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Found 7 results

  1. Hi! After applying to 9 schools and hearing back my acceptances (and rejections), I think I have decided to put down my deposit for Brooklyn College. It's the most affordable, their graduate students start off in the clinic their very first semester, and I've always wanted to live in NYC. If anyone has any advice/thoughts about Brooklyn College or their SLP program, please let me know! Also, I am moving out of state from PA so if anyone is also going to Brooklyn College and needs a roommate, please reply! All the advice I have ever heard when choosing the right graduate program can be summarized in one simple phrase, "Save your money." Just because a program is more money, does not mean it is better. I hope someone comes across this post and really considers it, because I was about to pay so much money for my "dream school" when truly, I could get the same education elsewhere and pay off my loans in 5 years instead of 25 years. Good luck to everyone on their decisions!
  2. Hi everyone! Fingers crossed that I get some responses on this one !!!!!! I am in crunch time to make my decision I have about a week and a half......😅 Specifically looking for input on CUNY Brooklyn.. I don't know anyone who went to Brooklyn and would really really love any information that anyone could provide, even hearsay! I know Brooklyn is pretty exclusive, and I know this can often be contingent upon price, but given the requirements for admission I can only assume the program is pretty good as well! For me, the price difference between LIU and Brooklyn would be nearly negligible, as I would be living at home if I went to LIU, and would have to rent a place in Brooklyn. So I am really focused on hearing about the program I went to Undergrad at LIU and have had a truly AMAZING, supportive and individualized experience. The staff truly cares and I have formed amazing bonds with almost every professor in the Speech department. And that is absolutely not something to take for granted. But then again, given how exclusive the program at Brooklyn is, I don't want to pass up on an amazing opportunity. I just need to hear a bit about Brooklyn and others' experiences there, whatever they may be. Again, I really hope I get at least one reply on this I am desperate for some input! Thank you for your time for those of you who even read this! Looking forward to ( / hoping to!) hear from any of you soon! Thanks so much! Best, Nikki
  3. Hi all, I've never interviewed for a school before and have one coming up for CUNY Brooklyn College. Anyone know anything about their interviews or writing samples? For those who have interviewed even if at other schools, what kinds of questions should I prepare to answer/to ask them? Any general interview tips?? And if anyone has a Brooklyn College interview coming up as well, let us know how it went after!
  4. I am super torn right now and I even more so since I only have until Monday to make a decision! I really want to go into medical slp and have been accepted to NYMC and it's my dream school but I unexpectedly got into CUNY Brooklyn as well! Money wise it would be the best choice to choose Brooklyn but my heart is at NYMC. I've heard from others that it doesn't matter where you get you're degree from but I'm wary of Brooklyn program because of some comments I've heard that aren't exactly...encouraging. Can anyone from brooklyns program attest to the rumours? I'd love to work in a hospital, would going to Brooklyn potentially make me lose connections I could have made at NYMC? Should I just take the debt?? Help!!!
  5. Hello people! I couldn't find a current forum for folks treading the process of applying/waiting for a decision from Film MFA programs. Let's get the discussion going! I know I have questions about when schools contact you with their decision, which schools give the most funding, and the interview process. Tell later I bid adieu...
  6. I'm wondering if anyone has any knowledge regarding Brooklyn College applications for this fall (i.e. if you go there an know why it takes 5+ months from receipt of application to notification, or if you applied and have heard back from them). I still haven't seen any word one way or the other. I've already accepted an offer from another school, but checking the mail every day for three months has made me pretty invested in at least learning the outcome of my application. Thanks!
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