tell me that it's a huge asset for me to be able to say that I played a significant role in a product from research to final product which is true in industry, but I'm not sure how it'll look for grad schools...especially with my poor grades and GRE scores. I don't have any publications either because.... well my company is in stealth mode. My work experience and research is really all I have going for me. I really appreciate any feedback you guys have. Thank you for your time!!!!! Also, I'm taking recommendations for which programs to apply for as I'm currently in the process of narrowing down my interests as well. Super interested in the interplay between the microbiome and immuno and potentially harnessing that relationship to develop clinically relevant therapies/tech.
  9. Hi! I know its early. But considering the success of Fall 2017 forum, I thought we should start Fall 2018 discussion thread early! Good luck preparing for your applications!
  10. Hi! I am new to this site and just created an account, so apologies if I am doing this wrong or posting in the wrong area! I am a rising senior and I am pretty certain that I want to do a masters program in PR and corporate communications wanted to ask if anyone with experience in or knowledge of these programs would be willing to share some insight into your graduate school admissions process. I am looking to apply for the Fall 2018 or Fall 2019 start dates and would love to go to NYU, but am still discovering all of the other top programs (any recommendations or insights into programs would be much appreciated, too!). I'm at the very beginning of the admissions process--I haven't begun preparing for the GRE or anything yet and am still trying to figure out the lay of the land for these programs--and I wanted to know if there was any advice you would pass down to someone in my position. -Did you use a test prep service for the GRE? -What was your GRE score and how important was the GRE in your admissions? -Were there any other forums or websites you found valuable as resources when you were doing the applications? Just trying to figure out how to get started. Any help or insight you can give me is appreciated!
  11. Please forgive me, as this is my first post on grad cafe. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Education with a dual endorsement in Math and ESL. I am looking to go to graduate school to receive my Master's in Education. However, these programs aren't super transparent on the average GPA and GRE of admitted students. Can everyone post their GPA and GRE along with the school they got into? I'm looking at specifically CU Boulder's program but I am keeping my mind open. Thank you so much!
  12. It's March 31st... I've applied for both the M.S. and M. Eng programs in mechanical engineering - I'm a little anxious because it's basically April and I haven't heard back from either program. I'm assuming that my chances at an M.S. are zero to none, but would like to think I have some hope for M. Eng - I emailed admissions and they told me they hadn't gotten to my application yet since they were reviewing in the order they received. I don't know anything about admissions rate for the M. Eng program - how many admits? what is the acceptance rate? I'm filled with anxiety not knowing, sigh - does anyone think I have a chance? I'm a double minority (which does play some role because UMD does a good job of wanting to accept a diverse applicant pool), have recommendations from UMD professors (I went to UMD for undergrad - and one is a professor for the M. Eng program that I currently do volunteer research for), have a publication and numerous years of research with the department chair, in addition to 4+ years of work experience. The only caveat I'm scared of is my GPA - it's slightly below a 3.1... I effed up the first two years, but the last two years I almost had a 4.0, so improvement, but... consolidated together, not the best. Can someone please soothe my anxiety LOL...
  13. Hi all, I just received an email from Penn's College of Liberal and Professional Studies about an hour ago that says the following: "Subject: Penn LPS – Transcript Policy Reminder Dear [my name], Congratulations again on your acceptance to the Fels Institute, Master of Public Administration, MPA Full-time Program. Our records indicate that we have not yet received all of your official transcripts. Per our transcript policy, you must submit final official transcripts of all previous academic work. For students who have been accepted to an LPS Post-Baccalaureate or Graduate program, official transcripts must include degree conferral. Please check your transcript status by logging into your Admissions Portal and reviewing the checklist. Further information regarding what constitutes an official transcript can be found HERE. If the option is available, please request your final official transcripts be sent electronically to lps-admissions@sas.upenn.edu. Electronic submission of transcripts improves tracking and reduces processing time. Please feel free to contact our office should you have any questions or if you feel you have received this message in error: lps-admissions@sas.upenn.edu or 215-746-6906. We will be happy to assist you. Best regards, College of Liberal and Professional Studies University of Pennsylvania www.sas.upenn.edu/lps" I am curious if anyone else received this email today and if they also believe it may be a mistake? My Admissions Portal still says that my app is "under review" and I was never originally notified of an admission decision at all prior to receiving this email (hence why I am skeptical about the "Congratulations *again*" part). I have emailed admissions about this as the instructions said to do in the email, but it looks like they will not be open until next week. Any thoughts or ideas in the meantime?? Thanks in advance!
  14. Has anyone heard anything from NYU Wagner? MPA fall 2021 applicant here. I assume they’re going to stick to their March 1st deadline.
  15. Looking for some advice/guidance on my profile for applying Ph.D. in Physics in Fall 2021. I plan to take the Physics GRE in September, but I am worried that it will not be able to be administered due to COVID . . . Has anyone heard about how programs are planning for this contingency? Type of Student: Domestic Male Applying to: Physics PhD (undecided concentration) Undergrad Institution: Big 10, Honors College Undergraduate Major: Dual majoring in Physics and Engineering Science and Mechanics Undergraduate GPA: 4.0 major, 4.0 total (out of 4.0) Academic Honors: Deans list every semester, several school-based academic scholarships and awards, several scholarships in physics and engineering out side of school, PA NASA Space Grant Consortium scholarship, Goldwater nominee (not awarded) Work Experience: Some private math and physics tutoring, seeking a TA position for fall GRE General Test: Q 170 V 166 W 5.0. (taken once) GRE Physics: Not taken (September/October) if available Research Experience: 2 years campus with mentor professor (published twice, one lead author), 2 summers at BNL in NY (published twice), several posters and lectures Recommendation Letters: 1 of them will be from my mentor professor and the other 2 will be from the professors who I took courses with. Would also like to use my BNL mentor?? Planning on Applying to: Penn State Stony Brook Yale Duke MIT Harvard UVA Virginia Tech Brown Willam and Mary Wake Forest Princeton U of Maryland Would love some input on chances, suggestions for additional schools (looking to stay in this general area) and anything else that may help! Thanks!!
  16. Hello world! Has anyone done the video response as part of SIPA's admissions package? I know it's being implemented as of 2017 application cycle, so I am wondering if there are any Spring 2017 candidates that have already done it. Helpful tips, feedback, etc. would be much appreciated!
  17. Hi everyone, I noticed a few people had brought up interest in brainstorming backup plans for the current cycle, so I created this megathread so the information would not be lost in the main application thread. Good luck!
  18. Program Applied To (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.): MPP, MPA, MSES Schools Applied To: GW, IU Bloomington, Duke, UMich, Georgetown Schools Admitted To: n/a Schools Rejected From: n/a Still Waiting: all Undergraduate Institution: Liberal Arts College Undergraduate GPA: 3.73 Undergraduate Major: Biology and Environmental Studies Double GRE Quantitative/Verbal/AW Scores: Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 2 Years of Work Experience: 2.5 Describe Relevant Work Experience: 1 yr AmeriCorp, 1 yr Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality Strength of SOP (be honest, describe the process, etc): really not sure. Strength of LOR's (be honest, describe the process, etc): 2.5 years of undergrad research and a thesis that will be published. Other: This is the thread style I've seen on other posts. Feel free to copy/edit.
  19. Hi all, Just wanted to plug this app by Martin Devaux (https://martindevaux.com/2020/11/political-science-phd-admission-decisions/) where you can check past admissions decisions over the years in a more organized fashion, so you can have an idea of when to expect releases for this year, COVID disruptions notwithstanding. Good luck and don't stress too much!
  20. I'm wondering just how competitive is Rutgers PsyD program? And admitted or current students here on the forum that can shed some light on the process please? It's definitely my dream school to enter but I want to strategize myself effectively and plan ahead. Would love any opinions, thanks!
  21. Has anyone else applied for the fall 2019 admissions at the School of public health, University of Alberta? Any progress on the applications? Any feedbacks you've heard from them or got any decisions yet?
  22. Hey guys! I am a Mechanical Engineering (major) and Math (minor) student who goes to UCF for undergrad. I am, however, out of state and from Georgia. My #1 choice of getting my masters is at Georgia Tech but I have UCF as a backup since I am in their BS-MS program. I also applied to UF to have the choice of three graduate schools. Thus, I have taken two graduate courses (applied mathematical methods for engineers and turbines for sustainable power). I also intern at one of the world's top gas turbine producers and have been here for 1 yr and 3 months. I'm also a Resident Assistant and have been in ASME & Mech Eng Honor Society. On top of this, I did some volunteering that I connected to my aspirations in engineering in my SOP. Idk if it matters for GT, but I'm a resident of Georgia. Tldr: Applying to UF, UCF, GT. Thank you! Applied to: Applied to UF, UCF, and GT. I am in the UCF BS-MS program, so my acceptance is certified. Undergrad Institution: UCF Mechanical Engineering Undergrad Major: Mechanical Engineering major with mathematics minor. I have taken all classes relating to thermofluids thus far (found my specialization). Years out of undergrad: 0 (In senior year of undergrad) GPA: 3.73/4.0 , All As during Senior Year, including summer, and mostly As in Junior year (2 B+s). Upper level GPA much higher than lower. GRE: not required Applicable Background: MATLAB, Mathcad, SolidWorks Relevant Work Experience: For 1 yr and 3 months, I have been interning at a top tier turbine producing company while going to school full-time. This experience directly connects to my desired focus in my masters since I want to go into thermofluids and the study thereof. I have also been a Resident Assistant for 2 years and 2 months, working for the university. While I know this RA job is unrelated to my major, I hope my ability to mediate conflicts and instruct a large group of people effectively will affect the admissions. Languages: English ; Patois is spoken in my household. Ethnicity: African-American Strength of SOP: Realistically, I'd give my SOP a 7/10 or 8/10, so not the best nor the worst. Strength of extra material essays: These are a strong 9/10 for GT. Strength of LOR: Definite strong recommendation from current turbine company employer, previous Resident Assistant boss who oversaw all RAs and supervisors, and a third from my Mechanical Engineering Senior Design advisor (solar desalination plant) and current professor for a graduate course I am taking (intermediate heat transfer). No research - stopping at Masters. I really appreciate it
  23. I thought of opening a Biophysics thread as most universities now have separate Biophysics programs. Also, this would give us a separate space to discuss program specific issues
  24. Hello, I went through the DrPH 2019 thread and I found it quite informative. I will be applying for DrPH in Fall 2020 and thought to open this forum so others who will also be applying can join in. Looking forward to connecting to the others interested in this program.
  25. So I did my masters from Rutgers University, US in Computer Science. I have been working as a software engineer for Bloomberg for the past 3.5 years in the US. I was never really into research that much when I was working. I basically thought of masters as a way to getting a job in the US. My profile is not that great. Masters GPA: 3.33/4 Under Grad GPA: 8.04/10 (Third tier Indian university) GRE: 322 (166 + 156, 3.5) expired. Toefl: 114 I don't have any publications. I am strongly thinking of doing a Ph.D from National University of Singapore (NUS). This is the only university I am thinking of applying to. Do I realistically stand a chance of getting an admit?
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